Thursday, 13 October 2011

bounding amongst the Snow Blossom Hares

is a happy hound ...

this young chap came to life yesterday and he is my new baby canine ornament design
(aka baby greyhound)

the new Snow Blossom hares weren't too worried though because as they all knew - puppies love to play

but then again, the hound is rather large and the hares rather tiny ...

these new hares are racing as fast as the deer across the meadow

not that they are wary of hounds either, it's just that hares love to run, and to feel the wind on the backs of their ears is one of the joys of being a hare
(hasn't a hare told you that lately?)

however, happy baby hound is not giving up - he wants new friends as all puppies do! and he won't stop being friendly until he is befriended!

- well! that didn't take long!
he has a new friend already!

one of these ornaments will be getting donated to the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary very, very soon, that my lovely friend Jane from The Dog House supports, and who does alot of work for them with fostering of furries!

and from firm friends to friendship affirmation!

what happens when you make a boo boo with a friend?
and sending a text is too casual, a letter too formal and an email just not personal enough?

- you send the xoxo kiss and make up baby hare!

this is my new card design with Sorry baby hare on the front

forgiven? baby hare inside with a heart shaped box filled with your favourite xoxo's

and ofcourse, in all friendships, is thankful baby hare on the back

because without friends the world would be a not so happy place - just ask the puppies!

- and the friendly Snow Blossom hares

- the more friends the merrier,
just as long as no-one hogs all the xoxo's, everyone will be fine :)


  1. I love the new baby canines Annette! & thank you so much for so kindly donating one to raise funds for SGS. The new cards are lovely too ;-)

  2. your hounds are very handsome! I like the forgiveness hare cards too!

    Looks like I can comment again! Hurrah!

  3. Those sweet hares know how to keep silly puppies busy; they'll make him chase them until he gets tired and falls asleep. :)

  4. thanks Jane, glad to help the hounds :)

    thank you Juliet! glad you can comment :)

    indeed Jade!

    thanks Christina!


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