Saturday, 7 May 2011

Baby Hare and Mother Hare Tailes of Adventure Exhibition - now on!

Welcome to my exhibition!

I have now set up my mama and baby hares at the Portobello Library, Edinburgh and they will be there until the 27th May.

even though I planned it all, with military precision, on the actual day big changes had to be made, and now 5 days later more big changes are being made!

The best laid plans of rabbits and hares had been carried off in the breeze as my mum and I made our way down to the library with the menagerie!

However, prior to that, back at the warren, I had everything running smoothly - babies were being mothered-up and

snaps taken to see if they sat well together, neck-name collars on

then came the official photo shoot for every one

and the rather cramped conditions for the journey to the library - just as well I have no assigned health and safety personnel working for me, otherwise the trip would have been cancelled on sardine, er, humanitarian grounds!

Arabella inspects from the side and makes sure there are no strays - you know what babies can be like?

then in situ the family groups are set out on their shelves

and double checks were made, to make sure the right family members were all together

and finally the hares were set out in order - some babies had been misbehaving and were removed

and the good ones settled in well - resting comfortably on tiny bags of sand that I had filled up at the beach, minutes away from the exhibition.

I stitched up the bags from the material that held the stuffing, so waste not - want not, and they made perfect sand bags for support.

and at the top were my baby hare wall decals produced by Paul from Wilson Graphics on etsy.
A while ago I did a collaboration with Paul and my hare illustrations were made into various sizes. They are really cute!

and very adorable - just like real rabbits and hares - inquisitive

and playful!

all of these are for sale as well, and ready to grace your home, or car, or ...

meanwhile I was having second thoughts about Baby Hare Vexer staying in the display as he made a dash from mama Oksana ...

but I was being humoured!
he had dashed over to explore the fairy, er, hare door wall decal that Paul had sent over too!

so my show is now up and running ....

and I was only 1 week late in promoting it, and 2 weeks late in getting my act together - I still have changes to make and tomorrow my mum is coming down to help me and I am going to be printing the stories extra large and easy to read, as most of the people who have visited have not really taken the time to read the tiny point 8 size text, set far in, on the back of the wall, where it's hard to see, even for someone with sight as good as a hares!

in Edinburgh, Scotland for the month of May? do stop by!
just google map Portobello Library, Edinburgh
Mon to Thur - 8pm
Fri to Sun - 5pm


  1. Glad to see Miss Arabella keeping every hare in its place. ;)

  2. Wonderful display! I wish I could visit, I would love 'ooh-ing' and 'ahh-ing' over the cuteness and stories.

  3. Gaspingly lovely!!!! I love the rose hare and her babies.

  4. Annette HOW WONDERFUL. so cool, i'm betting these fly off the shelves :)

  5. Looks great, Annette, wishing you and the buns HUGE success !!

  6. Crafty Green Poet led me hear and I love your rabbits!!! Wish I was able to see your darling show!

  7. "sigh" I would love to visit anytime of the year. You Hare's look wonderful.

    I ordered a bag of the Myristol pellets for Haven and Millie Mouse. Look forward to trying them out. Thanks for that info.

  8. It's beautiful! I wish I could be there to see it in person!
    xx, shell

  9. Your display looks great...hope your sell oodles:D XO.

    p.s. Ms Rabbit has just arrived at my house. I'll be posting about her soon. XO.

  10. What a uniquely beautiful exhibition! So much work and preparation has surely paid off, they look wonderful :D

  11. that is quite an active bunch you have to contend with, Annette. But it looks very friendly and inviting!!

  12. Don't know how, but I am going to try to get to this!

  13. beautiful, hope to see these in your shop too

  14. You did a great job and you are very creative. I've never seen an exhibition of hares. It's very unique!

  15. thank you ALL so much for all your lovely comments!!

    the hares will be going into my etsy shop, minus a couple :)

  16. Looks like an amazing wee exhibition Annette - I'm so gutted that I missed it =( I laughed out loud about the misbehaving hares having to be removed!!


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