Tuesday, 25 August 2015

dreaming - with my head in the clouds

nearly all of my thought-time is spent with my head in the clouds

~it's where I'm happiest~ dreaming

and where miracles occur

it's where future dreams are born

and past memories are relived (happy ones ofcourse :)

and now that I've settled into Army life and being a soldier again 
~yes, living my dream!~
I can start to focus on making my hares and squirrels again

just made a tiny guardian angel hare  for a customer (to order) and did the regulatory photo shoot with the hare in situ - 'up in the clouds'

it doesn't really matter where you are on earth - cause whenever you dream your head should always be up in the clouds

I decided to join real life last month and got myself my first ever smart phone

the inevitable deluge of selfies

for some strange and rather flattering reason I take a better smart-phone pic than with a normal 35mm
not sure how that transpired
but anyway, the results have been staying longer on my facebook page than any other pics ever have
rather looks like I am on cloud 9 ?

summer is here in Scotland and it is beautiful!
August is usually always the month for hot sunny days
the sun is at it's zenith, the clouds are soft, fluffy and fast moving

Edinburgh is such a beautiful and vibrant city!
August is the month of the Edinburgh Festival and all over the city there are visual surprises

this is Charlotte Square where the annual Book Festival is held
I took this the other night as I turned up rather late with my mama to go and peruse the kiddies books!
yeah, I totally love the fun of children's books!
um, the ones with the big pictures in them ofcourse 

but that section was closed (it was just on 9pm and I'd jsut come from my gym) so I had to browse thru the new release section instead - which is always a pleasure as I just love looking at beautiful book covers. Yes - I judge all books by their covers! I am that shallow
so I was very happy!
and very happy to see the purple horse, pink sunset and green trees

and just a couple weeks before as I was driving up Queen Street who should I pass but Zebra22!

standing guard at his doorway

letting in no-one unless they brought carrots and oatcubes

so ofcourse I had to pull in and take a pic! it's not every day you see a real life-sized zebra in the city now is it?
then again - it is Edinburgh after all!

things are going great in the visual department because that same week, on a sunny day, my number1 dream car - a '78 Trans Am drove past me on the coast road!!
yeah, I was in way past the clouds this time - I was up in heaven!!

the last time that gorgeous beast drove by me was over a year ago, on that very same road, on a sunny day!

I've loved these pontiac firebirds for years and one day I will be cruising about in my own one ~for sure!!
and with a Steve McQueen in the passengers seat! ;)

or actually make that a Josh Hartnett!
he's my dream of choice :)
- black hawk down style!

aaah! such a handsome boy! *sigh*

here's a nice tune, and some Black Hawk Down

(it was Black Hawk Down - but then that clip was deleted from youtube) (so now it's some US rangers)

I've got a nice selection of war movies, and I reckon it's time to watch this one again, it's been a while
and um, I've got a few Josh Hartnett movies too *double sigh*

anyway, talking about beautiful breath-taking cars, I've had a few drive-bys from maseratis! 
yeah, it's on my wish list too! (if you read my blog you already know this! haha)
one drove by me today infact! and in my favourite colour - black

it's always such a delight to see a beautiful car

and dreaming of my own one, and two, and three...

and earlier, when I mentioned jsut coming from the gym - well, another dream had come true - I got a 105kg deadlift!

it's been well over a year since I've done reps on deads over 90kg and yesterday I did a warm up set on 60kg for 6reps, then 80kg for 6 reps and I thought I'd try 90kg since 80kg felt fine.
So I managed to do 3 easy ones on 90kg! 
so then I put on 100kg and thought, why the hell not? it's been such a long time since I'd lifted it, and incredibly I got 2 easy reps! unreal!!
so I asked my mate to watch me, as I knew my form was not the best, my tush was a bit high so I tucked it down a tad, and I got another 2 easy reps!
goodness me! 
so I put on 110kg and managed to get the bar off the ground about 1inch, ha ha ha
and then after a rest I decided to put it down to 105kg and I got a nice one!
I was well chuffed!!

life sure gives you surprises!
delightful ones ofcourse :)

in the meantime I spend most of my time dreaming!
just being happy
doing stuff I love every day
and just dreaming

every day I dream of my darling, my heart of hearts - Wesley!
every day I think about that beautiful tiny little boy and my heart swells with love
every day I close my eyes and hold him close to me and relive our times together
oh how much do I love him still? to the ends of the Universe and back
he may have left earth but he's not left my heart

it's been nearly 2 years now since that wee mite left for the stars and became an angel
and still, every day, he is the only one I think about

some time, one day, in the future, I will bring another little rescue bun into my life and into my heart
some day

but in the meantime I'm just gonna keep on dreaming on...

(director/actor/dreamboat - Ben Affleck - this one's a dream too eh!)

...with my head in the clouds
and my heart full of love 


Saturday, 4 July 2015

a heads up

yesterday when I was driving thru town with my mama after having a tasty bite to eat at Topkapis (our fav place for chips, garlic pizza bread and Turkish Lemonade in Edinburgh) we saw a wonderful sight!

the Kelpie maquettes are in Shandwick Place!  oh wow!!!

I immediately parked my car and kindly asked my mama to take some snaps with her phone, which she very obligingly did!
I still don't have an iPhone (yet!), but hopefully I will get my act in gear and get one!

Here is one of the kelpies wearing a church crown :) Nice how it turned out I reckon. You can just see Edinburgh castle in the background.

This is them both together. They are only a few metres high. Impressive!

Just over a year ago I saw an article about the huge ones which live in Falkirk and made it my intention to go visit them. Which I did earlier this year with my papa.
Beautiful art makes my heart beat faster! And in every city I have visited and lived in I have my favourite buildings or statues.
They are truly out of this world - well, nearly! considering that they reach the clouds!

Here's the real ones! Huge eh?

And the first time I saw those wee maquettes was a fair few years ago at Edinburgh airport. I was driving in to pick up my papa, and oh my god! there at the main entrance was these two incredibly beautiful horses! I nearly didn't make it round the round-a-bout, my eyes were transfixed on them, such is their beauty.

So I was delighted for sure yesterday when I saw them again, back in Edinburgh! They had been having a sojourn in Chicago I do believe?

I am sure it won't take long for the horses to be graced by the usual traffic cone, or two. There's nearly a full moon tonight and the town is packed!

Besides, Glasgow set the standard for horses wearing cones and the Duke of Wellington and Copenhagen (which he rode at Waterloo) are always adorned! Bless them :)

It's always a pleasure to drive in to Edinburgh airport because I get to see my favourite fighter plane - the Spitfire!
Spitfires make my heart beat faster! ha ha

This is the Spitfire Memorial of the RAF 603 Squadron and during the war was a RAF base. 

Isn't it just incredible that men, brave men, flew these beautiful machines in WWII. 
That pic above is copyright Simon Johnstone and there is a nice write up about the plane too.

And interesting to know that this Spitfire is being cared by Merlin ERD whose Managing Director also flies them, and the Chief Operating Officer of Edinburgh Airport was a member of the Paras!

Nothing better than putting your heart into what you do and where you work!

Just came across this ace clip on facebook - the Paras doing their stuff


Follow their link if that made your heart beat fast, and you think it'd be rewarding to be a Para.

I totally love anything challenging and physical, and Army ofcourse. 
And I live for my training too. Add free weights into the mix, and not to mention tabbing and my heart rate shoots right up, haha. 
My head is in the clouds!  um, that's where the endorphins are ;)

Such totally brave men eh? I have so much respect for those soldiers. Past and present.

One of the first war books I ever read was A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan about Operation Market Garden and the Allied airborne operation of NorthWest Europe. I was riveted from first to last page.
All I know is that I feel a huge appreciation for all those who fought for this country during the Second World War. 
The planes may have been cutting edge then, but oh my god, to even think about flying in them, surely takes a fearless person! Let alone those who choose to jump out of them. Fearlessness comes from the heart!

and here's a heads up - some of these wee hares, up there on cloud 9 at the moment, will be going down into my etsy shop sometime 

sometimes things take a while for me to get round to them
but there's no rush

I just take every day as it comes and appreciate all I have. I'm happy to have my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds :)

So happy to know these horses are here! Will be nice if they come to live permanently in Edinburgh. Here's that beautiful one again, this time with a nice looking warrior-style nose-guard! ha ha

thank you xxx

Friday, 12 June 2015

sea stars

I've been super busy with my life that my shop had taken a back seat and it'd been a while since a hare or two had been born
and a story or two had been written

last xmas Papa Hare StarEinviger came into the world.

He was made for a warrior woman who lives on distant shores (my hares live all over the world! lucky them)

and as a nice touch in his photo shoot I laid my tiny Conan the Barbarian sword next to him
since he is for a warrior, and has warrior blood in him

though the sword never went with him, what with it being part of my collection of all things beautiful and exciting!
don't you know? i LOVE Conan!!!?! and that sword is exquisite plus+

er, what's that? you don't have a tiny Conan sword in your collection? goodness!

anyway, after StarEinviger left these shores I got an order for a sea-faring hare

preferably with a sea-themed coat

and so...

the trade winds blew in Mama Hare LoveJersey

and yes, this pretty hare also has the pleasure of living on distant shores!

though she travelled there by wings, not fins
thanks to the excellent services of Royal Mail

she went to her home sans story, one not needed

but StarEinviger has his -

Papa Hare StarEinviger

When StarEinviger was just a small baby he would go off for long treks by himself. The very first time he did this he got lost, and it wasn’t until hours later that he finally found his way back home, albeit rather disheveled, awfully hungry and very tired. 
To the relief of mama. 
Though there was a rather heated scene a few minutes after she had given him a big hug and checked him all over for alrightness Yeah that usual scene mamas usually make when they want to let their naïve offspring know about the dangers of wandering off by themselves for nearly the whole day and all the unfortunate and terrible things that could happen to them. Anyway, he shed a couple of tears and mama wiped them away then grasped him to her fluffy chest and hugged him again, saying it was all okay, and that she was just afraid, but everything is better now.

The second time StarEinviger wandered off on another long trek and got lost again and came back way, way later than the first time, mama was not so pleased to see him. Well she was, but you know how it is, first time relieved, second time angryish. She had been wringing her paws and tutting and peering into the night’s inky darkness looking for him. Instead of a big hug this time he got a not so cordial reception.

Not that he wasn’t too bothered though. He was still young and still learning about the complexities of body language so he merely shrugged his shoulders and scampered straight off to bed, ears pinned flat against his back as mama gave him a small barrage of helpful advice. But he did get a loving kiss on his forehead.

And the third time he wandered off and happened to come back the next morning, completely exhausted, soaked thru and starving, mama merely shook her head, tutted and tutted because she could now see a pattern to his behaviour, and gave him a small kiss on top. Not a single word was uttered, for she knew that they were all in vain.

StarEinviger soon became way better at navigating the countryside and mama got to see more of him in the evenings as he found his way home sooner. Plus he would bring back berries that he came across, and interesting looking plants and herbs for mama to try out and add to the dinner menu. And every now and again he would bring back some unusual surprises like beetles and slugs and small dead insects to adorn the dinner plates. He thought mama could give them a try out because on his treks he had spied on foxes eating the beetles and hedgehogs dining on the stranger textured slugs and blackbirds carefully selecting the insect bodies, so could mama do something nice with them for dinner perhaps? Um, it was just a thought. He cleaned out his knapsack and got it all ready for his next excursion and meanwhile mama prepared dinner. 
The smell from the kitchen was rather divine and yes, infact dead insect bodies crisp up well in the oven and go deliciously with freshly picked wild mountainside herbs. Mmmmm.

StarEinviger was excited to tell mama about his excursion over dinner and soon a lovely cheery pattern was established. He would go off for a few hours or even most of the day and explore some far off part of the countryside, collect interesting things for dinner that evening, have a few exciting experiences, come home happy then tell mama all about it over their tasty-new-things dinner-time. 
Mama was also pleased too and she thoroughly enjoyed his stories, though at times she had a few sharp intakes of breath and her heart stopped a couple times and then there was the occasional falling off her chair in shock and the falling off the chair in laughter, and every single time he told her about his adventures mama always, always, always pretended that he was talking about another baby hare. 
Because there is only so much shocking and scary and hair-raising stuff that a true loving mother can take before she freaks out completely and sees herself sitting at the dinner table completely alone, by herself, with plates covered in meadow herbs only.

StarEinviger is looking forward to resting comfortably on your armchair by the French windows with a view to your garden. Make sure and leave them open a bit thanks as ofcourse, he will be out every day off on his adventures. 
Not that your company is boring or anything it’s just that it’s in his nature. He is completely at one when he’s outside, under the big open sky and the eagles and hawks and um, okay, sorry he didn’t mean to mention the top predators that he encounters. 
But yes, he just loves trekking over the soft heathers and the time-worn grey moss covered granite by the wolves favourite rocks and the bear’s dens, oh eh, sorry again, he didn’t mean to mention them either, just that he sees a lot of them but he’s a really fast runner and an even better hider, so they never do get to him or manage to find him when he’s utterly exhausted and gasping for breath wedged in between 2 huge boulders on the vidder.

Anyway, you are more than welcome to come along with him, you know, accompany him, maybe even help collect some of that interesting stuff for our dinners. Besides he knows that you are a warrior woman and am really a very competent shield bearer by nature, so in any cases of imminent danger he will just scamper between your legs and you can take care of him and fend off the bears and eagles and wolves and extra big foxes and… Oh, that’s all in your past, and you’re trying to get back to nature now? 
C’mon he doesn’t believe that for a second! Once a warrior woman – always a warrior woman so you just go grab that big round thingy over there, that’ll do well as an improvised shield and he will grab the knapsack and, em on second thoughts, grab that sword too off the wall from your um, sword display, you know just in case. 
What, decoration only, yeah he’s heard that one before, ofcourse it’s not! It was obviously made by a company that only hires shield bearers. You know just cause he’s a hare doesn’t mean that he hasn’t got any knowledge or experience – you would be surprised you know, yes, very, very surprised. C’mon now, grab your weapons, let’s go…

...and now to rustle up some more hares 
much love
and thank you 

Friday, 24 April 2015

keeping TABs

I'm so in love with my life!
and my most ardent heartfelt dream came true and I'm a soldier now? a soldier again! and if you stop by my posts on here you also know that I so love my training!
I train free weights and run most days

and was real happy as the other day I did shrugs on 180kg! yup, I sure did! 
I did 2 sets of 4 decent reps, then back to sets and reps of 8, on 160kg. Not too bad eh? I've only ever done sets and reps on 170kg before, and that was a while ago so that was nice. 
And I did 97 push ups in 2 minutes at the gym the other week! Will be 100 soon! 
Not that I've been keeping tabs though ; )
(*wee update, June - got 105 rather decent ones last week)

I've been noticing that the harder I train the stronger I become. 
and now that I've got my kit I've been getting into my tabbing too

TABbing is British Army speak for Tactical Advance to Battle and is what the Aussie soldiers call forced marching - which is marching over rough ground with minimum kit on + rifle
that's a minimum weight of approximately 15kg+
so I have started my tabbing with a minimum of 12kg but since I don't have any scales and I add extra stuff in my pack like my weights belt and training gear and gym toons (Metallica etc - all that extra heavy metal!) I reckon it must add to another few kilos at least?

Here are the boys from 131 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers doing their tabbing

they are pretty fast eh! 
and they make it look rather effortless!
I've got some way still to go in mine! 

the other morning I got my pack and met my papa and his bestie (is that what you call your good best friends now-a-days?) or is it BFF?
and I tabbed 2miles to meet up with them

They both declined the offer of a speedy walk with me and caught the bus to our RV point instead

I made it in a decent time (under 30minutes), not too bad considering - I still have a way to go though!
and then we all went for a nice relaxed 3miler along the coast

Here I am with my papa's bestie Bill.
Yeah I'm giving him a kiss - he said he would treat me to an ice-cream but refused to carry my bag. Manners eh?

I'm so very very happy!
I am following my heart and doing what I love!

and here's one thing I'd love to be doing - (yeah, those 131 boys again)

how exciting! an assault course!
omg! things like that make my heart beat faster : )

the 131 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers are Army soldiers who have earned their green berets. 
The green beret is given to all those who complete the arduous Royal Marine Commando training.
~they are always looking for new eager recruits, stop by their fb page if that clip made your heart beat faster~

and ofcourse the Royal Marines sell my Drive Safe with Baby Hare Rear View Mirror Charms in their shop, and the ones sold in my etsy shop contributes to them as well

it's nice to give
it's what I do best : )

and aren't they just the most adorable tiny backseat drivers ever?

I've just sent a litter of babies down to them

really chuffed that these wee hares are so adored, I so love making them! totally love them all!

and they are all made from old service cams
I like to reuse and recylce

are you a serving soldier, or marine, and got an old set of current issue cams? all tears and holes welcome
just drop me a line and we can do a deal - Free cute hare for you - Free cams for me
(check out the etsy listing for best ways to get in touch with me)

which one will you choose?
I so love making these wee hares!
I so love writing my stories for my hares!
I so love making cute things!
I so love what I do!

so like I was sayin'
I am totally in love with my life!!

and I'm so excited to think that I will be taking up boxing too! Boxing is big in the Army.
before I joined the Australian Army I used to box. I loved it! And now I have the opportunity to box again

here's one of my fav boys - 50, doing his boxing thing
so love this song!

I have decided that I am happiest with my head in the clouds

but there you go, that's what comes from living on cloud 9!
I have set up residence there and I ain't coming back

gonna get some postcards or prints with this watercolour/sketch I did ages ago
really love the shape of this hare
really love the subdued colours and texture and simplicity of the sketch

was filling my car up the other week at my favourite petrol station (Sainsburys ofcourse!) and I was delighted to see my favourite thing on the pumps - the Army!!
- adverts for the Army!

it's so cool how proactive the British Army are in their recruiting campaigns
I really love that they are so approachable and friendly
my recruitment was as smooth as a dream 
why ofcourse it was!
and as my Corporal said to me the other day - I recruited myself
um true story like!

and being the creative spark that I am, I had to make myself a name tag for my locker 
neat eh?
I put my name underneath it surrounded by little hearts cause I always follow my heart and do what I love

I'm not the only one with my head in the clouds though
that horse behind me and my darling papa is the the biggest horse sculpture in the world

my papa and I went to see the Kelpies a couple weeks ago

we had been up the road at the Falkirk wheel 
it was a really nice day out and we spent some time laughing our heads off at the kiddies who were paying money to get trapped inside a big huge plastic air bubble and be set free on a tiny lochan by the wheel
omg! I have never laughed so much. It was a really fun fun time!

these horses are beautiful and majestic!
this is my favourite one
- with his head in the clouds ofcourse

it's good to be happy
and good to do things that make you happy
and good to dream!
dreaming about all the things you love and want

when I first moved to Australia I stopped taking maths at school as I used to be in tears every night doing my homework
I just could not grasp the contexts at all
it was like language from the planet Zyborg
seriously, looking at all the number stuffs my brain would go into instant shutdown!
all my high school maths schooling came thru my Physics classes as I loved Physics! I could see the practical application of numbers that way, and that made sense to me

but now, I am pleased to say that I am learning maths! yup! I am taking lessons in all that stuff that used to flummox me
so I am taking it slowly, ofcourse
and feeling my way, as I go step by step

this stuff scribbled all over the place is factorisation
oh wow!  

and that working out below was my mis-reading of the equation given
because I thought it had said 
x.sq + 2x + 7 
but it was really an 8 instead of a 2 
x.sq + 8x + 7

oh well, there you go!

...I think I may have gotten it right? maybe not! hmmm?

alrighty, enuff maths for now!

remember, I follow my heart 
and I've got miles to cover and blood, sweat and tears to spill.....