Tuesday, 31 March 2009

4 Days Left & $50 in Vouchers

Only 4 days left until the Draw to see who will be winning the Blue Star White Star Arabella Art-Accessort Rabbit Bag that I donated to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society.

Don't have your ticket yet?

No problem - click here to go to their site to purchase with PayPal.

Minimum purchase is 10 tickets. Good luck!

The Draw will take place this Sunday the 5th April.

As a thank you for the amazing support I have received from so many wonderful folks -
I am giving 5 x $10 vouchers to Herta to give to 5 lucky winners.
Herta will be drawing the names on Sunday.

The $10 voucher can be used towards any item in my dragonhouseofyuen etsy shop, either as a full payment or part payment and including postage.

The small print says that the vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and no change may be given. The vouchers are valid for 1 full year, until 5th April 2010.

Thank you and good luck!

and Baby Hare Dasha says :-

"Remember this Easter - make your rabbit purchases Etsy.com or Chocolate only"

Sunday, 29 March 2009

WIN my Bag!! (help rabbits too)

Only a few days left to win this gorgeous bag - Arabella Blue Star White Star. Pictured here saying goodbye to my rescue rabbit Wesley before she left Scotland for America.

Click on this link to go to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society to use their PayPal to buy your raffle tickets.

Tickets are $1 each with a minimum of $10 with PayPal. Every penny is going direct to helping the rabbits as they wait patiently for their forever homes.

Want to meet some of these deserving bunnies?? Read my blog post about them here.
and NEW in my Dragon House of Yuen etsy shop is the Arabella Art-Accessory Clutch/Occasional Shoulder Bag.

Featuring beautiful Mule Deer in the foreground and White-Tailed deer running in the background. This clutch comes comes with a daisy-chain ribbon strap that discretely tucks away inside the bag and when needed can be used over the shoulder or across the body.

Unlike my usual Arabella Bags this clutch does not have a bottom gusset and therefore is not free-standing. Arabella likes to be displayed on a shelf indoors so that she may receive many admiring glances and endless compliments. Just like a real rabbit!! (Arabella approves!)

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Interview - Meet Rebecca - Rabbit Educator and Special-Needs Carer

Rebecca is the Buckeye House Rabbit Society's volunteer Graphic Artist/Illustrator for their semi annual newsletter. She is also a licensed educator and emergency fosterer for the Miami House Rabbit Society (HRS). She has her own adopted family of rescued special needs buns.

I asked Rebecca a few questions about being a fosterer and an educator. It was enlightening to read her answers.

How did you first become interested in fostering rabbits?

It was something that I always wanted to do but never really had the chance to do yet.
My husband is in the army so we moved shortly after I almost started being a Satellite Foster for the Ohio Buckeye HRS 4-5 years back. I always ended up taking in rabbits that were rescues but also special needs (they would probably not have found homes in most cases anyway, being chronically sick) so that I really didn’t have the time, space or money to take in additional rabbits just for fostering since we lived in an apartment then. Since we moved into a house 3 months ago I now have my foster license and am able to foster for the Miami HRS in case they get swamped and need an additional place to foster. I fostered an injured rabbit for my work (vet office) for a short period of time.

Penny, a very intelligent doe, playing with her wooden 'foraging' game. What a beautiful rabbit she is!

You have your own special needs rabbits? What kinds of special needs are they?

I have four former rescues that I adopted, one of them was just a bit malnourished and needed to be nursed back to a regular weight, the other three have chronic issues.

Aimee Sue, 2yrs. for example, has severe ear infection issues that require intense after care and upkeep (she also had a lateral ear canal ear surgery since she had a severe blood and pus filled ear when I adopted her … the people who found her pregnant mother were nice enough to keep her mother and brother but could not keep all of her siblings; so I took her).

Rocky, (5 yrs?... he was homeless so I am not too sure of the proper age of most of my rabbits) battled Pasteurella twice and is Pastuerella free now for almost two years besides a short Pseudomonas flare up since he has Chronic Upper Respiratory Issues (URI). We used to go to the vet on monthly basis for all kinds of lab work, medication changes, etc. for the last three years with the result that he is now basically resistant against everything. Though now we pay main focus on keeping up his immune system and his environment stress/dust free and he seems to be steadier then ever (he also had an abscess removed two months ago).

Then we have Penny who is 8 yrs. and she has chronic eye issues (clogged tear ducts). Since I had many special needs rabbits before the ones that I currently have I am grateful that I am only dealing with issues that require upkeep and attention to details.

Does a healthy rabbit just turn into a ‘special needs’ rabbit? And if so, why?

They could - and there could be many factors for it. There would be a thousand examples to name I bet, but I will only come up with two (again, those are cases that COULD turn a rabbit into a special needs rabbit but don’t necessary have to):

A rabbit breaks a hind leg, the leg needs to be amputated and the rabbit gets a case of early set arthritis on the remaining and only hind leg that has to now carry all the weight (being now special needs as needing pain meds and maybe having issues like soiling itself, not using the potty right, etc.),

or a rabbit is sneezing but the owner thinks it’s just a common cold and with warmth, and a supplement that was bought from a local petstore everything will turn to normal after awhile. BUT after MONTHS the sneezing got worse, the Bunnie’s nose is now displaying thick discharge and the front paws are crusty from wiping. So in some cases when treating URI’s is dragged out too far, maybe with additionally the wrong litter or maybe even irritating chemicals that are being used around the house, Upper Respiratory Infections CAN soon turn into something very serious, expensive and chronic.

And then there are the URI cases where a well cared for pet gets sick (out of nowhere) with a serious Bacteria infection that is difficult to treat and that turns into something chronic. Such a Bacteria Infection could happen due to a low immune system due to stress or other compromising factors though it is generally hard to tell.

Have the rabbits you’ve looked after had any psychological problems when you first receive them?

Yes, two definitely had! One was extremely cage aggressive but overcame it. He must have been abused. He was maybe only 8 months but was in such a bad shape that when we looked at him and saw that he was quite sick we just wanted to take him home. The rescue was very full at the time and they asked me by email if I wanted to take a look at him since they were not really able to take him (it was years back though and we sadly lost him due to a VERY bad case of Malocclusion just a half year later after nursing him back to health, sad story).

The other example is Rocky my Dutch mix who was a rescue that was brought back from possible adopters multiple times (He never seemed to work out as a second rabbit, getting along with nobody) and it must have left a mark because he is a “defense– biter”. It’s like he seems to be scared to get bitten so he just bites first to scare other rabbits away without any warning signs as regular rabbits would show.

Though he likes attention and learned to like to be petted. His one and only mate that he ever had taught him to…they were up for adoption in cages next to each other for the longest time with her liking every bunny and him hating every bunny, I adopted him as companion for my then rabbit that lost her mate (the malocclusion rescue) and was grieving but surely he didn’t work out and I didn’t dare bring him back after all he had been through being returned. So after his next door cage mate fell ill I took her home since she hadn't been adopted in months (not being litter trained) and was not going to be adopted by having a snotty nose either and I was convinced that she needed proper care at home and not at a facility where resources are scarce anyway.

She ended up being chronic and just when things gotten a turn for the better her kidneys failed. That was when Rocky started to get sick. I suppose that the loss of his one and only mate must have had a much bigger impact on him stress wise (possibly wearing his immune system down and making him susceptible to the Bacteria) than he showed towards us.

Aimee Sue, being very shy, inside her tent. Rabbits love privacy - but Aimee Sue also didn't like getting her infected ear touched.

Do you foster the buns to be purely house rabbits?

Yes, that is what the HRS does (I don’t foster at the time though I am licensed in case I am needed), but my mentor fosterers know more about fostering than me - they have been doing it for years. (Annette says - Hopefully I will be interviewing these fosterers when they get a spare minute or two).

As an Educator can you tell me who generally asks for information?

Sadly it is mainly the group of people that wants to easily “dispose” of their rabbit without having to worry about it (the reasons are often quite sad and no, they don’t want advice or solutions).

I wished I would get more general health and care inquiries!

Are there any specific questions that most people ask?

I am moving, can you take my rabbit?
I bought a rabbit for my granddaughter but she is going to college now and I can’t take care of the thing - don’t you take care of rabbits?

Do you think there is a lack of knowledge about certain aspects of (keeping) rabbits – based on the type of advice that you give out?

Definitely. Rabbits are NO Easter Novelty. They are a 10- 12 yr. commitment (in some cases longer).

They are companion pets just as much as cats and dogs and should be treated with the same respect and compassion as such.
They are living beings that require a lot of care and commitment and they are not cheap either.

The best advice is to go to: http://www.rabbit.org/
and just browse BEFORE getting a Rabbit FIRST to make sure it really is the right pet!

And has this lack contributed to rabbits being ‘dumped’?

Yes. Some people really think rabbits live as long as for example, a Hamster (2-3 yrs.).
They are not aware that rabbits need physical and mental exercise and that a too small cage set (as mainly sold at pet stores) can lead to cage aggression. They don’t know that rabbits should get spayed and neutered and that they are not cuddly children’s pets that love to be carried around.

And then there is the always present yearly Easter Rabbit frenzy that just wears off too soon when the whole commitment thing kicks in.

Rocky and his then-mate Cayenne, relaxing happily together. This is rabbit love!
What would you like to do, so that more people know more information about rabbits?
(Should there be talks in schools, for example, to make children aware about rabbits? Or should people be discouraged from purchasing ‘disposable’ pets from pet shops? – and more free ads / editorials put in local papers about rescues taking in rabbits?)

I think the “Make mine Chocolate”- campaign is great!
Or just get a stuffed toy rabbit.

I think there should be more education out there, but I think the ones that need educating first should be the parents/grandparents since they are the ones in charge of the Rabbit purchase/ care and vet bills.
You can’t expect a child to fully care and be in charge of a living being, calling the vet for appointments and paying the bills.
So I think it’s the adults that need to know beforehand what they need to expect and whether they want to invest the additional time/ money and care to share this future family member with their child.

To become an Educator what type of learning or training did you do?

Mainly life experience (19 years), plus the HRS knew me and I was a member also.

I know life experience is a great teacher, what have you found invaluable whilst working with rabbits?

I could tell you too many stories about this one but I think it’s important to remember that Rabbits like People are individuals; they have moods, emotions and small personalities.
So I always did best by treating a Rabbit as the individual it is, not the “supposed to be behaving like this and that”.

And what would be the most important things a rescue rabbit must have in their new life?

Lots of attention, love and care and of course the right housing set up (but that is a matter of proper research on the links above ;P ).

Is there anything that you would like to mention?

There is not such a thing as an “impossible” rabbit that is worth dumping because he/she just does not “act right”. Often Rabbits act off because of certain issues and it’s often up to us to do our kind of “investigation” work to find out since they can’t talk -or better- yell at us if they are not happy.
So I would say: Never give up on your Rabbit, the most difficult rabbits in my life were often the most smart and beloved ones I had at the end … it just takes a bit sometime for us to really “hear” them.

Thank You very much Rebecca for sharing your experience and advice !
If you are thinking of adding a rabbit to your family then remember that rabbits can live for 14 years, their medical expenses are as high as dogs and cats and females rabbits Must be spayed to prevent uterine cancer.
If you are still interested (a true bunny lover eh?) then local rescue centres are filled with rabbits looking for safe indoor homes and the love you receive will be endless.
and remember Chocolate bunnies are for Easter and soft toys are for children :)
(I have plenty of soft sculptures in my etsy shop if your kiddie is 'wanting' a bunny).

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rabbits can wear Kilts Too!

Kilts are for anyone! - dogs, risque cats and opinionated rabbits.

Ofcourse, they can choose exactly what they would like to wear under their kilt! (and we won't even begin to go there...)

My latest Arabella Art-Accessory Bag has been carefully made with a real Scottish wool kilt and has a leather strap and buckle - the part used to hold the kilt up! and the obligatory kilt pin - for attatching a bunch of rare white heather when you are cavorting in the hills (and not for holding the kilt up when the strap breaks!)
Isn't Arabella looking grand with her white frilly cotton neck ruffle and little buttons.

She is waiting patiently for someone to invite her onto the dance floor for a quick birl as the bagpipes skirl noisily away at ceilidth (pronounced kay-lee) time.

Infact, she has even witnessed a few happy Scottish revellers dance ON the tables, not because the dance floor is packed, but because the whisky and bagpipes combination does that to one!

Arabella just loves her kilt, mind you it is not her specific tartan this time (she is a Robertson herself, way, way back) but she just loves the dusky blues, and one is allowed to borrow other tartans when desired.
This side has a fleece ruffle with some more little buttons. No idea what the ruffles were originally for? Disguising soup spills at dinner? But she does look very pretty indeed!
Arabella in her kilt is looking for a forever home and in my etsy shop here.
Also - this is the LAST WEEK to purchase tickets to win my Arabella Bag Blue Star White Star in the Buckeye House Rabbit Society's raffle.
Tickets are only $1 and PayPal purchases are $10 minimum. Please visit Buckeye to purchase via PayPal
All monies raised are benefitting their homeless rabbits - and if you are looking to adopt a house rabbit then see the post below with many deserving little charges - waiting patiently!
Thank you!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Why Do I Support The Buckeye House Rabbit Society?

When I joined etsy in December 2007 and began to list my items for sale I came across a team I wanted to join - it was Etsy For Animals. I was delighted to be part of this international organisation, made up of single artists and crafters across the globe who all gave in their own way, (money, time, fostering, rescuing) to all types of animals everywhere!

Every month an animal charity was nominated to receive collective profits from the artist's sales and early last year it happened to be The Buckeye House Rabbit Society. I visited their website, (since I love rabbits!) and I searched around and came to the special needs bunnies - the ones with problems, psychological or physical, who would have a very hard time being adopted out.
In most cases visitors just overlook these types of rabbits, and I know from my own experience that it is purely because of inexperience in handling special rabbits.

Many years ago my fiance and I were very lucky to adopt a rescue rabbit, Zai, who had been badly mistreated. He had a very sensitive digestive system and very low immune system. This led us on discovery after discovery to help Zai and to make the bad days not so bad. We were blessed to have Zai in our lives and now we have a soft spot for 'those other bunnies'.

I came across the pictures of Malcolm and immediately felt a lump in my throat - he looked so like my Zai! A little orange coloured lop rabbit with a caring and beautiful face, and with a few 'problems'. Malcolm had deformed back legs that were still in use, he could jump around and hop but needed weekly baths. Zai had intermittent diahorreah and sometimes daily baths! so immediately I felt for Malcolm.

Malcolm also had ear problems because he couldn't keep them clean due to his deformed legs. In the sanctuary he was put on a programme of regular ear flushings and medications to prevent future infections. Due to his problems he was the first rabbit at Buckeye to be made a sanctuary rabbit.

Malcolm lived for approx 5 years. His favourite food was cilantro and he enjoyed pressing his head flat on the ground to receive pats - anyone who has a house-rabbit will know exactly what I mean!

Malcolm is no longer here, but he was loved deeply, and in the words of his fosterers 'The day you came to our home, our lives changed for the better. You showed us that adversity could be overcome with a little patience and a lot of caring.' There are other rabbits who cannot be adopted out due to their special circumstances and will stay at the Society in their Sanctuary.

It is with this heartfelt story of the very brave Malcolm that I decided to support The Buckeye House Rabbit Society, 3650 miles away (as the long distance crow flies), in memory of my own special needs rescue rabbit Zai.

When the tears finally dried on my cheeks, after reading his story, I emailed Herta at Buckeye and asked if she would be happy to let her members know about my charitable pledging on the sale of my rabbit bags. If I could give a little perhaps I could help a lot?
Herta was delighted that I could help out, and I was extremely touched that she was so generous with her time and publicity, especially considering that I was a continent away! I have been very happy in helping the rabbits at Buckeye whenever I can, and late last year I asked Herta if she could use one of the rabbit bags that I make to help raise funds for their buns. Herta said the bag could come in handy for their Spring raffle.
I know that with the funds raised many, many deserving rabbits will have a life of love, quality and happiness.
Here is Tinkerbell a very happily Buckeye adopted bun - and has another companion rabbit to keep her company, as well as a very large soft toy to snuggle up to! (or chew on!)
Here are some deserving rabbits currently looking for forever homes, and waiting patiently for you - could one (or two) of these amazing bunnies be your forever friend?

Maggie is a very friendly bunny and loves to follow you all over the place! Now that's devotion! She also loves to stand up on her hind feet to receive belly rubs - only very trusting rabbits do that! Here she is playing inside her Bunny's Magic Dream Cottage - could your own cottage be the forever home for her?

Kelby is a petite and sweet young lady, she loves running in her cardboard tunnel and tossing her plastic keys around! Days after being found in woods last September she gave birth to 4 babies. Now she is looking for her forever home. You can see how gorgeous she is!

Jongee's bite wound on his back has now finally healed and he is ready to find his forever home. He has a calm and pleasant temperament and would love to give and receive unconditional love - just look at that beautiful pink nose! What a gentle rabbit.

Lucy is a mini-rex with grey and white velvet fur. She was born in spring 2006 and is just turning into a fine young lady. What a very beautiful doe she is, she loves her food and is good in the kitty litter!

Kitty Kat is looking for a forever home. She is a good eater and excellent in the kitty litter. She is a little on the quiet side although very friendly. Look at her single beautiful white paw! What a lovely bunny she is.

Mr Bun welcomes Miss Bonnie and Miss Buttons. Two very happily adopted youngsters!

Mr Bun with Miss Bonnie and Miss Buttons - in their forever home.
Do you live in Ohio, USA? Could you offer a loving and safe forever home to a needy lagomorph?

If so - then contact them today and make a world of difference happen to a tiny little world (or two).

Giving plays such an important part in my life and I am grateful to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause as The Buckeye House Rabbit Society thru the sale of my Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bags.
There are so many dedicated and hard working people who give constantly to help the animals and it is wonderful to be part of this great team.
I was so fortunate to have had Zai in my life, he is helping me help other bunnies in need.

Thank you to all the wonderful, wonderful people for purchasing raffle tickets to win the bag that I donated. The Buckeye House Rabbit Society take paypal payments for non US folks. Only a week and a bit left to purchase tickets.
Every dollar spent will be used to help their rabbits!
Thank you so much!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Purchase Your Raffle Tickets for Buckeye HERE with PayPal

Only a couple of weeks left to be WIN this super cute Arabella Blue Star White Star Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag!!

Modelled on my very own rescue rabbit Arabella, who was locked in a cage for 2 years and had no name. Gladly she made her way to a rescue, and Zai my first rescue rabbit chose her by licking her on the nose!

This bag is handmade and made with love :)

Herta from Buckeye wanted to let all the wonderful people know that you can now pay for your rafffle tickets via this blog.

There has been a couple of problems with the Buckeye website, and the draw is getting nearer, so I thank you all for your interest in the bag I have donated and for purchasing tickets!!

Donate On-Line with your PayPal account or credit card

To send help for a homeless rabbit the quickest way possible, click on the PayPal logo below. You'll be asked to register with PayPal if you aren't already, and then you will be able to send your donation directly to the Buckeye House Rabbit Society.

1. Log In (or register, if you are not already a PayPal user)

2. Click on "Send Money"

3. For "To", enter

(sorry - I am not a very good 'blogger' and I can't get the paypal email address above to be just a piece of text! If you have trouble then just type it in the paypal 'To' section)
4. For "Amount", choose USD

5. For "Send money for," choose Services/Other

6. On the page for "Review your payment and send," scroll down to "Payment Method" and choose PayPal Balance or eCheck (e.g. to use a charge card)

7. On the same page, scroll down to "Email to recipient" and add a Message if you wish your donation to go to a specific cause or specific rabbit (e.g. a Sanctuary Rabbit), or if you are buying raffle tickets ($10 worth or more, please)
This service has proven to be secure, reliable, and convenient. If you have any cause for concern, don't hesitate to email us at

If you prefer, please use the honorable snail instead to reach us by 31st March.

Mail your donation to the
Buckeye House Rabbit Society,
P.O. Box 5767,
OH 45701

(check payable to "Buckeye House Rabbit Society").

All donations are tax-deductible.

Please have a look at this article on the donated bag for more details.
Good luck with your Raffle Tickets! and thank you very much for supporting the rabbits, from my own Arabella and me!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Little Plump Bird with Eggs

Some new additions to my shop (soon). Some with familys on the way, one like a small king and one with a fluffy bum. Does everyone love birds like I do? (after rabbits, hares and deer!)
Here is a lovely plump mother standing over her single precious blue and turquoise egg. She spent a long time gathering the materials for the nest - the earl grey tea bag shreds - and had asked me to pour the tea leaves (dust!) from the bag into an infuser so that she may use the bag new! Which I gladly did! after all, I would like to see her baby too.

This mother has 2 beautiful jet black eggs on a nest of more earl grey tea bag bits. Won't be long before they hatch into fluffy little blue, white and yellow birds.

This plump bird is in my etsy shop now - and has an elegant fluffy tail.

This bird has an amazing crest of feathers - rather like an opulent crown!
They will all be in my shop soon.

Don't forget to buy raffle tickets form The Buckeye House Rabbit Society for a chance to win my Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag that I donated to them. Only a couple of weeks left.

They take payapl and if you are in America they accept cheques.

Please send cheques to
Buckeye HRS
P.O. Box 5767
OHIO 45701
thank you

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Deer Brooch New in my Shop!

I have a couple of new brooches going into my shop! Deer!

This one is in already. Seen here standing next to my Arabella and White Tail Deer applique bag.

I just love deer, they are so elegant and graceful with such handsome features! This is a slightly padded applique brooch and would look wonderful on a jumper or scarf or bag - or the strap of you shoulder bag!

Close up you can see the sparkly earring added to the hind quarters. It catches the light beautifully.

This brooch will be going into my shop shortly. Lots of white faux fur, real pearls and sparkly bits!
I love deer and have a small collection of all sorts of them including the ones below.

Here are my 3 Jeol animals. At the front is a Waterbuck - in real life they are stunning and very beautiful antelopes. This one here has very long horns. The white crescent can be seen on his rump. This is a stunning little model!
Behind are 2 Jeol zebra. They are both in very good condition for their age. Most Jeol animals are around 30 years old and they were made in Hong Kong using good quality heavy plastic. The paint detailing was accurate and well applied. All scale is 1/32nd.
These are wonderful collectors items! and part of my small plastic animal collection that I refer to for inspiration.

The waterbuck is at the back. To the front is a Cherilea antelope. I have created a new species of antelope here - hence the unusual markings!

The white tail from the front, made in China - but looking superb after a careful paint restoration. Behind are 2 Britains red deer, minus their antlers - rutting season has finished!

back of the White Tail deer and the 2 red deer. I have improvised a bit with the markings on the white tail!
and finally 2 Britains Eland antelope to the back and 2 smaller orangy coloured ones made in China at the front. I have restored them all. Eland are majestic antelope and very beautiful indeed! They are also the largest antelope in the world.

Wondering about the difference bewteen deer and antelope?
Deer shed their antlers every year and antelope have horns which are from hairy matter. Horns are never shed but with the animal for life.

Don't forget to get your raffle ticket for the Arabella Bag that I donated to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society - only $1 - good luck!!

Link at the top of this page on the rabbit bag at the right!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

SALE 20% off all BABY HARES

The baby hares are now on sale with 20% off . They were $25 but are now $20. All prices have been reduced already in my etsy shop.
All baby hares come beautifully gift wrapped with their little stories on a small card tag and I put in a Free baby hare handmade card and baby hare handmade gift tag.
Just ready for Giving or Keeping!!

This is Baby Hare Phyrr. He is best friends with a young bullfinch and they play games all day long. For sale here.
This is Baby Hare Uffy. He loves exploring and he is one of the fastest runners. For sale here.

This is Baby Hare Flurry. He wants to be the first hare to reach the North Pole and Ice Station Zebra is his favourite book. For sale here.

This is Baby Hare Dieter. He is an avid explorer and was saved in a marsh by Heron Small - now his best friend. For sale here.

This is Baby Hare Zip. He is best friends with Heski the baby heron. For sale here.

There is still time to purchase a raffle ticket to win the Arabella Bag that I have donated to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society.
Tickets are $1 and payapl is accepted.

Arabella is raising funds for their homeless rabbits and she hopes that all the rabbits finds loving and safe forever homes.

The bag can be sen at the top right of this blog and visiting this earlier post.

Thank you!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Perfect Birthday card for that Grey Haired 'oldie'

Do you know someone who is Over the Hill? or Past It? or Getting On?
or someone who spends a lot of time pulling out platinum coloured hairs from their head on their birthday month?

If so - then this is the perfect card for them!

It features a cut-out grey hare for every year of their life! This card here has 41 of the furries!! (gosh!). Just as well all the hares get on and there are no disagreements.

Inside each page is filled with hares. They have pencilled in fur markings and some of them have faint numbers, just visible. Especially the last hare - where the number is most visible, lest the birthday person thinks they are trying to kid someone.

This card will be made to order for each lucky recipient because I will have to cut out each hare for every year! The card size that you see here will only be suitable for fogies up to 65, after that I have to extend it with another section to fit on more hares!

Order yours now from my etsy shop. For those fortunate to be under 65 it costs $8 and those over will have to fork out another $3. (Those hares take up a lot of card!) This card is made by me, by hand and is my design and artwork.

Available now in my etsy shop.

Don't forget to buy a raffle ticket (or two) to win the beautiful Arabella Art-Accessory Bag to the right, here.

All proceeds will be used by The Buckeye House Rabbit Society to care for their rescued rabbits as they wait patiently for their forever homes.

Thank you.