Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SALE! SALE! SALE! - time to catch a hare

I'm having a 30% off sale in my etsy shop! yay!

and all the hares have started to pack their knapsacks, collect their toothbrushes from the bathroom and fill their water bottles.

perhaps Mother Hare Beauty takes your fancy?

She had already packed her bag and was waiting eagerly by the door, and everything was going fine until Wesley went over to see her - and discovered some of his dried carrot chips in her bag!! tut tut!!
So she has now borrowed a needle and thread and is repairing her torn bag!

and there is Mother Hare Frisk,

she is looking forward to her new forever home and very excited to be making new friends

who loves to play in the reeds and the mud. Ofcourse she will have clean paws when she arrives at your home, don't worry about that!

All these hares, plus all the baby hares, plus all the other bits and pieces in my etsy shop are on sale for a week or two.

***Enter coupon code 30thanks to get the discount as you go thru checkout***

Do stop by and perhaps you will find something nice that will bring a smile every day to you, or as a gift for a friend.

Monday, 16 July 2012

... What the *@! ..!!!

yeah! yeah! back online, life back to normal ...

or so I thought ...

whose idea was it to get a Mac after using a PC for years??

well, the stock image above came from some nether region of my new-to-me-Mac Mini, and no I can't use my Word docs, Photoshop is an imagined dream and how the hell do I transfer files from my external hard drive to my new folders without flitting the bastards to my bloody desk top every single time?!

Frustration does not even come close to what I feel. So much to learn, words in English that mean nothing to me, icons that are from some Neolithic period, little knobs and thingys that do nothing when I am brave enough to click them with my mouse...
the days are just filled with excitement and the work is piling up.

Wes is shedding and I am still pulling hair.

... okay, now back to the grind stone!