Monday, 14 June 2010

A Squirrel on the hand is Worth .....

Two in the Palm .....
These two tiny Baby Squirrels are now crossing the Atlantic as I write. They are accompanying their friend Baby Hare River to their new forever home.

At the forefront with the green bell on her tail is Baby Squirrel Petra.

Petra studies at the same university as her friend baby hare River and they met one day when she was busy collecting stones and rocks for her architectural studies.
She could hardly carry the huge amount she had amassed and River helped her to pile them on a skateboard that was lying nearby. That made her job far easier!
She is very keen on integrating nature into non natural surroundings, hence her fascination with rocks and stones. She has come up with some of the most beautiful designs her tutors have ever seen and she’s been approached by a couple of environmentally friendly building companies to help them develop complimentary dwellings.
She’s pretty happy that she chose stones to work with. When she first began it was going to be seed pods and cones, but one day she tripped over a rock as she was gathering fallen cones and realized that they were immoveable as well as beautiful. So that was it then – rocks and stones!
In between her studies Petra loves to doze on a high shelf with a view to the garden and the rocks. She would also appreciate a large pad of paper and a pencil for her designs. Oh, and maybe a cone or two, she still loves their shape!

and behind her with the red bell on his tail is Baby Squirrel Pter

Pter is best friends with baby squirrel Petra and baby hare River.
He met them both one day when he nearly crashed into them as he launched himself from a tree branch with his makeshift wings. He landed straight on top of a skateboard full of rocks and stones! Ouch that was sore!
Pter has always loved flying and as a baby inside his nest he watched the birds swooping and soaring above him. As soon as he could scamper about on the branches he has tried many times to duplicate the same flying moves.
He has a very large collection of primary and secondary feathers, all graded into length and width. He’s now wondering whether he has the right amount of each feather on his purpose built wings.
He’s just a little too shy and embarrassed to ask the birds to help him (yet)!
Pter would love to sit on the very highest shelf with his feather collection and asks that the window be left open rather wide. Maybe one day he will have a bird friend who will take him on little outings, that would be exciting!

and this is their good friend Baby Hare River who will be making sure that they have a safe journey. River actually has a job to go to with some very important work to be done.

He his nearly finished his studies and his PhD thesis has already proven to be highly in demand by many different worldwide organisations as all his research so far has been 100% successful. When he arrives he will be off to the Gulf Coast to help with the oil spill.

He has always had a close relationship with the sea and sea life. His mama would take him along the beach every morning just before dawn and sometimes they would help the waders look for invertebrates for breakfast, ofcourse mama and River and strict vegans and occasionally they would try the seaweed!

Ever since he was very tiny River has always wanted to be an ecologist and now he has nearly finished his degree. He is half way thru has his PhD studies to go and has concentrated his thesis on The Impacts of Mans’ Carelessness in the Ocean – primarily that of Preventative Petroleum Release with his speciality in ‘Assisted Bioremediation/ Biodegradation Task Force Immobilisation’.

In other words – how to combat a human-caused oil spill with the tiny and tiniest of organisms at short notice.

He has spent ages conferring with zillions of micro organisms of all types and their individual effectiveness in breaking down oil.

Some microbes have been more eager than others to get to work and he has been able to work with a very strong, albeit nearly invisible task force. They are all happy to be deployed by various methods to get to the spills fast. Some being sea bird aerial deployment, whale, shark and dolphin fast-underwater-site-release and the coral infrastructure networks release.

There is talk that maybe River will be made a professor very soon for his research breakthroughs.

River is happy to continue his work on your shelf but asks that a window be open so that he may deploy fast in an emergency situation. Just now he is busy tackling the Gulf oil spill with his army of miniscule workers and they are making good progress.

There are many people all over the world who are devastated by this oil spill, including me and an etsy shop called Help the Gulf Coast is raising funds for two organisations working directly there to help clean up the mess, Oxfam and the National Audubon Society.
Kate set up this shop and has worked tirelessly to list and liaise with the many etsy sellers who have given stock to generously help raise funds. $1000 has been donated already! Thank you Kate!

I made a Treasury, above, to highlight the plight of the Gulf Coast. It's called Thank You!! for helping the Gulf Coast :) and nearly every seller in it is giving 100% donation.

I always like to make treasuries with messages in them and this one works from top to bottom - pristine beaches, thriving wildlife, uh-oh! what's this? some warnings about listening very carefully and taking only pictures next to a lovely message to bp! who leave only scary places to nest, black coated birds, shiny oil covered seas and death in their wake.

Please visit the treasury and leave your supportive comment. Don't forget to visit the shop, you may find something lovely there?

- like Baby Hare Agnethka. She is working hard to raise funds for the wildlife there.

Agnethka is a very curious little hare and in her first week of life she found herself lost in the woods.
She had explored just a bit too far. She cried and cried but her mama couldn’t hear her, however the woodland deer could and soon she was being taken home by the beautiful doe Isabella. Ever since then Agnethka has made daily visits to the deer and accompanies them in their forays.
Her mama makes sure that Agnethka always takes some tasty shoots with her for Isabella and they pick them together in the glade.
Agnethka has seen some wonderous places with the deer – fast flowing rivers, waterfalls, crags and lush meadows. For a better view (and when she is exhausted) she is always allowed to clamber onto their backs, scamper up their neck and sit between their ears.
She would love to perch on a shelf with the door ajar so that she may visit Isabella every day and explore more places.

I hope that all of these ones here made it - it's from the Guardian Online and they have posted some heart breaking pictures but I'm glad that there are people working tirelessly to save as many lives as they can and do what they can.
Thank you all!
... meantime .... I hope Obama follows these guidelines here - they are great suggestions
and -
I won't be filling up at BP ever again .....


  1. I love the color on that baby hare! I need to get one once I know how we're going to decorate the new apartment.

    Checking out etsy now.

  2. It's so encouraging to have people like you working so diligently to help the animals. Your squirrels and hares are so darling!

  3. This is a heartwarming and inspiring response to the tragedy on the Gulf Coast. Wonderful stories give the animals life, and I hope Pter achieves success beyond his wildest dreams, along with all the others who are working so hard on finding solutions to clean the water and help the animals.

  4. Thanks for helping, Annette! (And River too, of course!) The whole story makes me so sick that I can barely stand to read the news. I thought the article you linked to was very good - not sure if any of that will happen, but it needs to!

  5. Oh, WOW! I love these new creatures, beautiful fabrics, wonderful little personalities, so unique and special! Thank you for creating this beautiful treasury and blog post to spread the word about helping the animals of the Gulf Coast, SO important, you are such a strong voice and guardian to animals! I'll share on fb now!

  6. Beautiful creations with lots of personality.
    Thanks for supporting gulf coast

  7. these two squirreals are simply the colors and special effects tails ... just enchanting :-)

  8. Beautiful new works, the squirrels are just so fancy and gorgeous and you know how I feel about ANYTHING hare......I think I'm going to make a Gulf Coast print next (100% donation of course) it may take a little while to finish, but I imagine there there will still be much clean-up to do for a long time :(

  9. thanks Lisa - good luck with your apartment hunting :)

    thank you Patty, but I know you are doing the same for the animals too :)

    thanks Lisa, I know it'll take time and great effort, just hope no-one gives up.

    you are right Katie - it was a very good article with plausible solutions that make a difference.

    thanks Michele, and for sharing on FB :)

    thank you Johnnie - my baby hare sold today so that was good!

    thank you Doris! they are really cute to hold because of their small size

    that's great Diana, and I reckon you are right about the clean up - will look forward to your print!

  10. here is a list of more shops giving proceeds to help the animals of the gulf -

  11. I just ADORE your baby squirrels Annette - so cute! & thank you for spreading the word about how people can help deal with the mess that has been created in the gulf too.

  12. This is a subject that is very close to my heart. My dad was raised in Louisiana, my brother was a long time resident of New Orleans and I sprinkled his ashes in Lake Ponchatrain (runs out into the gulf of Mexico) I have walked those shores, seen the Pelicans in the marshes, and I died a little during Katrina. I weep when I see what is happening with this god forsaken oil spill. They can always figure out how to drill for the oil but they cant ever seem to figure out how to stop it. It makes me angry and fills me with sorrow. Thank you for talking about it here. I havent been able to on my blog.


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