Friday, 27 February 2009

Raffle Tickets Still Available for Arabella Bag

Arabella wants to say that...
the The Buckeye House Rabbit Society in Ohio, America, still have raffle tickets available to win the gorgeous Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag. Arabella asks that if you have not already done so, then please do purchase a raffle ticket or two. At only $1 each they are less than a bunch of organic carrots (99p here actually!).
Here is Wesley with Blue Star White Star before she left to cross the pond for America. Wesley was more interested in eating some grass but he gave her his blessings.

This is my original post on the donated bag with more pictures.

One of the points I made in that posting was never to walk past an animal in distress.

It is easy to say things and sometimes you never get the opportunity to 'do' things. However I did just that - I helped an animal in distress the other day!

As I was driving along a scenic sea road just East of Edinburgh in a rural location I saw something strange up ahead on the opposite side of the road. As I slowed down and drove past I was stunned to see a plastic carton on it's side - and protruding from inside was a standing furry grey body and curved, long bushy tail. It was a squirrel Having A Meal!!! in the middle of the road - and it can be a rather busy road too!

I immediately stopped the car, reversed quickly then put the hazard lights on, got out and rushed over (there were no cars). I said 'hey!' and the squirrel, completely oblivious to anything else, suddenly heard me and pulled it's head out from the yoghurt carton. Well, I have never seen anything so funny for a long time! - the squirrel looked up at me with a cirlce of light pink yoghurt stuck to the fur all around it's face, it was just covered in the stuff !- but as soon as it saw me it darted up and over the stone wall to safety, on it's side of the road.

I picked up the carton and tossed it over so that the squirrel could finish it's meal. It was obviously a very hungry squirrel to be eating in the middle of a main road. Unfortunately in Scotland, unlike in Australia where I grew up, people throw litter and rubbish from their cars all over the place and the verges are full of plastics and bags and wrappings, it's a real pity. I have never seen such disrespect for a country, and Scotland is a particularly beautiful country!

So I hope the squirrel got to finish it's meal!

I just want to add that I recycle every single, minute item that can be recycled - including staples!!! however, throwing the carton over the wall for the squirrel was the right move! (The carton will be there next week, licked clean and still able to be recycled). I then proceeded to cover the spattered yoghurt on the road with dirt so that no more hungry animals would be risking their lives.
How thankful I was to have saved the squirrel - as I was doing all this at least five cars passed by.

Thank you for considering buying a ticket (or two) for the raffle. Every single dollar will make a big difference to a small life.

and a HUGE thanks to the generous people who have already purchased a ticket!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Thank You Little Studio Jewels!

I want to thank Meghann from etsy shop Little Studio Jewels for having a blog giveaway. I was delighted to receive in the post, from Canada, a fat envelope with this rich image of bleeding hearts. Here is Baby Swan Leba having a good look - and infact, two Baby Hares are checking it out aswell! There was also a wonderful small certficate of authenticity with the photo - what a superb touch! and two business cards as well!
The gorgeous dragonfly card is also receiving admiring glances. It was also included and had a delightful handwritten message. How was Meghann to know that I just adore dragonflies!

Thank You so much!

Megahnn has a blog so pop on over to see her work and thoughts - and ofcourse pics of Arwen her beautiful dog! and just now she is having a blog give away - good luck!

This is a clearer picture of the beautiful photo I received. You can purchase this here. It is an evocative image and would be splendid on show, framed next to family photos of your loved ones.

and it is not only photos that Little Studio Jewels offers - look at this - beautiful necklace - it would be brilliant on a black evening dress, taking in a movie. The deep red beads would not distract from the sparkly centre piece leaf, but would lend themselves perfectly in drawing attention down towards it. Just stunning - and very affordable. This is available now in Meghann's shop.

and this is also striking - A gorgeous photo of tulips is for sale at Little Studio Jewels here. The deep, vibrant blues and bright, rich fuschias make this an exquisite photo. It would look perfect anywhere - but I would stand it framed a console table in the hallway with a couple of pieces of Herend animals, a tiny mouse one in pink , and a regal rabbit one in blue.

All of these beautiful items can be found in Meghann's online etsy shop Little Studio Jewels

Please stop by and keep in mind that Meghann donates 10% of all sales to specific charities every month! Very generous and very worthy, especially considering the economic times we are in where donations matter ever so much.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

FREE Shipping for Baby Hares and 20% Donated to RNGP charity on Spay Day 24th Feb

Every year over 4 million animals in the USA alone are euthanased.
Because irresponsible pet owners let their pets breed then abandon them - rescues take them in - and can't find homes for them all - so they put them down.
This problem is not just in the USA - it is worldwide!

The Humane Society of the US are raising awareness about responsible pet care and the importance of spaying. February 24th is SPAY DAY

Members of the Etsy For Animals team are joining in to raise funds on that day - worldwide - to donate to their individual animal charities to help with the costs of spaying and highlighting it's importance.

I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all my Baby Hares in my etsy shop and DONATING 20% from each Baby Hare to the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare rescue in Rugby, England, UK.
This is the rescue that I adopted Wesley, my white lop rabbit from. He was abandoned as a youngster, and found covered in blood and urine on a disused railway line. It has taken nearly two years for him to trust again because of the abuse and neglect that he suffered.

Please have a look at my little hares and see if a soft sculpture would fit perfectly into your life. Below are a few who wanted to say hi, and to thank you for your interest!

Star loves to sew and stitch all day. She collects pebbles, twigs and feathers to add into her creations. Soon she will start selling them all. Would you like to adopt her?
Ekaterina likes to tell happy stories to her best friend Ven the fawn. They play all day and snooze happily together. Does she melt your heart?
Kuro is already a fluent Japanese linguist and has had work experience already with the UN on their 'Small Mammals and Far Eastern Languages' programme. Is he the one for you?

Daisy is looking for her forever home. She just adores the wild flowers and rises very early to see then awaken. Is she the hare for you?

Other sellers participating are :-

please stop by their shops for some great deals and with funds going directly to the places that need it.

As animal care givers we all have the responsibility not to bring into this world little beings that will have a less than successful chance at a rich and full life. Please get your fur friend spayed.

Do not purchase animals from pet shops - they see animals as disposable, many of the animals are unwell and far too young to be sold and none of them will be spayed!!!!!

Please purchase pet foods and products from responsible stores / animal feed stores that do not sell animals.

and remember that if you are looking to enlarge your family please visit your local rescue centre to consider adopting one of their very deserving charges.
Many thanks !

Monday, 16 February 2009

Thank You for Helping the Australian Animal Bush Fire Survivors

I have gladly donated all proceeds from the sale of 2 handmade cards to help Wildlife Victoria in Australia help rescue, care for and feed the animals in these devestating fires.

This is a heartwarming photo of Sam, a female koala who received burns on her feet in these fires. She is being attended to by David Tree - truly a wonderful person to care for her. The picture is by Mark Pardew.
Also helping raise funds are two generous etsy sellers - Peylu and MarlaJDesigns. Other etsy sellers have also already kindly donated funds to Wildlife Victoria - thank you!

This print of Lily - a clay on canvas wonderfully textural work of art -by Pey from her shop peylu is donating all proceeds to help the Ausse animals. She has a large selection of beautiful work in her shop.

and Marla from MarlaJDesigns is donating the proceeds from the sale of this gorgeous fascinator to help the animals. Please visit her shop to see many more beautiful accessories

Sam is a female koala and was spotted by volunteer fire fighter David Tree. He pulled his truck over and made his way thru the burnt out bush to rescue her and give her water. There is a video of this encounter, made particularly poignant when she turns towards him and places one of her hands on his as she drinks from the water bottle.

Sam at the Southern Ash Wildlife Centre in Rawson, Victoria. Photo is by Rebecca Michael.

Another photo of Sam being treated by Colleen Wood at the shelter. The photo is by Rebecca Michael.

This is a possum with foot burns, thanksfully being treated. Photo supplied from the Healesville Sanctuary.

Help Animals in the Australian Bushfires by supporting Wildlife Victoria

Steve from there said
“We have at this stage lost 6 Wildlife Shelters to these devastating fires. We are doing what we can to get these shelters up and going as soon as we can.

Wildlife Victoria volunteers have already rescued 100s of animals from the fire grounds with more being saved every day, and taken into care.

We are also doing food drops for animals we can't find or reach.

One koala in care costs aound $400 per week and rehabilitation can take many months before the koala can be successfully released back to its natural habitat.

Your donation will make a huge difference to our capacity to get resources on the ground quickly and save as many animals' lives as humanly possible.”

I know many people who have already donated and want to thank them for being so generous in this time of need and sadness.
(If I have not credited any pictures properly then I apologise in advance and hope you don't mind them being used here)

Thank you also for taking the time to look at the Arabella Rabbit Bag I have donated to the The Buckeye House Rabbit Society to be raffled in their Spring Raffle. Tickets are only $1 and with paypal tickets for amounts of $10 with all proceeds going directly to the rabbits.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Baby Hare Fergus in glossy coffee / art magazine Instant

Isn't this super!!!
Today I collected the latest issue of Instant magazine and was so delighted to see my soft sculpture Baby Hare Fergus featured prominently on page 19. I stared at the picture for ages (and ages and ages! and still am!). Fergus is waiting patiently to go to his forever home and is in my etsy shop just now. When I came home....
.....Fergus rushed straight over to the magazine and had a browse thru the articles, infact we looked at every page together! Fergus was delighted to be included and being a small budding astronomer was on the look out for bright stars. When I pointed out to him that he was the brightest star there - he was just so chuffed! (and so was I!) Instant is a Free glossy magazine that circulates in numerous Edinburgh coffee shops, art galleries, cafe bars, hotels and even Edinburgh Castle!

A big thank you to Ian Sclater the editor of Instant for kindly including little Fergus - who looks happily at home between a pink TV bag (!?) and Joanna Lumley dressed in iconic Jean Muir which is being artfully exhibited just now in the National Museum of Scotland. (It's a wonderful tribute, I spent a lovely afternoon appreciating her work).
THANK YOU from Fergus and me !!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Introducing my new Baby Swans

A fragile Baby Swan, just the right size to fit in your hand with big bright eyes, fluffy faux fur downy chest, long thin swan neck, delicate orange beak and small peeping noises!( The small peeping noises are courtesy the tiny voice inside your head!)
Three delightful new Baby Swans soon to grace my etsy shop. We have a nest egg watcher, a feather collector and a young ballerina! They have positionable necks and big fluffy ruffled bums.

here is Baby Swan Leba in pink and Baby Swan Odette in blue. Their chest fluff is clearly visible and won't moult until their adult feathers start to grow in.

and this is the rump of Leba, made from beautiful rich lightest pink velvet ribbon from Norway. She has tiny pink birds on her body and her chest fluff is visible.

and this is Baby Swan Isabella. Her rump is made from Peter Rabbit selvedge.

They will be in my shop soon.
and don't forget to read my posts below about the Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag I have donated to the Buckeye House Rabbit Society to raise funds for their homeless rabbits in their spring raffle. Tickets are only $1