Saturday, 19 February 2011

stick 'em up! it's a Collaboration!

I'm pleased to announce that my baby hare illustrations are now available as wall decals!!

I have been collaborating with Paul from etsy shop Wilson Graphics and after nearly a year and a half of waiting I finally managed to produce something that Paul could work with! (everything takes time eh?!)

they come in assorted sizes and styles for all tastes and requirements
such as the pack of 8 minis above

and the lying hare completely at home here

and if really LOVE rabbits then how about a human sized one? great to use as a wall chart I reckon!

and ofcourse a smaller wall chart for your baby rescue house rabbit too!

all now available in Paul's etsy shop.
Every decal they sell is printed and cut individually for each customer in-house on an outdoor grade professional vinyl that is printed with waterproof, fade resistant inks.
The decals can be applied to glass, walls, metal, plastic, and a variety of other smooth clean surfaces.

I rather see the small ones as covering journals and note books, and my car, maybe even those plastic umbrellas that are like see thru half globes. Infact I can think of lots of places! The more I think the more ideas I have!

though I don't just get ideas from my mind, I get inspiration from Arabella and Wesley every day!

How could I not be inspired by this adorable pose of Arabella grooming her dew lap? She is just so very, very pretty with such big brown eyes and perfect curved ears, not to mention those white patches around her eyes and mouth!

so I struggled over many months with ideas and images in my head before I put pen to paper, sketching away, scratching away, pondering, thinking ....

... some poses and expressions making the cut, others not,

simplifications being made with the end medium always in mind,
wall decals must be simple in shape yet captivating, tell a story at a glance, and a dream in a lingering pause ...

and as usual I like to use the same illustrations in various mediums, I love repetition, so the same image is a wall decal and handmade card and soft sculpture and little book tag (free with all my etsy orders) and .... the list goes on!

to help with the advertising from my own etsy shop I have made this photoshop image with the mini hares amongst my mother hares and it'll be on view in my shop with links to all the hare decals at Pauls.

Many thanks Paul! and as they say ... Rome wasn't built in a day ...


  1. Love them...
    Arabella is quite the beauty isn't she?

  2. Oooohhh I love them! I'll have to see whether I can talk Jon into getting some.

  3. What lovely wall decals, I particularly love the giant bunny! Arabella is beautiful and I can see why she would inspire so much art...

  4. thanks Andrea, and Arabella says thanks too :)

    thanks Diana! and Shell! and Lisa!
    I am imagining my car with them :)

    thank you Juliet!

  5. Oh, they are soooo cuute!

  6. I love your decals Annette. They are beautiful.

    I have just written a blog post about Ms Rabbit - and will do another one tomorrow too :)


  7. many thanks Jana!

    thank you Charlotte! superb! I shall be visiting too now that I see eclairs are on the tea tray!!

  8. These are fantastic! I just snapped up the lying hare - it will join my growing collection of Dragon House of Yuen rabbits! xo

  9. that's great Christabel! I really like that one too :)
    hope you love her heaps!

  10. I can't get over how cute your hares and bunnies are!! <3 So glad to have "found" your blog! :D

  11. many thanks for stopping by rasamalai :)


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