Saturday, 22 January 2011

Take the Bun Blog Pledge! ... sign up here ....

I got an email from the BUAV, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection one of the compassionate charities I support, and opened it up to reveal the prettiest pink rabbit with a very Big mission!

One phone call later and I now have the very pretty Ms Rabbit as a guest! (there were only a few in her litter so I was very, very lucky! many thanks Josephine!)

Ms Rabbit is on a mission to gather as many signatures and support from as many caring people as possible and I want to help a little bit more than just signing the petition

- so I propose to start the Bun Blog Pledge!

How does it work?
Well, after you sign the petition and make your pledge to yourself you can
- blog about it,
- display the blog badge I made on your sidebar to get more people involved and spread the word,
- and / or take part in Ms Rabbit's real-life travels and photo shoots!

I will gladly post Ms Rabbit to the first person here who wishes to hold her in their caring hands, and if you have rabbits, or furries, take a photo of them together, sign Ms Rabbit with your name and any online shop/blog link, blog about it then post her on to her next host! Simple!

When Ms Rabbit arrived my hares were surprised to see a lady so white and with such pink eyes. She told them that all her relatives were bred for laboratory experiments and that is the colour and type of rabbit they like to do nasty things to. Her lip quivered when she said that, so the hares all cast their mouths down and asked no more questions. They could feel her trembling.

Mother Hare Eolande turned around to snuggle her warmly and told her not to worry, and that one day the world will be a much better place for all the creatures of mother earth. Ms Rabbit wiped away a small tear of hope and relief.

I immediately signed Ms Rabbit to say that I would not use any cosmetics or products used in them that are tested on animals. To guarantee that you are using cruelty-free products please check the brands on This List Here.

Young Jet was really worried to hear that animals were used in testing! I said to him that he has alot to learn about the world, especially the human world. He wanted to put his hare paw pad on Ms Rabbit too, and I said that was fine.

.... Arabella had been happily munching away until she heard the discussion about the campaign to end animal testing, and that the cosmetics industry was trying to stall the ban....

... and she ran off in fear, thinking they would be looking for more rabbits

but I told her that she was absolutely safe here with me, and always would be.

... and Wesley was munching happily away until ... gulp! ...

.... he heard Ms Rabbit say that they used white rabbits with pink eyes for testing!!!

but I assured Wesley that he was going nowhere, he had already had an abusive start to life, like Arabella, and there are bad humans on this planet but we know lots of very, very good ones and things Will change for the better!

These days I like to use a little lash gel on my lashes and eyebrows and I currently use the Bodyshop one. The Bodyshop is actually owned by L'Oreal the US cosmetics giant who DO test on animals, so this is a product that I shall be looking at buying elsewhere on the BUAV cruelty free list when I have used it up.

My lip salve comes from etsy seller Amber at Mud and Twig and I really love the taste and smoothness, plus it's made by Amber in her own home!
and my face cream comes from etsy seller Yvonne at Karramandi and I'm on my second jar. I use the Rose Otto & Frankincense Face & Body Cream on my face and neck only, and it's been super, plus Yvonne makes it in her home.

Arabella came out of her room to meet Ms Rabbit, since she had nothing to fear, and she wished her well on her travels.
Arabella hopes that you will pledge to buy cruelty free when you need a new lipstick, or lash gel or face cream. After all, money talks and don't dismiss your cash as being irrelevant - it's anything but. Every dollar and pound adds up.

Welsey welcomed Ms Rabbit too and shared some of his kale with her. They struck up a very affectionate bond and just as I was about to take Ms Rabbit thru to the hares again, I saw Welsey kissing her!

SO! are YOU going to take part???

If you are saying Yes to Compassion
then please download the blog badges above for your sidebar and blog post,
post about this pledge with the LINK to the PETITION on your blog,
and don't forget to invite Ms Rabbit to your home and SIGN her!
and - take photos!!
just imagine Ms Rabbit kissing Charlie, Max and Molly, Biffy and Sogna, Amelia, Harriet, Sydney and Tyler, Buttons and Bella, Nuage and Bells, Cadbury, Micky, Sugie and Harrington, The Princess, Humphrey, Kareltje and Betsie, Millie and Haven, Tango, Mojo and Dudley, Bean, Prince, Ermine, Coco, Cooper, Charisma, Graysie, Ferd, Dot, Smudge, Seal, Otto and Bella, Scamp and Alfie, Buttons, Yohj, Sherry and Bailey, Arwen, Franklin, Dobby and Tasha, Spanky, Lucy and Rocky, Turbo, Bully, Digger, Ginger and Sandi ... I know I've left fur friends out ....

.... so any invites??

The first person to invite Ms Rabbit to their home will receive her in the post from me pronto! just leave a comment below.

I will keep a blog sidebar link of all her travels .... what are you waiting for girl??!


  1. So great idea to make a post about cosmetics tested on animals :(
    So fantastic post
    it neads attention from eveybody...


    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

    Anya ♥

  2. What an engaging blog post about a vital issue! I've signed the petition and would love to have Miss Rabbit as a houseguest here, though we don't have a pet at the moment for a photoshoot, but I would certainly do a blogpost...

  3. I will sign too. I never knew just how easy it is to find cruelty free products until I started looking. One of my favorite clearly states on the products "We Love Our Animals Friends." " We dont test our products on them." I think that is very cool.

  4. thanks Anya, it does indeed need everyone's attention,

    the petition is for worldwide signatures and has every country listed, so everyone can sign :)

    many thanks Juliet!
    Ms Rabbit is packing her bags just now and I'll just get your address and she shall be over to visit you!
    I do hope you have the kettle on?

    many thanks Christina! and so good that the companies are declaring that on their products.

  5. What a GREAT idea! I am familiar with, essentially the same thnig and they even use the same "cruelty free" designation. I don't wear makeup partly because I'm lazy and partly because it's just too darn complicated to figure out what's bunny-friendly and what isn't! I do need to work on finding new soaps and shampoos, though.

    I do feel that by shopping at The Body Shop as opposed to other L'oreal products, you ARE casting your dollar vote in a meaningful way. You bet they're comparing the success of each subsidiary very regularly. Maybe when the Body Shop products start becoming more successful than L'oreal products, it'll really make the people in (corporate) power take a long hard look at what they're doing.

  6. Hopping on board Annette! I never knowingly buy any products tested on animals & we'd like to invite Ms Rabbit for a wee photoshoot with Max & Molly, who have promised not to chase her, if she likes? Jx

  7. Lisa I agree with you, it will be good to get more people shopping at The Body Shop. It will be great to get L'Oreal cruelty free.

    many thanks Jane! Ms Rabbit will be so very excited!
    At the moment she is making herself comfy in her new abode then she shall be off to yours when she has depleted the tea and cakes!

  8. I would like to join the rabbit blog pledge as well. I am not entirely sure of how it works, or who will send it to me but count me in...I'll do my blog post on it once I get it & I am sure someone will sign up from my blog to recieve it & move it forward.

    We are strict wtih only using cruelty-free products in our home. It's so easy to do once your commited & I couldn't snuggle up to my 4 fur babies knowing I had anything in my house or on my body that was tested on their precious kind. Animals testing is a very difficult/sore spot with me & seeing that your concerned about it here & have faith/hope that the world will change makes me feel more positive about it...thanks so much.

    p.s. I've added the Bun Blog Pledge to my 'take action for animals' section on my blog sidebar.

    p.p.s. I added you to my off to visit your Etsy shop once again to see if I can afford one of your sweet rabbit ornaments:D XO Mandy & the Buns.

  9. Many thanks Mandy!
    I shall put up a tentative roster under the pic, of planned itinerary.

    and thanks for taking part!
    ps love your art in your etsy shop :)

  10. Check out this lovely supporter blog on our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign (warning contains multiple pictures of cute bunnies!):
    And there's another here, with yet more brilliant bunny pics:

    Hi Annette - we've just picked up on your blog! Better late than never, thanks so much for your support for our campaign. We'd like to link to it and include your pic of Arabella with the pledge board on our No Cruel Cosmetics website if you'll let us. Let me know at

    Liz, BUAV

  11. hi Liz,

    thanks so much for stopping by! and for making this news on your website! -

    so glad we can all help in little ways to show our love and support of a compassionate world

    Ms Rabbit will be seeing you at the end of her tour, you do have a very large display shelf for all her souvenirs don't you?!

    best wishes, Annette

  12. Done Annette and posted to my FB which has a lot of animal rights followers - great one! Alison


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