Thursday, 3 March 2011

34! Lucky 34!

In the movie Sex and the City I, Carrie and Big are viewing a very disappointing apartment, number 33, so Carrie says to Big '34! lucky 34!' as they walk out and find themselves heading up to the luxurious penthouse pad .....

... well I had very good news for Mother Hare Eolande last week because in the latest issue of Scottish magazine Homes and Interiors, on lucky page 34 ...

... there she was, Mother Hare Eloande, looking oh-so glamorous with every hair in place!

as soon as I brought the magazine home Eolande immediately left her conifer encyclopaedia and research papers on the floor and jumped up onto the chair to pose by her picture

then she called over her friends, Venus and Morgana, to come and have a look

they all ooooh'd and aaaah'd until Morgana mentioned that the caption said 'Hop It' ....


surely it was meant to say Hop To It? thought Eolande? after all, hop it is rather a, er, dismissive term is it not?

then as she read thru the article she noticed that my website address was spelt incorrectly

Instead of Dragon House of Yuen it was 'Yeun'.
Gosh! no-one will find me! said Eolande concerned. I said not to worry, as they had my name there and if someone really, really wanted her as their hare then they would google me.

Whew! that's a relief! said Eolande as she sat there pondering this, then she happened to look down and noticed a wolf at her ankles!

'Goodness me!' she exclaimed 'just as well they had Hop It as the title, what with a wolf at number 35!'

Eolande and I want to say a big thanks to Kat at Homes and Interiors Scotland for the super feature of Eolande - we both approve leaps and bounds!


  1. congratulations, how wonderful to be featured! I love your photos too, all the hares gathering round...

  2. Many congrats on the feature, but I do hope they post a correction in the next issue. I'd hate to see you miss out on any possible new orders because of a silly typo.

  3. What a wonderful way to spread the word about your fabulous work...but I hope all the publicity doesn't go to Eolande's head!

  4. Congratulations! Did you write to them to let them know that they misspelled your address?

  5. Oh wow congrats on the magazine coverage...disspointing that they got the name wrong but it's great of you to be positive about it...your right it's unique enough of a name so if people 'googled' it they'll find you:D Congrats again.

    How did you get into the magazine? I haven't gotten up the nerve to approach magazines to show my work yet, I think partly because I've no ideal how to go about it...any advice??

  6. Wow - congrats on your feature Annette! Very impressive ;-)

  7. yayyy, so well deserved !

  8. Awesome and exciting, definitely worth a break in conifer research!

  9. Congratulations, Annette! And congrats to Eolande!

  10. wonderful for you and the entire clan, Annette! Congrats and I hope this leads to something even bigger!!

  11. Congrats to you. What an aggravation to have your address spelled wrong but I am sure people can find you anyway.

  12. many thanks for all your lovely comments!!

    the typo is no big deal, if you put it in then google immediately comes up with my real address, so it's all cool!
    plus - just search my name and you will find my hares, and I've always believed that the right person will find their hare :)

    Mandy I shall post about that some day infact! and contact you now :)

  13. Fantastic! How cool is that!
    xx, shell

  14. Congrats Annette and Eolande,
    I love your writing :-)
    hope you'll have lots of adopter for Eolande and her friends


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