Tuesday, 2 September 2014

getting high

a while back I was searching for a nice pic to use for one of my posts, as it's always nice to spice things up a bit and turn up the heat,

and then later I came across this pic *gasp*

my, my, it was too good not to use!

so I filed it away for future use 
(yeah, it's already made an appearance on my blog but you'd have to wade thru rabbits, muscle and soldiers to find it!) 

anyway, time for a second appearance

I've been reading quite a few eBooks lately
I came across this blog on Romance books, Maryse's Book Blog, and her recommendations of modern day Mills and Boon romance for the em, modern woman of today.

And I was rather captivated by her enthusiasm for all this romance stuff
cause the last time I read a romance novel, was way too long ago to remember! 
(and no, I don't kiss and tell)

Though I do remember specifically what it was about because I think it was the only romance book I had ever read, as my main fodder is WWII sea stories, espionage and war stuff like that, and I'd never picked up a book with pink or hearts or nearly naked men on the cover.

It was about forbidden love, she was an American homesteader, and he was a North American Indian - you know the type, sun bronzed, muscly, feathers tied around his bicep with some leather strips, and his name was Hawk...

anyway, after seeing Maryse's list I made my way to Amazon and perused a few - you know how on Amazon you can 'look inside the book' and read the first couple chapters for free...?

well, well, well, I read quite a few of those romance books that way!
it's like being in a candy store, looking at all the jars, and not being allowed to try anything :)

I must say I was rather taken by this modern day romance stuff

and so I searched for some more, 
and came across some very appealing covers and some very nice romance boy pics and then I came across this very pleasing one above

and my heart missed a few beats!

he's very easy on the eye isn't he?

and here he is by another body of water this time

with his same shirtless body :)

and he's got a name infact, unlike that soldier above (if you know who that one is you gotta let me know! ha ha ha) 

this one's William Levy
and he's a Cuban American - mmm very very niiiice!

and there was just something about that pic that seemed so familiar, then I remembered - he reminded me of my first crush Clint Eastwood!
yeah, when I was tiny and before I came across Arnold (Schwarzenegger - who else?!) I was smitten with Clint

and who could not be smitten with someone as handsome as this cowboy eh?

now that is romance!

I watched every single movie he'd been in
and now, he's still one of my heroes, and my most favourite ever director (along with Ben Affleck - he's an ace director too)





- scintillating combinations for taking you to great heights of em.... fantasy ....

(omg! William in both a cowboy hat and cams, goodness me! what's the world coming too?!)

so um, like I was saying, I'd read an intro then bookmark the book for future

I do love paper books the most, and I'd only ever read a couple books online before in pdf, and I'd never ever read a kindle book ever...

...until I read the intro to this book -

Heights of Desire by Mara White

and for the first time in my life I purchased the book on the spot - I had to know what was coming next, I just had to!
I just couldn't wait to buy a paper book, or win a free one, or borrow a well read one, I had to buy my own one straight away, on the spot, pronto! ha ha ha!

I will definitely buy a paper version for my bookcase for sure, I love it so much
and I am on my second reading of it on my kindle

click on the cover pic above and read the blurb on the cover - it's absolutely perfect in every way!
if any book were to captivate me by it's blurb (what's that stuff called anyway? that blurb stuff?) anyway, the blurb is perfect in every way!

I am one of those easy to please folks who judge all books by their covers
yup, if the cover looks good, then I reckon the read will be too
and in most cases I am pretty satisfied (well, until this foray into romance I have always been excited to read a book about a battlecruiser and a commando with steel grey eyes staring up at the lancasters overhead) so yeah, I am pretty easy to satisfy

now though, I judge books by their muscle density, 6 packs and how low the denims ride... ha ha! :)

so did you read the cover blurb first then the intro on Amazon to Heights of Desire?

      I reckon you should, 

                                                    this very minute 

- and then spend a couple minutes appreciating these 'boys' playing in the playground - ha ha, and you will know exactly what I mean  :)

(by the way, that one on the right is a vegan boy, not bad eh!)

this is Mara White's first book ever

and goodness me, she is an exceptional writer! 

I could not put the book down, I was captivated from the outset and the story just read itself to me
it was by far the most riveting and enthralling book I have ever read
as in like ever!
and the romance - well, it was pure electricity!
in today's world - the romance is oh-so erotic!
and if you wanna get high on romance, on desire, on passion and real heart - pick up a copy and ...enjoy

Mara's second book, Fear of Heights, will be coming out very soon and I will be getting myself a copy right away, ha ha!
can't wait!

hmmm, I have come across so many nice surprising things!

here's another pic of William

did you know that he is a well-known actor? and speaks Spanish?

this is his latest movie, will be out in a month's time

it's from a novel by Zane, I've not read inside the book on Amazon yet, but will do soon..

my local cinema usually only plays the big, huge Hollywood movies so I may have to get the dvd of this one,

but you never know - it may turn up
out of the blue
and surprise me

and being the visually inspired person that I am, I like to judge a movie by it's poster - and - trailer

usually, if the trailer is cut just right, it can make or break the movie

Arnie talks all about this is his autobiography Total Recall, and how the trailer really does sell the movie, irrespective of what the movie is really like

I totally love well put together trailers - they are like the covers on books! 
I love being at the flicks watching clever trailers, being excited about what's coming
and I'm pretty cool about the movie itself if the trailer excites me. To be pleased by the trailer is a delight in itself and I'm happy to enjoy it

besides, that poster above is very intriguing -
reality / fantasy - both look enticing eh?
both look kinda addictive

anyway, philosophical bul*@!#t aside, I know I will enjoy this movie - it has handsome men in it, with em, their shirts off.....

and here's another scene from it

looks like big time romance to me!

mmmhmm  I'll have one of those thank you :)

last year his other movie came out, but it never made it to my cinema even though I saw the poster there, and studied it for a while, on the wall, 
so it's now on my dvd wishlist - Single Mom's Club

it looks gooooood - looks like alot of fun! 

and he has his shirt off in that one too (just as well eh!) (*drool*)

well, I think I'm all romanced-out
nah! only joking - I'm never romanced-out!

and it's never time to come down from flying high around those heart shaped clouds
but it is late 
and I'd better be getting some kip eye soon and besides
I have dreams to dream

I shall be dreaming about my home and my large swimming pool

I would need a pool boy 
to keep it clean and in perfect working order

and I will be dreaming about my large garden 

I would need a garden boy 
to pick up the leaves and water the clover
(yes, I'm planning on having a little long eared pal to nibble on that clover, very, very soon...)

unless ofcourse I dream about being a hawk flying high....

yeah, I am still dreaming most nights of Wesley and Arabella! *sigh* :)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sunny days

early one evening, just over a year ago.....

...every day became a sunny day for me

some things in life you just do not forget

smiles are one of them ;)

there's something ultra cool about a sea-boy eh? 
at one with the ocean, above the waves, on them, under them

I was down at the beach with my ma the other week and we saw 4 of those dudes kite boarding! it was a windy stormy big wave day and they were having a great time. They looked like neptunes holding onto those 'tridents'!

One of them was jump-kiting pretty good - I'd never seen anything like it before...

I even traipsed across the wet clingy sand in the pelting rain to go ask the most handsomest one what they were doing and what it was called, and he said in his thick Canadian accent 'kite-boarding'
'oh' I blinked, 
never having thought it could be called that..

...um, then later that night I decided to search 'Sunny I love you - rap mix' and em, that's when I came across that easy going sea-boy above
gawd! I must be the only person on the planet who did not know what they were doing
(what's that? you'd never heard of it either? that makes 2 of us then:)

like your sunny mix a bit more upbeat?

pretty cool eh? 
I'm liking their take on Sunny
and it's not only a good toon but what a surprise I got when I saw the nice set of wheels in there!

yeah, that's right - my most fav car ever - a '78 trans am! 

I LOVE trans ams!!! (Pontiac Firebird '78 Trans America...)
it's been the car of my dreams, ever since I was tiny, just something about it...

6.6 litre, V8, old style American muscle car, big mags, sleek, sexy, powerful, strong...
this is the stuff my dreams are made of!

and ofcourse I've gotta have a drive safe baby Army hare Rear View Mirror Charm in it - no cool whip is complete without one of my hares in it now!

( tough boys + hot wheels = ain't got nuffin to prove to no-one
a gentle little lagomorph x the perfect companion = sorted! )

Trans Ams - just so beautiful!
- this one above is on my wish list

can't wait to buy one!
(or be given one - I will happily take something for nothing, I am not above unrequited generosity, em, will a thank you be enough?)

a couple months ago one passed me on the coast road here! 
(yeah, if you follow my blog you already know that eh? and if you're my real-world pal then I've already talked your ear off about that too eh?)

~the sun sure was shining brightly that day~

also on my wish list is a 2013 matte black MC Stradale Maserati GranTurismo 

last week I was so lucky to have not one, but two Maseratis fly past me!
eh, drive past me, I mean
yup two in one day (on that very same coast road)
that was a good good day
one red, one blue
and the week before (yeah, I'm counting!) I parked next to a shiny black one
(check out the trident on the grill!)

~life is good~ 
please enjoy it while you can

and also on my wish list
is this gorgeous 2014 Nissan GTR 

breathtakingly beautiful, I will have mine in black thank you!

and you've guessed it - yes, last week I also had an encounter with a GTR!

me and cars - we just seem to meet up

only it was in a gun metal grey, not black
but just as beautiful

and I admired it appreciatively
and gave him a thumbs up, 
and he gave me a smile and some friendly chat back (that was nice, he told me his dream came true!) before roaring off

anyway, depending on how the trade winds blow, I also have my eye on this cutie
a 2005 Hyundai coupe
it will do me just nicely until my Trans Am, Maserati and GTR roll up

Yup, I'm planning on having 4 cars, and I could use an old landy too and maybe even some other shiny new off roader, and maybe even a bike as well. I like GSXRs 

anyway, lets not get too distracted by all the petrol fumes!

I had the draw for the baby Army drive safe hare a couple weeks ago
there were a few entries, so that was nice
at first it was only my mama and papa who had entered - I had to leave a comment on my blog for them, as they were unable to fathom the intricacies of how blogger comments work. My papa tried 3 times over the course of as many days! And my mama tried a couple times too and even though she can speak more languages than I have fingers, she was unable to decipher blogspot's linguistic finesse and so her comment never made it to the post's page. hmmm
I must say, comment leaving on blogspot is pretty Fort Knox! I had no idea! tut tut
but then I got a couple more entries, email, twitter, so that was good and my mama and papa gracefully pulled out though I had donated to the Commandos on their behalfs and said that they didn't need to try to win a hare, I could just rustle one up instead (being family and all that...)

so, anyway! whew! after all that, the wee hare wanted to do the drawing herself

she saw the sea and waves and foam and heard all the whirring as she watched the soldiers kite-boarding and wanted a shot too
I told her they were rappelling
so, like she said, she wanted a shot too...

she flew down the rope
nose first
nearly missing a Commando! (that was lucky!)

and found the lucky winner

the soldiers raced over to give her a paw, er hand to unfold the winner

but she said she was fine, she had everything under control
then screamed out in pain!
as one of the Marines stepped on her paw
tsk tsk*
that's what you get for rappelling onto a sandy beach - sand grains in the eye (so he told her)

so he made it up to her and let her have his seat in the chopper for the ride back (he tabbed back)
and a couple days later the little hare was in her new home, er wheels!

thank you to everyone who entered!
much appreciated!

so a quick recap -

your whip + Army Hare, Baby, Drive Safely = a smile

a smile = sunny day x 365

and let's have more of those sunny days again - old school this time -

thank you for your smiles 


Thursday, 17 July 2014

hoofing Hares + alpha males Essence = Go Commandos!

a while back I was browsing pics on twitter, like you do, on those quiet Friday nights...

and I came across this mmm-hmmm very eye catching pic

alpha males, in cams, in a gym x 6 ! 
- what's not to appreciate eh?

It reminded me of when I was a soldier - I could do more chins, press-ups and dips than most of the boys (still can) and I was pretty nifty on the ropes too, even with my webbing on. 
For a free weights girl like me, who trains harder than most boys and is surrounded by alphas day in and day out, this was a nice walk down memory lane. I really appreciate those who train hard and are driven and determined.

These lads are Royal Marines Commandos - and some of the best soldiers ever produced.
They go thru 32 weeks of arduous training to turn them from boys into men, and only the men make it  

~ but I like using the term boys, so boys they are ~ 

here they are - doing their stuff
this is an ace clip!

...if I was a boy I would have been Special Forces for sure, and if it was the British Army then I'd have been a Commando, but since I was a girl in the Aussie Army it was Military Intelligence for me instead

and now that I make hares for a living... 
and write baby hare stories...
(what can I say huh!?   a career change is as good as a holiday)

and as I am always looking for interesting ways to let the whole world know about these cute n tiny wee lagomorphs, I went to my mac and saw that the Marines have an online shop, hmmm 

then one of my Drive Safe Baby Army hares hopped up beside me and saw they had a Car section in their shop, 
oooh! he blurted

then he saw the helicopter - wow! none of his brothers or sisters had gone to live in a chopper before, and he had a huge grin,

and then he paused to read the blurb, it said that the shop supports the wounded Marines heroes, and he looked up at me, smiling softly, his blue eyes gently glistening  

and asked if perhaps he could go and help the soldiers?

because he knows that my most favourite books are Commando comics (yeah, really! sheesh) and WWII sea battles! Totally love Hammond Innes and Desmond Bagley and Alistair MacLean and Douglas Reeman and...

so he called to his siblings, and they all raced over to the mac

Royal Marines Commando ~ it's a State of Mind ~

Cheerfulness in the face of adversity



and Unselfishness

those are the values that make a Marine

and since 1664 when the very first Royal Marines were born, er forged, (from blood, sweat and tears) they have been proudly upheld ever since
and eagerly sought after, by every wanna-be Marine

because it takes true courage, determination, unselfishness and pure heart with a smile to take up arms and fight for your country - like 89 year old Commando veteran George 'Ted' Owens here. 
I have him to thank, and all those who fought to keep Britain the free country it is. Thank you sir!

During the war my grandpappy was in the Admiralty, he spoke Russian. I never knew him cause he got alzheimers, but I did inherit his gift for speaking Russian and all things Russki. Thank you grandpappy. And my father loves nothing more than reading non-fiction war stuff, and between us we have a nice collection of books...

This is the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge up in the Highlands, and has been one of my most favourite statues for years, ever since the first time I saw it when I was wee.

It is truly awe inspiring and breath-taking in it's presence, solitude and magnificence and was built to commemorate the Commando forces of WWII. 

If you are in Scotland and get the chance to pay your respects to it, you will not be un-moved.

(yeah, I 'collect' favourite statues, have them in every city/country I have lived in)

and so, from the past, to the present, and on to the future -

here are 6 Commandos who are currently undertaking one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) modern day challenges ever  The 1664 Challenge

In celebration of the 350 years anniversary of the Royal Marines Commandos, formed in 1664, these 6 alpha males (yeah, had to say that boys *wink*) have been participating in the 1664 Challenge - a physically and mentally demanding journey that encapsulates the Commando ethos, spirit and esprit de corps 

and - raises funds for those Commandos who have been deployed and can no longer run, or ski or cycle
and for the families of those Commandos who are no longer here

click on the poster above - to read the unbelievable feats that have already been accomplished by these chaps and the supporting Marines joining in along the journey

at the moment they only -only- have a couple hundred miles left to run before the end in London on the 25th July

these boys have been skiing, cycling, kayaking, sailing and running marathon length marathons EVERY DAY! uh-huh, I'm not kidding!
(even an alpha female like me is impressed! I mean, I could scamper, em run 10km in 50 minutes when I was in my unit, but that was maybe eh, once a month or thereabouts...)

check out their journey, with daily pics, on facebook here rm1664challenge

and on twitter with daily pics and updates here RM1664Challenge

and on their main website here Royal Marines 1664 Challenge 

and way back in the middle of winter in January this year, up in the Arctic Circle off far North Norway near the Russian border - they began preparation for their skiing phase

and in early February set off...

to finally arrive a little bit thinner in sunny Stavanger 1664km and 2 months later, in early April

em - if I'd been a bit more switched on I would've let them know that my sister in law owns the best butchers shop in Stavanger - Gabbas, and my brother would've had them round for a barbie and some home brews and malts - next time eh lads!

and then 3 months later, in May, 
emulating those modern day vikings... (cause I'd seen their pic on twitter and wanted a photo of me doing exactly what they were doing, heh heh) here I am standing in front of those awesome swords
infact could be my most favourite statue ever, love those swords! love love love! 

thanks for the photo Trine :)

anyway, back to the real stuff! 

next was the sailing phase of 1664 miles from Norway to Gibraltar

uh-oh, looks kinda choppy...  

    bleh :/  

            ...sea-sick anyone?

yup, watch out where you decide to....

ooh wow! dolphins! 
nice to have the protectors of the sea with you on your travels

here they are - beautiful and magical and ethereal and spectacular - as only dolphins can be, as they lead the Marines forward! 
do I count 6 dolphins?

beautiful dolphins and beautiful sunsets!
now that is worth a thousand smiles :)

and then next was the cycling phase of 1664km from Cadiz all the way up the road to the Normandy beaches in France where the D Day invasions took place

(liking their cycling cams - must've had them specially done to match with those yellow rocks :)


that was fast!

then next was the kayak phase, of 100 miles, but there were some currents and it turned out to be 120 miles of paddling across the English channel from Port-en-Bessin, France to Portsmouth

looks tough eh!
behind them is an LCU - Landing Craft Utility,
but these soldiers paddled (kayaked?) all the way, non-stop

such a beautiful sunset!

almost looks romantic...
but once that sun goes down it'd be pitch black

whew! they made it safely to dry land
smiles all around :)
(hmmm, where are their arms after all that kayaking?)

and that's good because they only have 1664km to cover in the running phase around Britain!

- just a marathon a day - that's all!

and with a little encouragement and help from their mates in every Commando unit

the running will be in cams and boots as well as trainers and shorts

mountains, hills and steps included!
good work for your quads, calves and lungs, but tiring!

even better work for your mind as you push yourself on, and on, and on and...

and a few hundred kms later in a deserted car park....

uh-oh! what's this? 

a little bit of shut eye?

or some special type of stretch?

I'll go for the stretch.... :)

hey boys! how about a wee drink to keep your spirits up?
- here you go! 

these very nice brandy glasses and decanter are in the Royal Marines online shop

I reckon I would be using them for whisky myself, and malt at that

and if whisky is not your thing to get you going then perhaps a wet is? (in Army speak it's a 'brew' but bootneck speak is 'wet')

so if it's a wet then make sure to sprinkle your coffee toppings with this ace RM cappuccino stencil!

so now that you've recovered, first things first - 

fresh Tshirt for your runs


beanie to keep the wind off your ears

and cause it's cool to run in one 
(I do, but then again, I'm a girl - I can get away with wearing it)


hoodie, for when it gets nippy

cause it's Scotland and summer, which only means one thing - it's bloody freezing, pouring rain and another miserable dreicht day!
nah, only joking - we've had a great summer this year, it's been a few weeks of really good weather! 
and besides I only run with my hoodie when it gets below 10 degrees - yeah, I know, I'm being a girl!


and neck warmer for those windy mountain top hikes...

and because this just looks so totally cool
omg! I gotta have one!
(and when I get a doggy he will have his own one too)
even though I never run in scarves/neckerchiefs, but that can all be changed, I'm a girl


and a pooch for your runs, to keep you on your toes

(even though I don't have a little doggy yet, I've put my order in to the Universe, 
he will need a harness to accompany me on my runs)


aaaw my goodness! look at that adorable wee face!!!

and ofcourse a lead - because my dog will be running ahead of me, like all dogs do, leading...


in the meantime I admire all the pooches I run past! 
and they always say hello to me
my last doggy Max, became a bomb dog for the RAEngineers where I was posted. He grew up side by side with Burns my house rabbit! 
(got my order in for another little bun as well, a rescue one ofcourse, I only do rescue beasties :) 1 bun + 1 pup = sorted!

okey dokey - enough of a rest
back to the Challenge!

hey what's this? talking about dogs....

here's Burt the springer spaniel checking on morale - yup, smiles all around, everyone's good!

and more smiles!

why ofcourse! 

- here they are on their way to Scotland!

och! and here they are - on Scottish ground! that was fast!
and being warmly greeted by tiny wee Meg!
smiles all around again :)

wow! what an adorable little dog Meg is! just look at how proud she is!
(I bet she got treats off of every one of them - numerous times! ha ha ha!)

dogs are sure good for morale eh!
though I reckon these 6 chaps are more than able to be cheerful under any and all conditions

and little did they know, 
as they got into their chopper to head to Edinburgh
that they would be recipients of some typical good Scottish hospitality

a short flight across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh

and there waiting in Holyrood Park, 
for the choppers to land
on a warm Scottish summer's morning
all 'storied up' and eager for their new papas, and wheels

made by me
in real British Army dpms

just for those 6 Marines

as a little thank you

for being themselves
doing a job they love with all their hearts
following their dreams
and paying respects to the men who are no longer with them
and those who would love to be, but can't

and because I love giving....

and smiling...
I was hoping these 6 little does (female leverets) would give their new papas some smiles too

after all, as soon as the Challenge is over, I am sure that these Marines may be glad to do a little cruising in their motors for a change?

meanwhile, the hares had a look thru the Royal Marines recruitment brochure that I got last year 
(...just because, - a girl can dream eh? - of being a Marine that is :)

the swimming in the seas - Amphibious Assaults I said
the digging of rabbit burrows - Dessert Warfare I corrected them
running thru hedges - Commando Training on the CTC I explained

then after all that scampering about over the pages one of them spotted a basket of carrots and they all raced over...

and they were about to start lunch.. 

...when I called attention

told them to man up, er hare up

because they had papas to meet
and wheels to go to

so after 6 warm handshakes
6 lovely smiles and thank yous
and a very nice chat

(er, no photos, my camera gave up the ghost!)

the little leverets sighed happily
as they nestled snugly inside their papas cams
as the 1 o'clock gun went off at Edinburgh Castle

and because it is Scotland, and summer

here are the Commandos a few days later, at the top of Britain's highest mountain - Ben Nevis, covered in em, that would be rain I reckon!

still smiling though, 
dogs and hares and Scotland must be good for them :)

and then paying their respects after coming down Ben Nevis and tabbing, er I mean yomping 20 odd miles to the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge

these boys only have a couple hundred miles left to run

and their last day will be on 25th July when they run in to London

so I reckon, cause I'm a kind hearted kinda gal, and I love celebrations and I love to give

I will give-away 

this adorable, beautiful, cute-as-a-button 
Drive Safe with Baby Army Hare 
rearview mirror charm!!


does that sound like a good deal or what?

uh-oh! I forgot - strings attached :)

never something for nothing in this world

so instead of just a thank you, and a smile

this little hare would appreciate 
if you could ever so very kindly donate a little something to the Royal Marines to help their buds
(the cost of your morning Starbucks?)

you can do it via their website here

or by text - check out his delts and lats, er I mean back 
so text RMCT50 'amount' to 70070 via your mobile phone

and then

leave your name in the comments below
on my Leverets Nest facebook post 



and on 26th July I will draw a winner and this cute-as-a-button hare will be Yours!

no need to say if you donated the price of a coffee or a dram of 55yo Macallan, just nice to give these boys and the Corps something for all their efforts eh? 

like I said, I love to give - give to them, give to you,  .... :)
and when I first read about this Challenge I sent in some bucks right away, so it's just nice to support them in any way you can

here we go 
- see - happy!

I reckon they all deserve a neat malt! (works great for sore muscles!)
yeah, yeah - I'm a whisky girl, 
I'm all out of tumblers 

isn't that just perfect - one appropriately filled decanter
and 6 already ready-n-waiting glasses

and oh, by the way lads if any of you come across this one - send him my way :)
I'm free Friday night, and looking forward to some scran, em I mean dinner, with an Essence boy

thank you :) xx

and because all's well that ends well

my wee lagomorphs - are now being stocked in the 
Royal Marines online shop! yay! 

and I'm helping the Marines and their families :) thank you!

and so this handful of hares are eagerly awaiting their forever homes in their new whips / wheels / motors ..... 

can't wait for the prize draw to win your hare?
wanna buy one right now?

Army hares x6 = Aussie cams x2, Brit cams x4

so pick yourself up a Commando, er I mean a hare, to accompany you on all your action and adventure

and one last thing before I go, just to clarify the blog title -

hoofing Hares + alpha male Essence = Go Commandos!

hoofing hares - excellent / amazing / adorable 
alpha male Essence - attractive / great physical condition / headturner!
Go Commando - a *sujer wearing nae undies (*soldier wearing no underwear..) 

cause once an Essence boy has one of my adorable hares what else is he needing?? 
need I say more?

and because they're still running 
- and it's summertime, 
and kinda hot, 
especially for road running 
- here's the boys themselves and some of the action (yeah Commando style, shirt-free ladies!!)

...whew! I reckon that should be about 164 thousand,4 hundred and..... words by now for this epic blog post? (Commando style eh?)

hmmm, nah! 
        - think I'm needing two more -

Thank You  xxxxxx

and the not-so-small small print -
military pics open government license Crown Copyright
and by permission of Royal Marines Shop
and by permission of Challenge Marines