Thursday, 16 April 2009

Baby Rabbit Snowdrop is Welcomed into the World

Please meet Baby Rabbit Snowdrop with the most beautiful blue eyes.

New Baby Rabbit Snowdrop now in my shop. These are soft sculptures and like my baby hares are profile sculptures.
Baby rabbits like to reside by soft cushions and pillows (but for my friends over the pond - that would be pillows and bed pillows!!. Infact I don't know what the cousins call sleeping pillows - is everything a pillow?)
This is my very first baby rabbit, done to my own design.

Baby Rabbit Snowdrop was born when the snowdrops were first opening and her mother named her after them. She was going to be called starry because of her blue eyes, but snowdrop was a nicer name.
And like the delicate flowers they are, little Snowdrop is also a gentle, delicate rabbit.
She spends many hours running amongst the flowers but would never think of trampling on any or nipping the stems in half. Nor would she tear at a leaf in the passing.
When she grows up she would like to have her own garden of snowdrops, to play in, as you are never too old to play.
Snowdrop wants everyone to know that baby rabbits are called kittens.
She is 14cm high / 5.5" , healthy and plump, and just the same size as a weaned baby rabbit and therefore safe to go to her new home.
If you are yearning for a rabbit please consider a plush first, and remember that rabbits live for up to 14 years.
Rabbit rescues have many rabbits available for adoption and they come in all age groups and all have huge hearts filled with love.
If you would like to have Snowdrop as a forever member of your family please visit my etsy shop.


  1. How sweet! Love this little bunny. You are very talented!

  2. Oh my gosh you never cease to make the prettiest things! I wish I had a million dollars - I'd clean you right out of these gorgeous bunnies.
    Great job, I wish you the best of success :)

  3. Thank you Heart of a Cowgirl! The bunny 'made itself' as so many creations do!

    Thanks Meghann! I am hoping the bunnies are popular.

  4. Snowdrop has captured my ♥.

    I already knew that baby rabbits were called kittens. ;)

  5. Welcome Snowdrop, you sound the best baby bun ever, no errant nibbling.

  6. Snowdrop is beautiful! I really like her little paws.

    And we do call everything pillows over here :)

  7. Glad Snowdrop has your heart Maureen!

    Thanks Diana! errant nibbling is easy to do - as you would know with The Spots!

    Thank you Katie! I would find the pillow issue very confusing!

    You are welcome Anne!


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