Saturday, 19 April 2014

dream BIG (it's all in your mind)

I'm happy to say that I've always gotten everything I've wanted
and my wish list is filled with ticks (shaln't bore you to death and list it all here :)

but, the thing about achieving your goals, is that as soon as you've accomplished one then you are busily making inroads to the next one 

and so it is with me - one down - one to go...

nice wheels eh?
purdy lil SLS AMG GT coupe

no matter your desires
no matter your dreams
no matter your hopes

whatever you do - BELIEVE in them

believe in them with all your heart
pursue them ardently
(and maybe quietly aswell - sometimes no-one else needs to know what is dear to your heart)
but if you do choose to tell someone, then tell only those people who will support you fully, and be excited WITH you, and FOR you

dream catching is a serious business

gotta run fast to catch this little beauty eh?
a neat lookin' XKR-S GT coupe in polaris white with vortex alloy wheels

and reach high! - reach for the stars

~ every night
(if you stretch up far enough you can touch them, I promise - I've done it :)

and every day
take small happy steps forward diligently toward your goals

and soon you will be crossing oceans

think you need money for them to come true? or maybe accruing money is your dream? 

then no graftin' at the coal face mind - hard graft is what you do in the gym to pack muscle on - not to make a buck or two

and the whole point of having a dream is that it gives you pleasure when you think about it
and pleasure to follow it thru, in it's unfolding

so if you're going to do some grafting,
if you believe that you must work 'hard' for what comes to you
then at least make it worthwhile by being smart about it - and implementing the power of your mind

years ago I absorbed Tony Robbins 'Awaken the Giant Within'
it was a great book and many parts of it resonated with me, at the time. And I implemented all the 'mind tips' in it into my life. 

Now, though, I've moved on

a couple years ago I posted about my papa giving me 'the secret' dvd, and all that stuff

anyway, like I said, I've moved on

and now I feel my way to my dreams

by using my mind - and my feelings - at the same time

Thoughts + Feelings = Results

my whole life I had always approached everything in an analytical, realistic, factual way 
I relied on facts - not feelings!
(god it was so bloody exhausting! comparing this, comparing that, weighing up this, weighing up that...
...then diving right in there to swim amongst the great whites)

so, no more swimming in shark infested waters any more!

I want to be counting my (golden) chickens as they are hatching...

I do love sharks though, beautiful beautiful fishys! 
and I LOVE those golden eggs!! 
(maybe some eggs are not meant to be hatched?)

and now I swim in purple seas of allowing..

where any sharks are always friendly, stomachs already full, and more interested in exploring colder waters than warm hearts

the books I read now are just perfect for me
especially Ask and It Is Given
it is life-transforming

and if you are thinking that it is all airy-fairy stuff, then you may just be surprised - because if you like the cold hard facts - then it can all be explained on a particle physics level with a few really deep paragraphs about quantum physics, vibration and the immutable laws of nature (yup, if I am gonna spill the beans at least I make sure to get my facts right)

though it took me a good few months of first reading the books by Abraham-Hicks before I was able to fully comprehend and understand and assimilate and begin applying the material within.... 

so - never give up

the stars are closer than you realise

and you have alot of love up there, shining down on you, and supporting you

(here is my heart of hearts Wesley, nearly a year ago, resting amongst the stars)

so whatever your dreams

~ follow them ~

with all your heart

(and maybe use a bit of nous too?)

and I will see you there, if you don't see me first :)

(and I always keep my word boys, promise :)

Thursday, 3 April 2014

doin it doggy style

have you ever noticed that dogs are always happy?

so adorably cute and fun eh?
doggys sure know how to have the best ever fun!

let's see some of that fun in slow-mo....
(with the groovin' toons of DMX and some barkin' companions)

about to go down....  doggy style

about to go down....   girlie style

.... downward dog

and er, downward girlie...

.... yeah, sheesh! that's right! that's me, 

who else eh??!

I surprised my mama big time last month when we were on our wee walk-around Ikea, taking in the bedroom scenes, 
(usually we go there most weeks for a sit-down cup of tea and share a bar of choklad ljus, and to snack on the vegetarian hotdawgs :) yum yum)

- anyway, this time before we went I'd shown my mum the clip of the doggy on the bed and we had had a good laugh, then we'd youtubed about 10 other funny-doggy-on-bed clips, ha ha ha! 

and since I'd planned this 'wee surprise' about a week before, I was just really excited to get round to the nicely made up beds in their bed display area

and then I called to my mum, suddenly jumped up on my favourite one (yeah I have a fav bedroom scene there! it's got slate grey walls, so gorgeous!), let out a little yelp then 'did like a dog'

~I buried my face in the quilt and shimmied about on all 4s on the bed~

we both laughed so so hard!!!

It was so much FUN!!!! 

...mum grabbed her new phone with the easy-to-use camera and took snaps...!

I ended up picking up all the contents of my bag that had tipped out onto the quilt!
doggy style can be precarious....

so, talking about doggys - here are some new baby Army hares, soon to be making their way to my etsy shop.
And each one will be donating £4 to Nowzad, to help the stray dogs of Afghanistan and the coalition soldiers

I LOVE doggys!!!

and hares!
LOVE hares!

this is a progress pic of a working sketch I did a while ago that is now a postcard in my etsy shop

I'd painted over an old watercolour of some clouds that I'd done ages ago 
a hare amongst the clouds
(in time scales - ages ago is even older than a while ago)

and here up amongst the clouds is my most favourite of fighters - the Supermarine Spitfire!
I LOVE spitfires!

I got an exciting boxed set with a dvd and a book, plus a huge hardback of my favourite comic stories - Commando! 
I LOVE Commando stories!! 
WWII soldiers and pilots and submariners and all that Army war stuff *sigh*

that was fun! presents!

and it did't stop there either -

I got some bracelets (yeah, yeah, girly stuff I know, but I do like a bit of metal)
and ofcourse - reindeer!!! to wear on my sleeve and close to my heart
LOVE my reindeer!

and I got some rabbits too
(at the top of my red mountain here, nuff said)

a couple of white rabbits amongst the clouds
in love
: )

I've been dreaming about rabbits alot (yes, dreaming of Wesley most nights)
white rabbits
with pinky eyes
soft adorable loveable beautiful

and everywhere I go I see small white fluffy doggys
those tiny wee Scottish ones
and they are always excited to see me
(I suppose they are the closest thing to a small white rabbit I will encounter when I'm out and about)

- all reminding me of Wesley!

my sweetheart, he's been in my thoughts every day

okey dokey, enough reminiscing!

he's named after the brightest star in the sky, Sirius

here he is beside my wish box, 
he knows I've been dreaming of my Wesley, up amongst the stars...

my wish box has lots of little stars on the top of it, so I put my written wishes inside and know that the stars are taking care of them
nice eh?

DogStar is saying cheerio to his friend Papa Hare Pookster

they were both admiring the bit of reindeer material on the arm of the chair (yeah, I cut the bottom third off my sweathshirt and made it 'my-style' just for me), until they heard the groovy toons from DMX and all that barking
then Pookster decided he'd better be leaving

and DogStar thought it was high time he got to my etsy shop...

okay then, had enough fun for now? or not?


...doggys always seem to be having fun
on the bed, off the bed, at the beach, by the park, in their sleep....

maybe it should be a more prevalent pursuit? 

doggy style 24/7

...sounds good to me : )

~have fun!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

it's never too late for a Booty Call

and when it comes to my booty, aka tush, I am pleased to say that I have corrected my form when I am doing my deadlifts!  yay!  *high 5*  *big cheer*  *big big smile*

and my tush is no longer reaching for the sky before I start my lift

so that is totally absolutely such great progress!

and here is the evidence (for all my admirers,  em I mean fans,  er.. sorry, getting carried away with myself, I mean followers...)

reps on 100kg!

first time I've done 2 reps on 100kg

so I'm looking forward to doing 110kg next, while keeping up reps on 100kg
though I can see that I still have to straighten up a bit more at the top, so that's something to work on
it's always so good to get yourself filmed like this, makes you really think about your form when doing these lifts, and it has made the world of difference to me 

I put my pointers on all the clips, but for anyone interested, here they are -

Metallica on full blast
shoeses off 
feetys just wider than squat stance
shins to the bar
lock arms out
'drive' with heels into the ground
drag bar up the shins (best to wear pants)
and thrust forward with hips as soon as bar clears knees
to finish nice n clean

reps on 95kg
this is the first time I have lifted 95kg, as I'd gone straight from 90kg to 100kg (I like going up in 10s)

reps on 90kg
I did this before the 95s and 100s and wasn't wanting to tire myself out too much, as 100kg was my main goal doing it this new way

reps on 60kg
this was my warm up to let my gym mate check my new form before all that glory above

- so - only 2 weeks ago I was deadlifting like a bag of ...., no matter how much good advice I was receiving from my gym mates, it was going in one ear and out the other,
and now 2 weeks later I've made such good progress - whom to credit?

well it would have to be this cute boy below - Nick Wright

I was on youtube looking at deadlifting and I came across this clip of Nick explaining how he does it,
and somehow it stayed inside my brain, amongst all that grey stuff, between the ears.... :/  and kinda sunk in 

and as soon as I went to the gym the next day I practised what he'd said, got one of the boys to watch me, and wow! it worked! 
worked a treat!

thank you so much Nick!! :)

the only thing I do differently (cos that's just me), is place a couple of 5kg plates on the floor in front of the barbell, (you can see them in my clips), so the bar doesn't roll toward me when I grab on to it, as I only have 100kgs on it, not the 170kg/220kg+ like the boys do
and that seems to work perfectly

so I am so so so SO excited!!!!
I've been deadlifting since last June and now finally I've got it!

I absolutely LOVE deadlifting! with all my heart! 
it's so exciting, so powerful, so all encompassing, and of all the exercises I do in the gym, deadlifting is my absolute favourite
and I love love love being strong!

I reckon I will have to get myself one of Nick's sweatshirts eh?  STRONG  - love it!

thank you so much Nick, really appreciate you sharing your knowledge : )

so it took me 9 months to finally get the hang of it!

and yes, that is a little baby in a romper suit you see above
(but not 'my' baby - I don't do babies or romper suits or nappies, never have done, I'm a rabbit-mama only!)

and yes, it is a newborn Meerkat - yeah, that's right, one of those little furry things that has been on the tv adverts, and yeah I saw it on tv up at my mum's one night, 
and oh my god! what a cute little thing it looked like, and it had a tiny little furry 'grub' toy with it - oh, okay, the truth was - I was really excited by the fat furry grub more than the meerkat,
and so, yeah, I was sucked right in - 
I went straight home and googled the meerkat
and shucks, yeah, I compared the meerkat .com ha ha ha

so a few clicks later and a savings of 60% on my home contents & buildings insurance, ha ha ha!!! yeah, really! 60%
like wow! 
I saved well over £220!!  ha ha ha

and a tiny little grub would be making it's way to me, (along with a baby meerkat)

then last week the doorbell rang and the postie handed me a small brown box and...

anyway, my little meerkat is now called Grublet. Not Oleg : )

and grub is called, eh, ... Grub?

so there was Grublet throwing a tantrum with a dirty nappy after a 3 month, 24,000km long journey, and he tossed precious Grub into the fast flowing river on my woodland carpet

for goodness sake! 
I wasn't going to get my socks wet in the river, and the baby was too small for swimming lessons...

well, we both held our breaths.... 

but thankfully the rocks on the river trapped the fat Grub there

and he stopped greetin......

so I picked Grub up to make sure he wasn't hurt in his first misadventure 
(as I am sure one so small and new to the world will be having many, many more adventures...)

then after a nappy change I placed them up on the backs of my hares Seramr and her husband Wintergarden
(Seramr wasn't wanting a crying baby on her back so she let Grub play on her and pull her ears instead)
(Wintergarden was a modern-dad, and he loved caring for babies and all that soppy stuff, so he had clean-nappy Grublet up on him, drooling over his ears)
(yeah, I lied about changing the nappy, that was Wintergarden who did it. I've only ever changed 1 nappy in my whole life and my sister-in-law was not impressed, and to this day I still can't work out why nappys are so darn hard to put around a little sweating screaming slightly-still-poo-stained wriggling newborn...)

anyway, babies, no matter if they are screaming naked pinky human ones, or incredibly cute adorable fluffy furry little ones - are For Life

yeah - for life!
like as in - always and forever!

so, here is Arabella - my first 'baby' photo of her, by her first husband Zai

(she was about 2ish when I got her as she was locked in a hutch for the first year of her life, before being rescued, then spent the next year at the rescue centre with no name, as no-one wanted a rabbit that looked like a normal wild one. Thank goodness! cos I fell in love with her straight away! she was such a beauty! so like a hare!)

and ofcourse my little King of Kings, Wesley - this is his first 'baby' photo when I took him home

(he was about 1 and a 1/2 because after he was found on the disused railway line covered in blood and urine, he was then at the rescue for a year, as no-one wanted a normal looking white rabbit with pinky eyes. Thank goodness! cos ofcourse you all know that I immediately fell in love with my little soulmate Wesley when I first saw him online)

I drove down to Rugby with Arabella to see if he would be her 2nd husband (Zai left for the stars 3 months after Arabella came to live here), and Wesley and Arabella were '2 hour friends' at the rescue, pretending to 'bond' so that I could take Wes home with me.
But as soon as he came home they had a huge bloody - as in blood spilt - fight. And they remained non-friends for ever after! ha ha - and lived happily separated by a baby-gate!

So, since it is Easter-time soon, and unless you make an online visit to compare the meerkat .com to welcome a furry grub, and er, baby meerpup into your life,
if you are feeling attracted to a long eared furry companion, then may I suggest that there will be many beautiful and well deserving rabbits at your local rabbit rescue waiting for a loving forever home - for, like, for ever :)

will have to see how Grub and Grublet settle in, may just have to consider a little furry companion who can clean their own bum...

and er, hope all your booty calls are as enjoyable as mine?
happy deadlifting!!


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

~ unconditional love ~

those who love you unconditionally

love you with all their heart

and trust in you implicitly

~ that was the level of love I received and shared with Wesley and Arabella ~ 
unconditional love, the highest level of love there is

a love that asks for nothing in return

and when you have tasted love that strong and bright and breath-taking and fulfilling, it is hard to let it go
hard to forget
hard to relinquish

and being the savourer of love so pure,

and with no tiny patter of furred feetys running around me,

I sighed a deep sigh when I saw these two adorable little rabbit pendants in Donna's etsy shop Lavender Rabbit 
and immediately I could feel Wesley and Arabella in them

and so, an Atlantic crossing and couple weeks later a collection of prettily wrapped gift boxes arrived in the mail accompanied by 2 resolute long eared guardians

ofcourse, since I was indulging in myself I thought it prudent to add a couple more purchases to my shopping cart and surprise my nieces and one of my beautiful pals with something nice too 

and there they were - a collection of pretty gift boxes strewn across my woodland carpet

and this morning, 
in the early spring sun, 
I reached for a box... 
no particular box....
and lifted the lid off

to reveal...

a tiny shiny glass pendant of my most precious little heart - Wesley

made with the very photo of Wesley the first time I saw him - and had fallen in love with him, all the way down at the RNGP Welfare rabbit rescue in Rugby, England

I shed a few tears, it was rather hard to see him clearly amongst all the spring 'rain'

such a beautiful unexpected surprise! such a beautiful heartfelt gift! thank you so much Donna! thank you so much!

and I dried my lashes, then I welcomed the two tiny stars

they were about to race off across the grass

so I scooped them up first to admire and appreciate them

so small, so adorable, so tender and touching!

then I placed them down again and 
off they went
to pay their respects

to Arabella

soft, gentle, beautiful, elegant

and to Wesley

strong, tender, deep, heartfelt

rabbits fill me with love

they always have done, ever since I remember getting a little porcelain one all wrapped up at a xmas party, many years ago, aged 6 and three quarters

and they fill my soul with love 
and heart and joy and happiness

they fill me with the very essence that 'unconditional' is

~ love in it's purest form ~
shining brightly 

thank you again Donna, just so perfect, just so beautiful!