Thursday, 11 August 2011

don't say BOO! to a .......

..... to a squirrel!!
did you know the saying is 'don't say boo to a goose'? I didn't! I had to google it. Anyway, there are no geese here - only squirrels and hares!

and if you are the type of person who prefers to listen instead of read then you will be pleased to know that I have now started to read aloud and upload my baby hare and baby squirrel stories as 'boos'

and if you'd like to hear me rambling on for 3 minutes with your morning coffee or evening cup of tea then please visit my AudioBoos page.
(ofcourse you could just go there to hear what I sound like too - I do have a bit of a Scottish accent with a mish mash of other strains in there as well)

My first ever story is of Baby Squirrel Sprig who has a papa deer! did you ever?! and isn't she such a pretty little lady?

I recorded it 3 times before I was reasonably happy with my mutterings so I hope you are able to understand me if you decide to listen in.

and after that first attempt I was rather excited and recorded Baby Hare Forever and the twinkling stars straight after!
Forever has many admirers on etsy since I listed him last week.

I want to thank Rhiannon from StarryBlueSky for introducing me to AudioBoos via her blog!

I've been thinking about lots of different avenues for my short stories and perhaps a 3 minute morning boo, or an evening bedtime story boo would be a nice way for you to enjoy your cup of tea?


  1. Not exactly the same but a squirrel said "boo" to me. He was sitting in the feeder and I didnt see him. I walked up and he jumped up and we were both startled and ran in opposite directions. LOL.

  2. ha ha Christina! that would have been fun to see :)


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