Thursday, 21 May 2009

11,000 British ex-Battery Hens Needing Forever Homes

Homes needed for 11,000 battery hens by 29th June.
Can you give a featherless, hard-working girl a forever home with love, food and shelter?

Ex-battery hen Lily is now safey living at Little Hen Rescue as a Sponsor Chicken as she is extremely thin and nervous.
If you can't give a chicken a home could you consider sponsoring Lily or one of the other ladies?

but... if you Can - please get in touch with Little Hen Rescue in Norwich. They will be working hard to rescue and rehome every single chicken from the battery farm. They also have some collection points in the UK to get these deserving little beings to their forever homes.

Every chicken that is rescued is bald in places, sometimes nearly all over, and underweight! Some have probems trying to stand, and walk, and they all feel the cold!
Little Hen Rescue will greatly accept jumpers made for their special ladies, to get them thru this transition period.
Every hen will be delighted with their own personal and individual jumper!
What better way to start their new life?

If you are not able to give a hen a loving forever home, but would still like to care for a hen or two and have the facilities and room, then please consider Fostering a hen until a forever home can be found for her.
Some hens have physical and psychological problems and will need constant care and monitoring. Once they have recovered they can then be rehomed for good or they may become resident hens needing sponsorship like Lily above.

If you would like to make a jumper or two, (hens love all the colours under the sun!) then the pattern is below and some more info is to be found on the Hen's Groovy Designer Jacket page

If you can offer a forever home, then hens need a safe and secure hutch and run, proper feed and fresh water. Plus a few medical supplies.

Hens need to be monitored and watched closely to make sure that they are making a full recovery. Many little problems can befall a hen and make hen owners worried to bits, but Little Hen Rescue will gladly give advice and help. The health and safety of their charges is paramount at all times.

Please contact them if you are able to -
help with the actual rescue, or future rescues of the hens,
or if you can offer a home to a girl or two, or three, or ....
or if you can foster a little lady,
or if you can sponsor one of the chickens,
or donate a jumper, or two, or three, or ....
or make a donation

Many thanks for reading and lets hope that every single hen has a long lasting life filled with love, earth to scratch and skies to gaze at.


  1. Oh, gosh those poor girls. We only eat eggs from, and hence support, pasture hens and feel lucky that we have the choice. Maybe I'll make a jumper or two and send them over.........I used to have chickens, they are so smart and personable.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww
    The first picture,
    so pooooooor hens :(
    And chickens are so cute,
    but they have not always a happy live :(
    Very good informativepost ;)

  3. Diana they have homes waiting for over 8,000 of them already - so that is wonderful, just a few more thousand!

    Chickens are indeed very smart, and they are beautiful birds.

    I used to buy only free-range woodland eggs, but I have stopped that too, as I don't feel the need to eat eggs and I am happy to go without, and coming from a company that may only have the bird for a couple of years before they 'replace' her - well, I would rather have my own chicken's eggs!
    (no garden yet!)

    Anya - the chickens are now going to have a safe, love-filled life! Just need the last lot to be placed in homes! Fingers crossed!

  4. Annette, this is a flawless presentation of the Battery hens' plight. I think I may HAVE TO sponsor at least one after reading this.
    Thanks so much for spread the word.

  5. Thanks Pey!
    Little Hen Rescue will be delighted I am sure!

    In the news here the other week they mentioned that sales are falling for battery eggs - thanks goodness!
    Just need to keep spreading the word and vote with your purse/pocket book :)

  6. This is a wonderful write up for the hens. Thank you very much for doing this. I wish I could take in some recued hens. The jumpers are a fab idea, I'll have a go at making some.

  7. thanks Kim, I would love to have some hens. They are on my list for when I get a garden!

    and I see that I can make jumpers for them out of fleeces! I will try too!

  8. Annette, you've done an amazing job putting this post together. There was no way that I could better this so I've made a post on my blog linking to this fabulously written piece.


  9. What a lovely idea - I hope they all find good homes!

  10. These poor chickies, thank you so much for spreading the word to help them, they are so sweet and innocent and do not deserve to suffer, but to live in freedom and sunshine in their lovely jumpers ;)

  11. thanks artangel - me too!

    I agree Michele - I deplore the inhuman / inanimal way that they are treated. Thank goodness so many people care and that changes are happening!

  12. Thanks so much for spreading the word about this, Annette! I hope all the hens find homes.

  13. So do I Katie! Jo is doing a brilliant job at Little Hen Rescue.

  14. Hi Annette
    I've just linked to your post on my blog - such a good cause and i just head to spread the word :o)


  15. oops, i meant 'had', not 'head'. The brain is addled at the time of night!


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