Saturday, 24 December 2011

happy xmas and all that jazz .....

and for one small hare it is also 'Happy Birthday'!

Please meet baby hare Christmas.

Little Christmas came into the world against his mama’s will. She tried in vain to get him out the week before xmas, but on xmas eve the youngster was kicking and moving and she knew that he would be in the world within hours.
And a little while later in the late evening’s moonlight the baby was born, strong and healthy and hungry.
Thank goodness! because as all hare mama’s know, a hungry and demanding baby makes for a fit leveret.
Word got around the glade that a very special xmas baby had been born and soon he was being greeted by the other mama’s, who came with gifts, as is the hare tradition.
One brought an abundance of love, another gave happiness, then there was the gift of compassion and that of speed, and one of patience, and the last mama of all gave the gift of humour, because being born on xmas day and not having any other presents for a whole 364 days was a bit hard to endure by anyone, let alone a tiny hare.
Christmas’s mama thanked them all kindly and then dried off his forehead which was now rather wet with all the kisses he had received. He looked up at mama and smiled and she gave him a warm hug and said to him that presents were really over-rated anyway and he should never worry about material things because attributes and emotions are so much more valuable, and after half a day they never lose their novelty!
Well, when Christmas went visiting his friends and saw all their xmas presents he wasn’t so sure what mama really meant, because he had had so much fun playing with all the toys and he had been there for nearly the whole day.
Then as was leaving a few of the other babies laughed at him and with big smirks on their faces commented that they would be getting the same amount of presents again in a few months time on their birthdays, unlike him.
Christmas wasn’t too happy when he heard that and sulked all the way home. He decided that from now on he would have a birthday every day and a present a day too.
Then he had a little think and wondered if mama would have enough wrapping paper for all his many presents, and then he wondered where he would put them all because his room was rather small and he didn’t have too much spare space. And after a really hard think he decided that he only really wanted just a few special toys, not 365 of them, because that would be too many to play with.
So before he told mama about his new plan he decided to change his mind and just make do with one huge amount of presents once a year after all.
And because he was given a sense of humour he didn’t even mind if he got less presents than any of the other babies, because appreciating a single gift was much more important than gloating over a huge pile of them.
He could always go and play with their toys he thought. Yes, that sounded good to him and he smiled a little smile to himself.

Christmas is looking forward to snoozing warmly on your armchair. He would like the window open a little please as mama will be coming by every day to see him and he will be going out to play with his friends. Well, er, his friends’ toys, let’s get the facts straight there!
And he may even bring back a few toys every now and again, especially the ones that they get bored with after half a day of playing because they have too many toys already, and what with a birthday a few months after xmas and a new batch of toys, it means that there will always be boring toys at the bottom of the toy box that have lost their novelty.
Christmas has a small collection of interesting toys that have the label ‘boring’ on them, and wants you to know that he isn’t bored by them in the slightest, because after a year of playing they merely become worn out, not boring.
Infact he would be grateful to have a rummage in the bottom of your toy box to see what you label as boring.
You never know, you could be the same as his friends – always wanting bigger and better and faster and newer ….. My, my, he will be a lucky hare this xmas!

A few times a week I write posts for my etsy team's blog In The Making and tonight I wrote about little Christmas.
Infact tonight that little hare was named and storied just for that post! what with it being xmas and all that!
(is 'storied' a verb? it is now!)

If you'd like to see some beautiful shopping ideas by talented artists out there then stop by In The Making blog any time.
Charlie and Sybil, Pey's two rescue rabbits, wish everyone an xoxo holiday time from In The Making team!

every year I can count the xmas cards I get on one hand!
but in the last 2 years I have had to use two hands! infact two hands and some of the toes from one foot this year!

and I must say, that has been terribly exciting because that's even counting the card I get from my vet's every year and the religious one that comes thru the letter box. And I won't mention that I used to take out old cards from previous years and display them again just because I liked the pictures. I, em, put a stop to that!

But - I do love snail mail! especially xmas time.
I got this beautiful handmade card by Juliet, of Crafty Green Poet, in the mail this week. Juliet chose a gorgeous white hare in the snow and added some embossed foil and I just love it totally!
Thank you Juliet! this one is a keeper :)

and also in the mail this week came a beautiful surprise from my friend Shell, of the Raspberry Rabbits.
A delicate rabbit ornament in memory of my precious Arabella. I shed some tears as I placed the bun on my xmas tree.

Wesley and I have been missing her, and the other night I called my little mister Arabella! *sigh*

Shell has lost precious rabbits too and this year her darling Sugie left for the heavens.
She sent me this gorgeous handmade card of a brown rabbit in the snow and with comforting words inside.
Thank you Shell, you have touched my heart :)

Wes also got a present, from Shell's two rescue rabbits, Harrington and his lady Hannah GoldenHare. They gave him a bag of dried bananas. Wesley has never had dried bananas before and he is taking a little while to get the taste of them. But he says thank you Hannah and Harrington!

A couple of weeks ago he got a small infestation of fur friends (some may call them mites or what not...) but we prefer not to name names, so out came the matted and loose fur and on went some herb cooling gel and drops of Kyolic Garlic to work it's magic.
Well, I checked his fur a couple of days later and the invaders had all but disappeared, so now we are waiting for the new fur to come thru and the garlic to dissipate.

yeah! yeah! smelling like a vampire's nightmare! just get me some dried carrots and what's all this about xmas day? every day here is xmas day here as far as I'm concerned!

(As you can see he is still deciding about the bananas!
and as for his early xmas present of 3 bags of dried carrots from the other week - well, er, they are all but eaten!
but shhh! don't tell Wes :)

have a great Christmas! travel safely, eat well and drink in moderation (if there is ice on your paths :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Hearts, Harts, & Hares

this is my everlasting xmas tree and I adorned it with my 3 loves -

harts, hearts and


Could a tree ever be more perfect?
(well, for me anyway, em, not really!)

I absolutely adore deer and hearts and it makes for a tree filled with love.

The red reindeer came from Ikea this year. Too cute to pass up. I know reindeer males are bulls and not harts, which are actually male red deer, and the reindeer females are cows and not does. But my title would not have had the same ring to it if I had written hearts, bull and hares ....

The metal filigree hearts are cheap earring sets that I dismantled for decorations. I don't wear earrings because I have a fear of getting my ears ripped off (strange fear huh?), what with those dangly things just waiting to catch on something strong and unforgiveable!

And the clay heart is handmade by Pey from etsy shop Forever In My Heart and is a very special heart indeed!

I have 4 of these beautiful hearts infact!

and they are all individual and very meaningful.

One is dedicated to Arabella - my heart who was - and who now lives on in my heart every day.

A little while ago I went thru my whisker box and chose a couple of Arabella's long svelte black whiskers to send to Pey

the panther guards them well

there was a big choice - Arabella would leave a whisker a day (nearly) for me to collect and add to the whiskerstash

and I also managed to choose 2 of Wesley's rarer albino ones, which are totally invisible on anything except black!

and then I pulled out a few tufts of Arabella's browny fur and some of Wesley's snow white fur from my tuft pile
(I didn't pull tufts out of the buns, goodness no! I had gathered these small fleeces over time from their blankets and those stray bits that sit enticingly atop their rump :) and had them squirreled away in a box)

and a short while later I opened my parcel from Canada and glanced lovingly thru my tears at my memory heart of Arabella
as I held it carefully in my hand, and remembered her, the smell of her fur, her small wet tongue licking my nose tip vigorously before she would then finish with a good nip

and my heart of Zai, which I got a while back

and ofcourse a heart for Wes.
My little mister is still here with me, mr Wesley, and his memory heart embraces life, because every second passed is a memory

I love my hearts, and Pey makes each one unique and every one I have received has been christened with my tears, as it is such an emotional experience to receive something made with love that holds so much love and memories.
Thank you Pey!!

My tree would not be complete without hares now would it?

A couple of weeks ago I got this little chap and as soon as he scampered onto the branches I knew the rest of his litter mates should join in also ...

very unusual in hare births - there were 3 siblings!

and as soon as I opened the parcel from Sara of etsy shop Pavlova and Fox, they all bounded over to the tree and found a comfy spot!

They are made by Robert, down in England, and Sara puts his beautiful wooden carvings in her shop. Thank you Robert! love my hares!

and I know I mentioned this in a post not long ago, but my addiction to Starbuck's early grey tea with hot soya milk means that I get given these little shot cups on every visit.
And I asked them if they recycle their waste, and I was told no, so I take home the paper and plastic bits to recycle bin myself.
Only thing is, these little shot cups are now decorations for my tree with my favourite reindeer scraps on them, from my cherished and nearly unused xmas paper from Ikea last year! I only bought one roll and have used it very sparingly!

and every day candles are lit to bring in that festive cheer ...
and maybe a 4 legged festive squirrel or two ....
these little intrepid beings are my very first 4 legged sculptures and one will be in my etsy shop very soon (the other one, Cranachan, lives in Norway - yup! a birthday request from a tiny niece)

and ofcourse at xmas time you must have pepperhearts to snack on with your cups of tea!

I bought 2 boxes in Stavanger to last me thru the season.
About a week after arriving back, in November, the first box became empty!
It just sort of happened! I'm not sure I remember exactly how though ....

Baby Hare Munro - who likes to say 'I didn't remember because it's not important to me'

Little Munro has a bad memory. At first it wasn’t apparent, well for the first few days after he was born and never ventured out of his nest it wasn’t apparent. But on the 4th day when he decided to take his first foray into the big world, stepped outside his nest and scooted across the meadow to explore, admire the flowers and nibble anything he could get his teeth on, mama soon realized that something was a little amiss.
When it was dinner time and he was a minute late mama became worried and set off to find him. She searched thru all the grasses in the meadow, searched in vain for ages and ages and could find him no-where. Only to make her way home feeling very sad when suddenly she stumbled across him in another mama’s nest!
Goodness me! she exclaimed, and clutching him to her chest asked Munro what on earth had happened and why on earth was he is a strange nest?
Munro looked up at mama and said plaintively that he didn’t know. After playing he was making his way back home when suddenly he realized he had forgotten to remember where his nest was, so he jumped into the first one he came across. And! he cried, he had been waiting ages and ages for mama to bring dinner! Gosh he sure was hungry!
Well, wasn’t mama just a little surprised, perplexed even. None of her babies had ever done this before. Every day would have to be approached with consideration if Munro was to be able to use his memory facilities efficiently. He had to concentrate harder than all the other babies in kindergarten, and the teacher did not take ‘I didn’t remember because it’s not important to me’ as an acceptable excuse! The other babies gave small smirks of superiority as he blurted this out time and time again. Not that that bothered Munro – he just didn’t notice them because he didn’t deem it important to listen to the noises they made.
His teacher pulled out a few hairs in frustration, and said to him that it’s important to notice and absorb all the things happening around you because you never know when you may need to recall that specific piece of information, or that specific situation. Munro’s little greyey-brown eyes opened really wide at this and he promised to try and be a better rememberer.

Munro is looking forward to dozing comfortably on your armchair. He will be thinking about the importance of trying to remember all that he sees and hears. He’d like the window left open a little please as mama will be stopping by to see him every day and he has kinder to go to as well.
He is looking forward to trying to remember things so he hopes that you will help him. But you have to take it slow as he may appear flurried and a little disinterested at first as his brain tries to handle the information overload.
Though over time it will get easier to process and file all the stuff, he knows that, he’s just not so sure how it will all happen so smoothly. He’s heard that brains are big complex things but he’s been wondering how big his brain really is, because after all, he only has a small hare head. And it’s not even as big as mamas!
You are good at recalling things aren’t you? And you will be able to help him when his memory flags won’t you? He hopes so, as he doesn’t want to be in a pickle and make it seem like he is uninterested in you and what you are doing, when you ask him a question and he is sitting there with a slightly vacant look on his face.

a few more hares will be hopping into my etsy shop soon, if I can only get them away from the pepperhearts and the xmas tree,
...em, remember their names!

Friday, 16 December 2011


from my heart

my customers will be familiar with my wrapping style (above) when they receive their orders, but a few others out there have also received those packages as well, and I'm quite sure they haven't been shopping on etsy!

I like to make special presents for my fur friends out there - the ones whom I read about on blogs, and those who are the fur friends of my friends.

I like to give, for no better reason than to give.
And I know that's 'not cool' but my giving has no agenda, I give because it makes me feel good and I hope with all my heart that the fur friend receiving will love their present.

The two hearts above are for buns that have been, but remain dear in a heart.

and this pup was my model for making a supportive mat for a bun called Haven who had head tilt.

so I tilted the head of the dog to see if the mat and rollers would provide the right support for Haven.

all my mats have hearts on them, and apart from Haven's special support mat, they are all heart shaped.
Hearts mean love and love is endless, always and forever.

I first met Haven when I stopped by Christina's blog Rabid Tidbits.

Christina is an inspirational woman and I know that if I ever get to meet her in person then I will warm to her immediately. I love visiting her blog and reading her posts, every time, every single thing she writes about, and the honest and forthright way she does it.
Today I was feeling a little low, so I went to the place I knew where I would feel love and warmth and hope and inspiration and happiness - and after reading a couple of posts I was truly grateful that I know Christina and her rabbits and her blog.

Here is precious Haven on his mat.
Haven is in heaven now, but his spirit remains strong and his mama Christina is doing excellent work for her own rescue buns and those at her local rescue Heartland Rabbit Rescue.

Christina I want to say thank you for being there! and being so super,
I have cried with you, laughed with you and smiled with you (today I did all three) - you always bring a light of warmth, love and happiness to my day. Thank you

This fluffy heart went to a very special doggie down under.

Harry was saved at the last minute by Christabel and her sister.
Christabel is a very stylish artist whom I met on etsy and she has a huge heart!

Harry is adorable, and I made his cushion to resemble his beautiful curly fur.

Harry has a heart murmur and bad ears due to a neglected infection, but now he has love every day and a place in two hearts!
He is so beautiful! and I'm very happy that he loves his heart and uses it as his pillow!

My very first heart shaped mats went to Ginny and Weasley.

Beautiful Ginny is no longer here but her papa Weasley is and he writes a blog post every now and again at Rabbits Eats Quilts.

I love to stop by and see what he is up to, he is a handsome chap and my heart warms every time he does a post. Plus he is blind!! and his qwerty touch typing is spot on (much, much better than mine)
... and .... he always picks the best sun spots in the house!

I started to put frills around my heart mats, making them more substantial, and adding little bits on.

This mat is for my god-kitten Miki.
Yes! I am a god-mother!!
I have never been a god-mother before (must check infact to see what my responsibilities are!).
Miki was a very lucky kitten - she was taken in by Pey when she was a hungry stray and given a forever home. Pey has a huge heart and Miki joins a home with other lucky rescues living there.

I made a 'cat's 9 tails' (or rather, paw print tails) to go with it. Cats like to play after all.

and I made a faux fur paw print attached to the point of the heart on some ribbon so that Miki will have something interesting to swat around as she lounges around on it!
Isn't she beautiful, and yes, she has just been naughty - you can tell eh

and this heart went to a fur friend down under

there is also an attached faux fur paw print on the mat for Charlie to swat at when he is not chasing Aussie lizards in the shade!

and another batch of cat-of-9-tails / paw prints! Charlie is a bit shy so there is no photo of him
(the hare and the faux fur basket are mine)

and this xmas an adorable little Norwegian guinea pig will be very happy!

Tomas will be getting his own heart mat to match his coat! complete with tiny paw print

when I was in Norway the other month I looked after darling Tomas every day. I took a huge platter into the garden and covered it with fresh grass for him.
He loves the grass - can you see the mouthful of 10 strands!!

Wesley also kindly gave Tomas a bag of his favourite dried carrot pieces for xmas and I filled 3 small bags
with assorted tasty hays for Tomas to snack on, for when the grass is covered in snow (probably about now.
Tomas and I got on very well, he is a beautiful little ball of softness and every night he would squeak away goodnight to me and the same again in the morning, and as I brought the huge platter of fresh grass in his squeaks would be the loudest of all!!

Giving is good, it makes me feel good and I reckon that's alright. Cool or not :)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Xmas trees and Winter Fire Hares

some embers from the coal & pine cone fire turned into hares yesterday

and made their way into my etsy shop ...

they came from a scrap of thrifted cotton fabric

that is resilent to bleaching or fading or colour removers. Long story short about that coming soon!
Note: the baby hare above is made from a scrappier scrap of this material that has been thru the wringer (a few times) so much so that it fell apart!

and with warm winter fires comes trees decked with delights -

delights such as, er, upcycled double shot take away cups from Starbucks ...
too cute to recycle bin them, so I added a scrap of my favourite reindeer wrapping paper, that has been too adorable to use for the last year, but this year I gave in and used a morsel of it

and more delights such as these small size Starbucks take away cups with a fox and bird and the words
"When we're together every day is a snow day'" aaaw! isn't that just so romantic and sweet!
so ofcourse I had to have a few of them too to scatter around the base of the tree

and when I was in Stavanger, Norway, the other month I bought this little canister when I saw these hungry furry tiny critters taking winter peanuts on the wrapping
amazing how cute they are! even more amazing that I only bought the one and not 10, like I usually like to do. And it was only a $1.
What was I thinking that day?

so it's sitting on my big present box, amongst the unused robin xmas bags (bought them for the beautiful picture ofcourse and no intention of using them ... ever),
and beside the unused tinsel stuffed into one of the smaller robin bags
and next to my darn cute doggy paw print advent calendar (also unused at the moment - I did go as far as opening my box of chocolates to fill it but there were less than 24 in it, and after a cup of tea there were less than 10 remaining, so no point of stuffing stockings then eh?)

and before you shake your head about my woeful xmas attitude, yes that is a photo of Wesley from 2 days ago eating his opened xmas present of a bag of dried carrot pieces which he loves!

I mean, who is getting a surprise here? Wesley who has the best nose going, he smelt the carrots thru the bubble mailer when they came thru the letter box,
or me,
surprised if I actually do wrap them all up just to look at them for 12 days with Wesley by my side before we unwrap them all - already knowing what's inside?

hmmm maybe too much to think about perhaps?

even Winter Hare looks frazzled :)

might take a trip down to Starbucks and bring back some more tiny cups and some bigger fox cups .....