Tuesday, 5 June 2012

and then there were TWO!

Wes was having a nice afternoon nap when ...

... a new friend came by to play ... 

but as they saying goes 
- you should always let sleeping dogs lie - Wesley was in no mood for games

so the new member of the household crumpled up his nose and went off to sulk

actually he didn't really sulk - he went back to his spot on the floor by my new old jug and my old old plate

I was at a church sale the other month (aren't they the best, bless :) and I was so lucky to find this gorgeous little fluffy dog and the covetable light Wedgwood blue jug! wow! I was in heaven! 

I put the jug with my old plate that I bought in some scrap yard (yes, really!) for 50p ($1) and it was a perfect compliment 

the jug is very old and rather on the fragile side, but I shall be using it to water my plants. 
No idea where it came from or where it was made, there are no marks under it, but it is appreciated and loved wholeheartedly! Imagine, it only cost £8! 

The dog was free! because I had filled a bag with bits of this and thats and the church chap, who had his own little Boston terrier under the table by him, was delighted that I was buying so many things, so he rounded the amount down! - like I said, church sales - hard to beat eh?

and I was breathless when I found this art deco type plate stand! 

I had no idea what it actually was when I first saw it, and held it tight as my imagination envisioned a real fancy towel holder, then the church lady said it was a plate stand.
I did swither for a few seconds when I heard it was £2, I wasn't sure if I really needed it, as I only like to bring home stuff that will be used, loved and admired and wondered where to put it.
But after a 10 second flurry with the brain my heart said yes!

(so a spare spot on the kitchen carpet has my little display nicely on view! and Wes goes over to admire it and lick the edges of the plate)

I have been busy with hares - ofcourse ! New mamas 

some have been sold already, some are for a local shop and others have homes to grace in far off lands

I am blessed that my hares all find their forever homes. I am grateful that people take these creations into their hearts to share smiles and love with

I made a new size hare - it's a baby hare in the mama shape - and some of the nippers will be in my etsy shop very soon 

I made a few up and I really do love them. I made a couple for myself as well! 

and I made some real life large baby hares too.

it's not been all stitching and stuffing and sewing though - I do still use the computer every day.

Sometimes this inanimate object likes to perplex me - and the last time it did, I immediately grabbed my camera, so I could study in detail exactly what was happening!
However, even though it is in English, with simple words, the meaning of all this blurb is lost on me! 

- so I did what any normal person would do - I ignored it, and rebooted :) 

aahhh! blue screens and sleeping dogs! life would be too easy without them?


  1. what a lot of bargains from the Church sale!

    Lovely hares too!

  2. Love those baby hares, with hares on their flanks!

  3. For the first two pics, I actually thought it was a real dog and kept saying to myself, "That's the smallest Pekingese I've ever seen!"

    Church sales are marvelous things; you can find so many lovely treasures there. I don't go to very many, but I always enjoy it when I get the chance.

    Love the new mamas and babies!

  4. Church sales are always good and sometimes they have desserts too! Love all the hares as usual and Wesley is such a little love, even if he doesnt like his new friend.

  5. thanks Juliet :)

    thank you Karen

    Jade the doggie is very, very realistic and very sweet!

    yes Christina - my mama and I always have a cup of tea and homemade cake there too :) makes it even more delightful!


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