Wednesday, 27 January 2010

One World One Heart - my GiveAway!

I am delighted to take part in a worldwide blogging event called One World One Heart which was the brainchild of Lisa from A Whimsical Bohemian 4 years ago.

It is a giveaway to encourage bloggers to meet others and to win prizes at the same time!

.... and my Give Away is .....
Looking for Love - Look No More
Watercolour Collage with Mandarin Ducks

just in time for Valentines Day!
a very auspicious mixed media original collage by me, just for those looking for love and for those celebrating their love.

I will draw a winner at midnight on February the 15th from all the comments left on this post. Names will be written on scraps of paper and drawn from my golden fish. Please make sure to leave a way I can contact you.

I live in Scotland and spend alot of my time raising awareness about the plight of rescue rabbits. I am also the volunteer Business Development Manager for the Hare Preservation Trust. Rabbits are hares are integral to my being.
I have been making art of all kinds for as long as I can remember and I first made this collage for myself. I decided and chose the best images with which to compile my love luck painting. It is a highly symbolic piece of art and when coupled with good intent will enhance your chances of love luck and relationship success.
a little bit about this collage ....
This is an original piece of mixed media / collage art and the watercolour of the ducks is a printed image that has been hand finished in black ink.
This is a highly symbolic piece of art which will enhance your chances of love luck and relationship success. The mandarin ducks represent partners for life and fidelity. In Chinese tradition they are highly respected for symbols of a happy marriage. The Chinese character behind is called ‘double hey’ and is the character for double blessings and happiness. This is displayed prominently at all traditional Chinese weddings. Lastly the mountain is representative of the Feng Shui element of Big Earth, which is located in the south-west corner of one’s abode and stands for relationships.
A strong relationship has a large base, fidelity and love and happiness and like the mandarin duck will be paired for life.
When this image is displayed next to your bed or in the south west area of the living room it will generate good luck chi. If you are looking for that special someone to come into your life then be mindful of the art that you have on show in your house.
This lucky collage will be a reminder to you to think of long term happiness in a solid relationship. If you are with someone already then hopefully by displaying this image you will be mindful to concentrate on your relationship.
The mandarin ducks are a print of my original watercolour painting that has been printed onto watercolour paper and outlined in black ink. They are stuck onto the picture with 3-D foam tape and are raised by about 2mm.
The Chinese character ‘double hey’ is cut from an intense bright red card. It is stuck onto an original mountain painting with double-sided sticky tape. The mountain painting is done on 100% recycled black card with flecks on it from Australia and has been painted with white and blue acrylic paint. The paint has cracked and has a flaking look (viewable up close).
A card mount has then secured to the image by tape and the ducks sit outside of the inner frame.This mount is not removeable.
This is an original collage and is unique.
It's very hard to tell the correct colours in the pictures above but the red is an intense and bright colour, rich and velvety to the look. The card mount frame is in a slate grey with more of a darkness to it.
The frame is approximately 10” x 12” inches. The collage inside is 6” x 8” inches.
This painting collage will be sent world-wide in a flat envelope with a stiff board.
Please note – if you have a lonely heart it will open the door to opportunities and possibilities of friendship and love. It must be accompanied by thoughts of good intention and optimism for best results.

Good luck - and please remember to click on the link above to visit Lisa's blog and the see many other participating bloggers.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! My husband LOVES ducks! And happy we are... this would be perfect in our home!
    Thank you for a lovely stop on my magic carpet ride.
    Outrageous joy,
    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss
    #111 on the blog tour!

  2. Please put my name in for this giveaway!

  3. Great giveaway! Please enter my name! Hop over to my blog (#92 on the carpet) for a chance to win too!

  4. cool! Thank you so much for your giveaway and please come to my blog and participate in mine #626
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  5. That is a beautiful piece and I'd love to win it! Please sign me up!

    gera in Canada

  6. Hello Annette, what a pleasure it is to meet you. Your gift is so lovely! And your work is so very pretty. Please come and visit and take a Magic Carpet ride with me: (#263)

    Sincerely, Theresa

  7. count me in AND VISIT ME AT #220

  8. I am so delighted to meet all of the wonderful blogs along the Magic Carpet Ride excursion! I am having so much fun meeting new people who are of like kind in so many ways. Your work is beautiful and I would love to be entered in your drawing. Please stop by to enter my beaded bracelet giveaway!
    Sharon (#52)

  9. Gorgeous ducks.

    Please enter me! Great giveaway!

    Thanks! #252 on OWOH, I'm giving away hand-made soaps and a TUTU! :)

  10. Great Give away.. Thanks so much for entering my name for a chance to win..
    Hop on the Magic Carpet and fly over to my blog to enter for my prize.(I'm #362) Isn't this fun!

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway! Please enter my drawing. I'm #387 on the magic carpet!

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  13. Hi Annette, Waving, I love your artwork, so glad they found each other, How Sweet, and it was so interesting reading about the connections and Chi.
    Please drop by,and visit if you get the chance..I'm In The OWOH's too

  14. It is always wonderful to meet a fellow Animal Rescuer! good for you! Your collage is beautiful and unique. please stop by and enter my OWOH too .

  15. Thank you so much for taking the time to really share a bit about this piece. I loved it when I saw it, but knowing all of that about it makes it so much more wonderful! This would be so cool to have in our home! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  16. Oh oh oh oh that is just so beautiful.. I love what you do!! Wow!! Just love it! Please add my name to the list too! I have just the place for this sweet treat!
    Pop by mine and add your name to my list also!
    Sarah @ Cottage Garden Studios @158

  17. Great giveaway! Thanks for having this-- please throw my name into the hat. :) And don't forget to pop over to my blog for a chance to win prizes, too! #318 on the magic carpet...

  18. oh what fun! Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your idea for my red spoon :-)

  19. Greetings & Salutations,
    Fabulous Feathered Friends OWOH Giveaway!
    Fly by my blog when you get a chance...
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    Cosmic Blessings, Lyndy Ward

  20. hello there! what a beautiful prize - please enter me into the giveaway
    feel free to fly on over to my blog here and i hope you enjoy your magic carpet ride :)

  21. Hi there,

    Your mixed media piece is wonderful -- and thanks so much for taking the time to explain about it in detail. I am intrigued and would be honored to win it. Let's see how Fortuna decides. :)

    I will soon post my own OWOH giveaway. It would be a pleasure to welcome you at my blog then.

    Greetings from Munich,

  22. Thanks for offering this great giveaway and Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  23. I couldn't resist to enter Annette. I love your work (both the creative and the rabbit rescue)! I had the pleasure of sending one of your great cards to a new world citizen the other day! My cousin in the US jsut got a little boy, and what better way to greet him than with one of your beautiful rabbit cards!

  24. This would be the perfect gift for my husband. We will be married 20 years this year. please count me in. my blog is

  25. Thank you for a chance to win such a great offering!!
    OWOH #473

  26. What a way to travel the world. I am having a blast discovering all the new blogs. :)

    I love the meaning behind the components of your artwork. Please enter me in your drawing.

  27. Your watercolor collage is wonderful!

  28. wonderful!!
    please count me in!!
    jeanzosss (at) yahoo (dot) com

  29. What a great give-away event!, you make beautiful things!

    greetings from the Netherlands!

  30. How Wonderful!

    Please count me in!


    Gina Luna

  31. A beautiful piece--just love the ducks & the sentiment!

    I'm participating for the first time, so stop by my blog and enter my giveaway, too! #344

  32. I love what you do for wildlife. i am going to follow your blog. Very pleased to meet you xJ

  33. beautiful! Please enter me in your drawing and if you'd like you can enter mine as well

  34. Very classy collage.
    I’d love to be entered in your drawing. Stop by my blogs to be entered in mine.


  35. this is a beautiful & very thoughtful giveaway gift annette! for me it would celebrate the "fidelity, love & happiness" & soul mate...nesss that my husband & i are blessed to experience!

  36. for all your dedication to the bunnies annette, please swing by here if you'd like to pick up an award...

  37. what a generous gift to giveaway.
    I am so enjoying this carpet ride and meeting everybody

    Take a ride to my blog I would love to enter you in my draw

  38. What a beautiful piece of art :-)

    Have a nice weekend Annette !!!

  39. Beautiful art. I really have a thing for ducks, so this giveaway is perfect. My OWOH giveaway is #79 on the magic carpet ride.

  40. Lovely,lovely! I would love to be entered to win your wonderful gift!

    Please stop by and enter my give away as well! I'm number 290

  41. Peace and joy are reflected in this painting.
    I would be blessed to have it.

  42. Wow, you really do have a bond with the bunnies! I love people who can find and pursue a passion this way.
    And yet...ducks in the painting.:) Fascinating!
    Me, I like birds. Though I have a One Love of My Life already, I say there can be no such thing as too many friends, yes? So please count me in!
    Glad you joined the Ride!
    OWOH Ticket Holder #21

  43. This is beautiful, please add me in,

    Pearl Avenue Studios

  44. This collage is gorgeous! Of course I'd love to win one of your lovely creations :-) So please include me in your drawing!
    Have fun riding that Magic Carpet!

    Greetings from Germany,
    Dagmar (#160 on the carpet)

  45. This would make a beautiful addition to our home and to celebrate our many years of happy marriage. Do drop by and visit me at #704 if you have a minute.

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  47. Beautiful watercolor collage!
    I could use some love-luck!
    Thank you for hopping aboard this magic carpet ride. I hope you get a chance to visit my blog #258 on your journey.

  48. Wonderful! Please enter me in your drawing.
    Please stop by and join my magic carpet ride as well.

  49. Love your art! I would love to be the winner! Please include me and come enter my giveaway too!

    (#185 A Vintage Cottage Home)

  50. Oh my. What an interesting piece!

  51. I hadn't heard of OWOH before so thank you for letting me know about this wonderful project, and ways for us to help the rescue rabbits.

    Your piece and the thought behind it are so touching. My husband and I are newlyweds and very much loved up, but that doesn't mean we don't need a little bit of luck to see us through, too.

  52. Hi Annette, what a lovely idea and post you have. I love the gorgeous collage. I'd love to win. I absolutely love your gifts. Please take time to visit my blog, too, for a chance to win my book, 16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood. I'm working on getting all the country flags. I promise to revisit your's too.


  53. Nice to meet you and visit your blog! Love this giveaway! I am having so much fun looking at all the wonderful blogs. I don't have a blog, due to arthritis I cannot type much at all but I enjoy surfing the net. Thank you for a chance to win.

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  55. Hello this is a very cleaver piece. I would love to be counted in.

    Hello. You are right your art is eloquent. I would love to create with this bead. Please count me in.
    And stop by my blog as well.

  56. Oh my... what a beautiful watercolor collage! Please enter my name into your fabulous drawing for a chance to win.

    Also, I would love for you to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway - #548.

  57. Really nice giveaway!
    Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine.

  58. what a great your art. thanks so much for the opportunity to enter the drawing. so delighted to meet you through this event. I hope you'll stop by my blog as well.

  59. Wow - how lovely to read all about this piece! I shall have to send a link to Martin so he can read it too ;-) (For obvious reasons, you do not need to enter me in your give away - I just wanted to stop by & leave a comment!)

  60. Hi dear!!! I like your idea! It’s very Awesome! I wish to ALL who will participate in this wondefull give-away, Big Good Luck! Yohooooo! ;)

  61. Your collage painting is lovely. would give it a good home! Happy new year!!

  62. Your collage is lovely. I would feel honored if I won. My sister was a missionary in China for 7 years and has given me many symbolic items that I feel bring me good luck. Yours would be a wonderful addition to my collection. I hope I am the lucky winner. Please stop by my blog for a chance to win.

  63. Oh I think this piece is gorgeous, please count me in.
    When you get a chance, fly by my blog on your magic carpet, I am OWOH #907.
    Thank you so much for participating in OWOH.
    It is so very very nice to meet you.

  64. Quack Quack....this is a B E A U T I F U L Piece! Thank you for offering it.

  65. Thanks for the chance to win, its lovely. Trianna from Victoria, Canada.

  66. 'One World One Heart' is so much fun... visiting new blogs, meeting creative people, making friends,...

    Wow! You made a beautiful collage, so unique! Someone, somewhere is going to be very happy with your lovely giveaway...I can only dream it's me! :)

    Greetings from Belgium,
    Saskia :)

  67. Beautiful and charming blog!
    A beautiful and stunning treasure !
    I am visiting from Connecticut.
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  68. Beautiful! I love Mandarin Ducks. angelandspot(at)

  69. Great! Thanks for this beautiful giveaway. I hope I win. Long live OWOH:)

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  70. What a thoughtful and beautiful collage- I love that you put so much thought into it and then let us know what was behind the collage. Thanks for your thoughtful addition to OWOH. Please add my name to your generous drawing.

  71. Beautiful giveaway. Please add me to your hat, and feel free to come on over and visit my giveaway as well!


  72. I would love to be included in your wonderful drawing.

  73. Hello Annette from Victoria, Australia.
    What a wonderful giveaway. I would be honoured to hand that in my bedroom.
    Please enter me into the draw.
    Thanks Lynda

  74. Your giveaway is terrific! I would love a chance to win. Please add my name to your drawing! Thanks for participating in the OWOH event.

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  76. Simply beautiful!
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  77. Hello from the north of 60°, land of the midnight sun and Aurora Borealis. I hope that you are enjoying ride on the magical carpet as much as I do. Please enter my name in your draw.

  78. Love you blog and give aways. Good luck in all the drawings. stop by

  79. Wonderful art!
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    Thanks for letting me visit!
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  81. Fantastic giveaway. I would love a chance to win. Please enter me.


  82. I love this piece! I loved reading all about it too. I have a rescue bunny. This is what happens when you have an empty crate in your car when you go to the vet :) I love her. Her name is Lola. Please count me in! Happy Valentine's Day to you! xo xo Warmly, Cathy in New York #1061

  83. Stunning! Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. It's nice to meet you! Thank you for a chance to win your wonderful giveaway! I admire you for what you do to help the rabbits, thank you for that. Don't forget to visit all 3 of my blogs as I am giving away something at all of them!
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  85. How pretty. I would love to be entered into you drawing. So glad OWOH brought me to your blog. :-)


  86. greetings from isle lamotte, vermont
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    thanks for sharing

  87. Thank U for such wonderful giveaway.
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    Cheers from Malaysia.


  88. Lovely, thanks for the chance to win!

  89. Oh... You are one talented chiccie with a massive heart!

    Please throw my name in the hat for a chance at your stunning art!

    Still a few hours left to fly your Magic Carpet over Australia for a visit and a chance at my artsy Eco Linen Bag!

    Julie x

  90. Greetings from Vancouver Island in B.C. I am certainly glad to hear that you are watching out for the rabbits. We have a large population of wild rabbits on the Island. My focus is on the Marmot, which is rather rare, and their numbers are starting to increase. Please stop by

  91. Hi from down here in chilly England.
    I would love to win this as my partner and I just got engaged today! *big happy grin*

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    #711 on the list

  92. I really like this - lovely ducks :) Come by 1091 by tomorrow.

  93. Great giveaway - thanks so much for participating in OWOH :)

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  94. How Generous of you ! I'd love to be entered ♥

    Missy ~ Winnipeg , Canada
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  95. please enter me in your giveaway! beautiful prize!

  96. thanks for all the entries!
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