Monday, 13 August 2012

it's all Go! Go! Go!

well the Mac Mini saga continues and I have been making progress, albeit a snail's pace progress in my learning.
but I must say I am impressed! (with the mac, not my computer acumen)

Anyway, inbetween all that techno-stuff I came across something very exciting today - British Military Hardware in action!
*sigh* *drool*
I'm the type of gal who glides by the lipstick counter and goes straight to the tank yards! so I was really excited to see this!

and whilst I had been drooling and spending my time productively I happened to glance down under my table and saw that I had been negligent in matters of the heart

and my little heart had become entwined in the phone cord

and was passing the time licking the stool leg, as er, rabbits do

and not in the least concerned that he was trapped, or in a battlefield filled with booby traps ......

so, em, after a fair few bribes and treats and kisses and back rubs, my little mister was fed and free and happy!
(and the phone cord now lives twirled up ontop of the phone!)

- and yes, it's all go here - squirrels being born, hares getting storied, watercolours of MBTs (main battle tanks) and other assorted military hardware being daubed on canvas .... busy, busy.....