Monday, 30 September 2013

love knows no bounds

Wesley was having a wee snooze after breakfast the other day

He so loves his breakfast time!

He runs over to me in the kitchen and sits happily between my feet and patiently waits as I chop up his parsnip and turnip and carrots and greens into thin slivers for him to munch on.

and I so love my movie time!

I go to the flicks every Wednesday with my mama to catch the latest movie. 
We've been doing this treat for a few years now and it is such a pleasure to watch an exciting movie on the big screen.
All snuggled down, cosy and comfy, with my cup of hot tea, some tasty snacks...

And omg!!! omfg!!! (heh heh :) - I am really totally absolutely so excited because my most favourite of all movies (oh, okay nearly most favourite of all, I have a few favs :) is coming out in a few weeks -

wow! can't wait!

I'm wondering how heavy his hammer Mjolnir is?
if it was in my gym, made of earth metal (iron/steel), then I'm reckoning about 60kg/132lbs from just looking at it, and judging by the size of the huge dumbbells (90 -100lbs) that the big boys use, and I have to heft out of my way to get to the smaller ones on the rack...

....ugh, I just googled it and came across some real cool science stuff (always liking the hypothetical facts :)
and after reading all of them, I reckon Answer 2 is the most credible, that the hammer is a containment device of Higgs Bosons -

"What if the hammer (Mjölnir) is not just a hunk of metal, but rather a concentration of Higgs Bosons with the "hammer" really being a containment device. 
I base this on the interaction between Captain America's vibranium shield vs Mjölnir.
Since vibranium can absorb (or cancel out?) kinetic energy, and Higgs Boson gives something its mass, ("kinetic energy") then the reaction of those two meeting would be an incredible force indeed.
If it is a Higgs Boson variable containment device, then it would be able to rest on normal object. Maybe people are unable to lift not because it's heavy, but rather it increases the nuclear strong force and the hammer literally becomes nuclearly bonded to whatever surface it's in contact with. Modifying the strong nuclear force would be fairly easy if it's modifying the Higgs field with impunity.
And in order to keep continuity, the Higgs Bosons could have been collected from a dying star, where the increase in mass would allow for easy harvesting of the bosons."

thank you to Mat for that!
(though Jane Foster, astrophysicist, may beg to differ?)

and if you wanna know more, then the Higgs Boson particle has been subjected to undivided attention in the Large Hadron Collider. It's all good interesting particle physics stuff.
The LHC incidentally is located at Polaris House, North Star Avenue! 
ha ha, polaris is also known as the 'North star' in the night's sky. So that's a witty and appropriate touch I reckon.

anyway, back to the grindstone, em, I mean, movie!

I have no idea what the plot is. 
Who cares anyway? 

it has that iconic Aussie Chris Hemsworth as Thor, 
and yes, he is shirtless again (you totally gotta check out the link!) in this one!

and all I can deduce from the trailers is that he comes back to Earth for his love - Jane. 
*sigh* 'nuff said!!

~ love knows no bounds ~


you can never go wrong with a handsome man who comes for his beautiful girl

what girl wouldn't want that to happen to them eh? I sure would!! 

and I wouldn't care if he is from the stars or not, though, em, a little bit of muscle/metal armour here and there would be nice :)

hey! who the hell's this intruder comin' for my breakfast!!? 

is it a heggs boston??

ha ha Wesley! 'course not! it's just a hedgehog :)

some little cut out marketing thingy that came in the mail the other week. Looked kinda cute so I made it up.... 

it knows exactly where to be - on LOVE

just keep away from my breakfast, spiky little higgs bottom, this food has to last me all day and all evening, don't ya know...


oh well, only a few more breakfasts to go, then movie time!

lovin' this comic style poster big time! just like the Conan comics I used to read (and er, still have :)

it's showing as a double bill - reckon I could do that one!



  1. Such a sweet boy he is! What a wonderful feast for breakfast. I can just picture him waiting patiently. I too love Thor. I can't wait to see this one! xx

  2. yes Shell, he is very patient and totally adoring as he waits :)
    and hey! excited to hear you love Thor too!

  3. Poor Wesley is all tuckered out.

    I love the movies too. All kinds of movies.


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