Wednesday, 13 November 2013

the Midnight Sun Vs Tropic of Capricorn

Autumn is here, again, the days are getting colder

and the sun is getting weaker, day by day 

some beautiful crystals catch the brightest rays, as do the eyes on the smallest hare 

nearly every day I am blessed with the sun shining brightly on me as I work at my desk

and that's a good thing, because I have grown to LOVE the sun more and more

when I was tiny I lived in Zambia for 5 years
growing up in the bush just a bit above the Tropic of Capricorn

surrounded by crocs, snakes, antelope, zebra, eles, lizards and every insect imaginable ~ and the insects in Zambia are the size of small antelopes!! I kid you not

and every day I played happily in the scorching sun, as it beat down on me, relentlessly

- but I was a kid - and kids don't really mind the searing heat, nor notice the bright rays,
well, I never seemed to mind. I was as brown as a berry in all my photos and my hair was nearly, well, it wasn't my dark brown now that's for sure. I was gonna say blonde, but I don't do blonde...  ....mmm, it was *sunkissed*

anyway, it's a long way up North, up here in Scotland with her snow and mountains, from the Tropic of Capricorn!

and the sun, whilst very hot in summer ~ if you lie as still as a lizard on a rock ~ just never seems as omnipresent as in the tropics

it's not ofcourse, I think I was being a little wistful?

but after Africa I then did the rest of my growing up in Outback Australia, in the Northern Territory - again, just above the Tropic of Capricorn
in the hot, hot stiflingly humid tropics of tropical Darwin,
and boy oh boy was it hot and humid all year round!! took me a few years to acclimatize unlike the dry heat in Africa 

and then after all that sun I needed a respite so I came back to Scotland to the grey, and clouds, and rain and fog 

and saying something about the sun being over-rated.. blah blah blah...

- and it wasn't just a fog lying on the land here, it was a fog in trying to understand the locals. Now that was hard!! 
I could hardly understand a thing anyone said, they spoke so fast, with such thick broad accents and really weird strange words. They thought I was taking the piss at work, because I kept saying 'excuse me?' every time they spoke to me, as I didn't have a clue what they had just said!

Hmmm what can I say? perhaps I was not as Scottish as I thought I was? Obviously not!
My most Scottishest word had always been 'aye' (yes)
(but i only used to say that when i lived in Australia....)

and if someone here says 'aye right!'  
it does not necessarily mean 'yes, okay' - it is local banter for 'what rubbish/your kidding/get away wi' yersel ya wee....'

anyway, back to the sun!

Wesley loves the sun shining in, and all day long he will follow it around the room, to bask in the warmth
he's a little sun-bug :)

just as well I have South facing windaes.. oops! sorry, I meant windows
(seriously, I do not talk with much of an accent or use the local banter, I promise)

and my delicious cups of Lady Grey tea are kissed by the autumn sun

so pretty!

always makes me think of the midnight sun, this fading winter sun does, sitting low on the horizon, not giving too much warmth in all it's brightness

even my little fountain seems to be doing a better job?

though it is really very beautiful when I go out to feed the squirrel and sparrows and other beasties

there is something rather mesmerizing about the sun at this time of year, that's for sure

the birds get to tuck in to some mixed seed from their Norwegian bird house

hmmm, perhaps it is rather Scandinavian eh? it did come from my sister-in-laws over in Norway

and em, so did their purdy little water dish. 
It's got 2 permanent water drinkers on the side. Often I see blackbirds standing in the centre taking vigorous baths after I've washed all the leaves out and refilled it.

Glad I got it home in one piece, inside my suitcase... the things you drag back home from your holidays eh??!

(and don't even ask me about the huge 1.8m steel-enforced cardboard tunnel I carted back from Norway for Wesley...!) (oh, alrighty, lying about the steel-enforced part, but it is construction material tunnels and I had to get the guy next door to cut it in 2 with his huge professional circular saw, and even then it was still too big to get in my suitcase ha ha!!) (the things I do for my rabbit eh?)(Wes turned his nose up at it infact)(sorted! sarcastic self-effacing adj.)

alrighty then, the sun is still shining, and the little squirrel that I feed every day comes scurrying across the branches to me when I put some nuts and raisins and sunflower seeds down for him (or her).

it is a rather small squirrel - this year's baby infact and the other 2 siblings have not made an appearance for quite some time, so I could be fattening up just the one tiny beastie

- fattening up to get thru the long winter months ahead I mean. Though I do feed the squirrel every day, so by next spring this little mite will be a huge bundle of fat I reckon?

the little squirrels I make are not so fat

still, that's not an issue,
they don't need to fatten up for hibernating as they will be spending their time on your Christmas tree
amongst all the pretty little sparkling winter suns

oh, okay, xmas tree lights then 
- I was only trying to add a bit of sparkle to the image

I've become rather attached to Achilles since I made him, in all his unkemptness, and sort-of innocence

and I really do love Adore as well
she really is a very beautiful little hare
such a gentle appearance
shall have to give her a tough persona with softened edges, to carry that kind of cuteness off then 

so, that's decided then - these 2 hares are mine
I think they are meant for each other infact? what do you think?
she adores him, he does indeed adore her....
... though no-one is saying anything...

hey?! what's this?

put the lights back on!

okay Wesley :) 
perhaps we should be considering a sojourn in the Tropic of Capricorn then?

Midnight Sun Vs Tropic of Capricorn - I think I will have both, thank you!

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