Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Bouquet for the Spring Bride

Well, um, er, an Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag that will look a lot better than a bouquet!

WILL NEVER wilt, shrivel up and fall off.

Nor leave sap nor plant milk on your hand.

Will not put pollen on your silk.

Nor get tangled up in your train.

Will not fly into a a hundred pieces when wheeked up into the air to the bunch of butterflies eagerly waiting to grab it (note: Arabella requests that you carry a small wild flower posy inside the bag - so that this may be tossed instead, elegantly, ... into the seething throng...).

WILL accompany the bride on her walk up the aisle and give reasurring murmurs on the way.

Will press gently into the bride's side to warm her trembling body.

Will smile calmly at all times through out, even when the bride is crying uncontrollably with happiness.

Will amuse the small flower girls, even the naughtiest one, and keep them from misbehaving and making rude noises.

Will mesmerise the even smaller page boys and nuture in them a love for all animals and the desire to be vets when they grow up.

Will dumbfound the mother-in-law, at last, thank goodness! and put an end to her meddling ways.

Will be the envy and desire of all the future brides, the groom's gay bestman and astonishingly, the old priest himself!

Only One made - in this wedding bell and crimson heart material. Will Arabella complete your wedding??

This beautiful material came from the lovely Felicity's etsy shop http://www.bluewhimsy.etsy.com/

where she has this wonderful felted pin 'I am all in knots over you'


  1. That's definitely way better than a stinkin' bouquet of flowers any day. ;)

  2. I can just imagine the bridesmaids fighting over who gets to catch that! It gets pretty rough even with a bouquet and I know everyone would want Arabella! Lovely bag, and beautiful fabric (Felicity's shop is so great.)

  3. Thank yous Maureen - like Arabella said - flowers only live so long!

    and Katie - thanks! Arabella likes to carry a small wild flower posy to toss to the fray!

  4. Hi, Annette, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, it does seem like there might some regulation regarding the breeding and slaughter of rabbits within the city limits. I will check it out. I LOVE your Arabella bags, I went to your Etsy and marked a bunch as favs and, of course, if I were getting married I would absolutely demand the item here featured.

  5. Thank you Diana!

    glad you posted that pertinent information on your blog about the disturbing person in your area!
    and those unfortunate rabbits.

    An extra bit Thump coming our way!!

    Nice to follow your blog and the 2 long-eared Spots!


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