Saturday, 23 October 2010

snip snip

Snip Snip = I'm cutting all ties to Edinburgh Zoo and anything they are involved in.


Because in breaking news in Edinburgh this week everyone found out that the two baby Red River Hoglets which were born at the zoo last year to the endangered African Red River Hog mama and papa as their first ever babies had been purposely killed by the zoo as 'surplus to EU requirements'

I'm a vegetarian and I don't advocate any animal losing their life for the benefit or pleasure of a human, and I cannot understand the killing of two healthy endangered piglets that had been given names and used as a publicity draw to the zoo! - they are, were, Sammi and Becca, and killed by a zoo that boasts about it's breeding policy and protection of endangered animals.

They apparently have killed many endangered animals over the years. They just choose not to publicise it.

It's a pity that this has happened. I am sure the mama and papa are grieving, still. It happened at the beginning of this year and only just made the news!

I even wrote about the parents last year on my blog when they just had the babies.

I've already emailed the zoo to tell them what bloody idiots they are, that they do not deserve the privilege of caring for another animal and cannot be trusted in the proper, sentient and ethical care of the animals.

You can read more and even drop a note here at the Edinburgh Advocate for Animals OneKind website.

I personally think the director of the zoo should be sacked and the staff involved sacked too. This is not an animal testing facility or abbatoir, zoos are supported by public trust and goodwill in the species they care for. This is betrayal of our trust.

Instead of sponsoring an animal at the zoo I can recommend the Scottish Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust. Andy who runs the place makes sure all animals are well looked after. Surplus or not. And they have sponsorships available.
Just think - the babies could have gone there to live out their lives in safety.


  1. Oh my goodness, that just makes my blood boil! What gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful creatures they were, and what a waste of lives that could have been well lived and brought joy to many more people. News like this makes me feel so sick, and now I'm crying. I'm glad you can recommend a good place to donate to, I hope they get good recognition and funding to actually help animals.

  2. OUTF******GRAGEOUS. The least they could have done was raised the piggies and sold them to another zoo, to kill an endangered species is unforgivable.

  3. SHOCKiNG and UTTERLY RIDICULOUS- why didnt they just rehome them ? I'm sure plenty of folks would have been glad to provide homes for them. What a shame and thanks for exposing them !

  4. Meghann, Diana and Nicole - I agree with everything you have said. I was in shock and my blood boiled for a few days before I could write this.
    If you look closely at the second photo down you will clearly see how gentle the babies are - in their tiny eyes - they are precious little beings.

  5. What horribly sad news. I'm going to write to them. Thank you for letting us know Annette.

  6. That's appalling. How can they call it a 'controlled' breeding program if they are producing babies that they know are not actually any use the preservation of the endangered species. That's not controlled that's stupid. And having been that stupid they should have taken responsibility and found suitable homes - they could have been neutered if necessary to stop them reproducing.

    Zoos are meant to set an example you don't expect them to get rid of the old pet when the new puppy arrives.

  7. For shame--that a zoo (a place that is supposed to be dedicated to the preservation of species ) should betray the trust of its patrons and deliberately destroy lives that it is supposed to be protecting is an abomination. There had to be a better way to handle the situation. If I were a financial supporter, I'd be cutting them off without a cent right now.

  8. zoos depress the heck out of me and this info does too.

  9. thanks Karen, all the links are there - except the one to the zoo :)
    though they do have an online form that people can fill in

    Tamsin I agree, it's highly irresponsible

    Jade you have summed it up nicely
    A few years ago they killed Oryx!!! and they have also killed pengiuns!

    Paula until I heard this I used to be all for zoos and the 'important work' they did. Now I know better, and I'm a seasoned jaded person as it is!!

  10. I dont know what EU requirements are Annette? What on earth could have required them to kill these little ones? I dont understand this at all. Other Zoo's would have taken them surely?

    I have mixed feelings about zoos anyway. I dont believe they should have breeding programs and the only animals that belong in zoo's are ones that cannot be returned to the wild.

  11. I think its appalling, there are otherways to deal with animals that are surplus to breeding scheme requirements, ie finding them other homes

    The Zoo were already blacklisted here anyway because of them trying to damage the Corstorphine Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest,

  12. I saw this is in the news this week, it is awful. They shouldn't undertake breeding programmes if they can't look after the animals. Really irresponsible :(

  13. I'm sick...and so incredibly sad... Oh this is just awful. Those poor little babies!!!! People are just so STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On another note though. Annette, I need your mailing address. I have something for you. Please email me.
    ps..those people should indeed be fired!!! Dreadful!!

  14. Christina the EU have odd rules, it is the EEP that ruled on this. Irrespective - the zoo should have said no - but since they have killed their animals before they obviously think they can play god when they feel like it.

    I didn't know about that Juliet! but I can see why with their bloody minded attitude, so it doesn't surprise me.

    I agree Trekky

    me too Michele
    (and thanks :)

  15. How awful. They should have thought of the consequences before they took mama off birth control...

  16. yes Betsy I agree
    They have done this to other animals at the zoo, so I think their attitude to 'surplus' is rather damning.

  17. I too was horrified by this revelation Annette. It's ruthless exploitation of these animals due to human greed & it makes me very sad to think of the number of times I've visited Edinburgh Zoo in good faith that they had the animals' best interests at heart.

    I found out about it here: I did a sponsored walk for this group the other month & plan to go to their compassionate living fayre later this month - you should come along?

  18. Thanks Annette for telling this story!

    I found it quite shocking!

    be well,


  19. yes Kim, I agree

    me too Jane, and thanks for the link, where is their fayre?

  20. me to Jude - too shocked to write about it for rather a few days before I decided that it needed to be done

  21. Forgive my ignorance, but is killing an endangered animal illegal over there? Did the zoo suffer any legal consequences for their actions? I don't understand why they didn't just give them away.

  22. now that is an interesting point Crystal!
    it seems humans can get away carte blanche with anything actually!


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