Sunday, 30 May 2010

It's raining Dogs and Dogs!

Today I was at the Hot Dog show for the greyhound rescue GraceHounds in Vogrie Country Park, just south of Edinburgh.

There were lots of greyhounds, dogs and, er, other dogs plus lots and lots of rain and, er, more rain! - it literally poured and poured and poured!

Though there was not a cat in sight to be seen!

I was invited along by Jane and I met some new people who also have shops on ! It's a small world.

In recognition of our jinxed day -

I brought an umbrella to shield myself from the harsh sun (ha ha!)
One lady got up 10 minutes early to paint her toenails so she could bare her feet
and I overheard a comment about the next thing happening will be the tent blowing away (which it just about did were it not for 10 able bodied folks pinning the legs to the ground in a huge gust!)

- I made an etsy treasury - called It's raining Dogs and Dogs featuring the new folks and some other folks dear to me

I shared a table with Ali from etsy shop AliBali Jewellery and was next to Angel from etsy shop Maiawalli Art all the way from Australia and Mike from etsy shop Wudwerx.

Beautiful jewellery, rich art and magnificent bee and bird homes and great company! and just down from us was Jess from etsy shop Jess Lovell, Emily from etsy shop Emily Moir and Jane from etsy shop The Dogs House!

My mum was kindly minding my stall for me as I darted amongst the rain drops taking photos.

In keeping with pouring rain and water in my treasury above is Angel's rich and celebratory Two Lovers artwork. I love the limited palette here and it works so perfectly with the turtles simple but provocative 'dance' as they communicate. When I lived in Australia I would often see these 'snake-necked' turtles and immediately recognized them today.

and I've put in Mike's amazing 'Bee Hotel' - isn't that just a lovely name - a hotel for Bees! I bet room service is included at no extra charge and the mini bar is forever full. Bees are needing all the help they can get, worldwide, so hopefully every garden will soon have a bee hotel beeing busy :)

and ofcourse I had to include hearts - just look at Ali's beautiful set of earrings in hammered silver and copper. I love the detail in the craftsmanship, the heart shapes are just right and the colours are a prefect compliment. Ali has some very desirable pieces of jewellery in her shop!

After growing up amongst ants in Africa and Australia I had to include them too! Jess made this fun and inspiring Leaf Cutter Ants original linocut and I really appreciate what hard workers ants are. Never complaining, working together in harmony, lifting many, many times their own bodyweight and always looking out for the biggest leaf! I have very fond memories of watching ants go about their lives.

I also put in Emily's Splat Mats! Isn't that a super name? and more appropriate than just 'coaster'. Wonder where coaster came from? but I sure know where splat mat comes from - I have a few book pages that can attest to being splatted on by cups of hot tea!

and ofcourse none of this would have happened if it were not for Jane inviting me along to support her favourite greyhound charity Gracehounds!

Her Max is always welcome in my treasuries - he is such an adorable and good natured chap that I am in trouble every time I come home to my two rescue buns with hands smelling of greyhound!

Here is Max wearing one of Jane's very smart doggy bandanas, customized to your pooch.
Would that be a picture of Max snoozing on it?

so .... whilst it pours with dogs and dogs of rain .....

Jane works at her stall and .....

Molly snoozes in comfort below ....

..... whilst Max proudly claims the Number 1 Prize!!

thank you all for a super day!

apart from being dressed for a summer scorcher and shivering most of the day I loved it all - seeing dogs of all sizes from Irish wolfhounds down to long haired yapping-non-stop tiny daschunds, multiple minature versions of greyhounds (Italian greyhounds) and big balls of fluffy not-so-small puppies to the most beautiful and happy 3 legged rescue greyhound - it was a wonderful day (and I actually do love the rain!)


  1. A delightful doggie day! good ol' British weather - we went to the Eco-Veggie fayre in bristol on Saturday, and it rained, - the only day it has rained lately! Glad you had a fab time despite the weather. Greyhounds are adorable, and so many ex-racers find it hard to find a home, and are discarded, the Greyhound Fayres are a positive picture of the lucky ones.

  2. This is such an important cause - thanks to you and everyone else who attended. It looks like it was a lot of fun despite the rain. The artwork you chose for the treasury is beautiful.

  3. The pups look happy, Jane looks happy ... what a lovely day for all ~ even with rain! xo

  4. Thank goodness for tents, friends, and animals, to brighten a rainy day - glad for your success!

  5. I love the rain too - makes everything smell so fresh and clean...I'm glad you had a wonderful day. I would too looking at all the pretties and being surrounded by doggies ;-) I just love that bee hotel and the greyhounds are my favorites - they have souch soulful, gentle eyes - like a deer. I wish I could have one!
    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening,
    Doris :-)

  6. What a day! So many new friends and such great items to see and share. Max is a sweetheart. I now have a little better idea of what was going on! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Annette, you've captured the day perfectly here! Thanks so much for coming along & supporting Gracehounds. Between us folks in the Arts & Crafts tent we managed to raise over £80 to donate to Gracehounds, despite the adverse weather conditions, every penny of which will go directly towards the fostering and re-homing of rescued greyhounds. & thank you too to Kirsty of for her contribution ;-) Jx

  8. These poor dogs are used and then discarded. When are people gonna get it.

  9. I really like Vogrie, it would have been fun to see all the dogs enjoying themselves there!

    I like your comment in the previous post about changing art...

  10. This looks like such a fun day out despite the weather! What gorgeous arts and crafts on offer too - wonderful!

  11. thank you Kim - the rain has it all sussed out!!

    it was fun Katie! thanks!

    thanks Karen, it was!

    the greyhounds came out on top with all the fundraising, there were plenty of good hearted folks there Lisa

    you are right Doris, their eyes are like deer!

    thanks Cat!

    that was wonderful Jane!! thanks for inviting me!

    I agree with you Christina - hopefully blogs will reach out to more people, to be better

    thanks Juliet!

    thank you Julia, they were very gorgeous indeed! (always a temptation :)


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