Monday, 12 December 2011

Xmas trees and Winter Fire Hares

some embers from the coal & pine cone fire turned into hares yesterday

and made their way into my etsy shop ...

they came from a scrap of thrifted cotton fabric

that is resilent to bleaching or fading or colour removers. Long story short about that coming soon!
Note: the baby hare above is made from a scrappier scrap of this material that has been thru the wringer (a few times) so much so that it fell apart!

and with warm winter fires comes trees decked with delights -

delights such as, er, upcycled double shot take away cups from Starbucks ...
too cute to recycle bin them, so I added a scrap of my favourite reindeer wrapping paper, that has been too adorable to use for the last year, but this year I gave in and used a morsel of it

and more delights such as these small size Starbucks take away cups with a fox and bird and the words
"When we're together every day is a snow day'" aaaw! isn't that just so romantic and sweet!
so ofcourse I had to have a few of them too to scatter around the base of the tree

and when I was in Stavanger, Norway, the other month I bought this little canister when I saw these hungry furry tiny critters taking winter peanuts on the wrapping
amazing how cute they are! even more amazing that I only bought the one and not 10, like I usually like to do. And it was only a $1.
What was I thinking that day?

so it's sitting on my big present box, amongst the unused robin xmas bags (bought them for the beautiful picture ofcourse and no intention of using them ... ever),
and beside the unused tinsel stuffed into one of the smaller robin bags
and next to my darn cute doggy paw print advent calendar (also unused at the moment - I did go as far as opening my box of chocolates to fill it but there were less than 24 in it, and after a cup of tea there were less than 10 remaining, so no point of stuffing stockings then eh?)

and before you shake your head about my woeful xmas attitude, yes that is a photo of Wesley from 2 days ago eating his opened xmas present of a bag of dried carrot pieces which he loves!

I mean, who is getting a surprise here? Wesley who has the best nose going, he smelt the carrots thru the bubble mailer when they came thru the letter box,
or me,
surprised if I actually do wrap them all up just to look at them for 12 days with Wesley by my side before we unwrap them all - already knowing what's inside?

hmmm maybe too much to think about perhaps?

even Winter Hare looks frazzled :)

might take a trip down to Starbucks and bring back some more tiny cups and some bigger fox cups .....


  1. I'm always buying mugs or cups that catch my fancy; I figure they're always good to have for tea (or coffee, or cocoa...) The biggest problem I have is finding room for them all. :)

  2. Those Winter Hares are hot! I really like their patterns. And Wesley, adorable as always....

  3. I love the colours of those winter hares, so beautiful! It's an adorable photo of Wesley too

  4. I am with Juliet. The colors of the winter hares are great. You always create the most amazing bunnies and find the neatest treasures too.

    Keep up the good work Wesley. There may be a job somewhere for a carrot sniffing bun.

  5. Love your finds and your winter hares. The beautiful hares you gave me are hanging out on my tree having delightful conversations this year.
    Wesley is a fabolous carrot sniffer outter! ;)

  6. Oh and there is a parcel on it's way to you. He may sniff something in that too. :)

  7. Jade I have that very same problem here! but the routine persists ....

    thank you Karen!

    thanks Juliet (Wes is saying thankses as well!)

    Christina - Wes has his cv done already and has been practising on more carrot sniffing here

    glad you have them out Shell!
    goodness!! we are watching the mail box :)
    !!! thank you!

  8. I like your relaxed attitude to Xmas, & I forgive you not stuffing your advent calendar ;-)


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