Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sexy Hot stuff! - a man's touch at The Leverets Nest

I go to my local cinema, Cineworld, every Orange Wednesday with my mum to catch the latest flick and I always enjoy the pre-movie trailers and the ads.

Lately it's been the new Diet Coke ad, with some lean dude mowing the lawn who gets wet and has to take his shirt off and ... you all know the story I'm sure...

and so I thought to myself - 

if coke-a-cola use sex to sell their brown sugary drinks, surely I can use a lil' bit of hot stuff to sell my hares huh?!

Well, I happen to workout 6 days a week in an excellent free weight gym with serious athletes and they spot for me when I am benching 60+kgs, or decline pressing 70kgs, and give me the best advice ever on my deadlifts, which were an easy 13 reps on 80kg last time (will be 90kg next week for sure)

anyway, you get the picture - they are all super nice to me

and so, one of the super-nicest ones kindly said yes to me, he would hold my hares and humour me, as I took snaps to spice up my etsy shop a bit :)

Baby hare Adair was so excited! 
his blue coat perfectly matched the rack and he was held as gently and tenderly as a newborn

and Baby hare Fergus was thrilled at being in the gym because his eyes are the colour of the walls and he wanted to meet my friends too, 
(he was about to win the arm wrestle but I missed the shot)

plus, Fergus' coat is slightly tatty with threads fraying as it was once the lining of a jacket, and the gym is also a bit careworn with it's chips and dents and all that - and Ferg loved that - and me too!

Adair and Ferg had a few words about who was the strongest baby, as they eyed the impressive arms they were held in
slightly leaner Ferg said appearances had nothing to do with it, just look at Annette, scrawny but strong,
more robust Adair said - well, big weights means big muscles - just look at our new friend here

Baby hare Fighter was more than pleased because his dinosaur filled coat matched the cam pants and boots of his new pal, as they discussed the tastiest protein intake

Fighter said that he had only tried the occasional ear wig and ant that had crossed his path, after all he was a hare and hares are meant to be vegetarian
mind you, the ant was tasty he said, but he's not told anyone yet....

Mother hare Vortexa, on the left, and Mother hare Matrexa were so delighted to see inside my gym, 
and em, to be pressed tight against the chest of their special new friend
(the bench had some drool on it afterwards, so I made them wipe it up, as that's only gym protocol...)

Matrexa oohed at the huge weights, then spotted the mirror and started to groom her coat

but then her eye caught sight of the amazing tattoo on her new friends arm, and my, my she sure had some compliments to give him, 
because, she went on, did he know that her coat is from an upcycled tea towel that came from the Northern Territory in Australia where Annette grew up? and it's of an Aboriginal painting of a crocodile
very beautiful he said, and well - did you know that mine comes from the New Zealand Maori warriors?
oooooh sighed Matrexa, purring with delight

well what about my beautiful coat too, barked Vortexa, 
and she was about to make a big scene 
when she too received many flattering compliments about her markings and had her fur stroked attentively
much purring followed
(Vortexa is a gift for a very lovely lady in Texas, so won't be going into my etsy shop)

then finally when my new model's hand had nearly fallen off with all the patting and the hares were content 
I gave him the tiniest hare of the day - 

now you see me!

now you don't!

ha ha, isn't that the best ever hide-n-seek!

this is my Drive Safe with Baby Hare and the little hare was so happy to meet someone who shares the same great taste in fabrics!

and for such a tiny hare she kept a good conversation and wanted to know all about his wheels, what was the harepower, did it have mags, what was its zero to 60 and did it have ......
horsepower he corrected her, 
oh, blinked the tiny hare, pretending not to hear .....

then it was time for the ring wearing man to brush up on the rules of marriage with my postcard set
namely the postcard about giving during games time (perhaps it can be applied to monopoly or various card games, though personally, when playing those type of games I take no prisoners :)
'remember marriage is a game that must be played on a 50/50 basis - give and take - bear and forbear'

but ofcourse, tough men already know the roolz :) and have nothing to prove

so it was onto my Grey Hare Card next.
ready to ship and with an assortment of grey hares on the front, celebrating another year of your life, as you add yet another grey hair to your head....
and not necessarily another candle to an ever increasing cake circumference....

you must be joking Annette! - this is what you do outside the gym - cutting out hares for a living?
and I thought you had a serious job.....

... right, thank god that's over!
I'm thirsty after all that gym-bunny stuff
got anything for me to drink?

- and remember - real men drink real coke!

ha ha :)
thanks SO much to my awesome model!!!
yay - he's the best :)
and so much better than the diet coke dude

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

hey! show me the bunny

a few days ago I whipped up some treats -

purdy lil' rabbit shaped cookies!

flavour - not known, rather buttery though
consistency - harder than steel
taste - surprisingly edible

I ain't no cook that's for sure. But I do love my biscuits and cakes and I love my little rabbit cookie cutters that I got in a dollar shop (oh, okay, a £1 shop, which would make it a $2 shop!)

and since I am not really a follower of rules - in my book rules are to be broken - I mixed and matched the recipe a bit.
So for those of you who would like to whip up these lagomorphs too, this is what I did:

surfed online, got a simple biscuit recipe at
scribbled it down -

500g sugar
500g butter
500g flour
cream butter and sugar together, then add flour. Roll out and cut shapes. Put in preheated oven 180degrees for 10 to 12 mins. Let cool on rack. Eat and boast

So - I got the ingredients ready, opened one slab of butter 250g and started to mush and grind it into the huge bowl of sugar whilst I was watching hot stuff Jason Bourne take out half of London.
Nearly ripped my arm off with the exertion so passed the mix to my mum to have a go, who finished beating it all together.
5 minutes later decided that I was not going to bother adding the other 250g pack of butter, as my arm was still sore and it looked like there was more than enough butter in there already anyway.
Went thru to the kitchen but left the door open so I could still keep an eye on busy busy Jason
Poured in some flour and it looked like a snowstorm had hit town!
so, wondering how I was going to get it to absorb the other 400g of flour, I cracked an egg into it
well, that made it clog up even more
so I added a few splashes of soy milk
My mum came in and said something about sticking to the recipe - what recipe?!
Anyway, I struggled with the glug for a while, Jason had made his way to Russia so I came back thru to watch the last 10 mins
then back to the kitchen
where I managed to finally get all the flour in and it seemed to have some sort of consistency where I could latch on to a chunk and press it into a slab on a well floured tray
My mum intervened to say to use a rolling pin - what rolling pin? - meaning, oh god, not another thing I am going to have to wash up
So I did use the rolling pin and managed to get the dough so thin on the tray that it stuck real well.
Had to prize some of it off with a knife, but managed to use my uber-cutesy rabbit cookie cutters and spent the next hour rolling, prizing, cutting and placing the buns on the baking trays.
Put the first tray in the oven to see the rabbits puff up like balloons,
Then being the fast learner that I am, I put the next tray on the bottom shelf, and they puffed up only a tiny bit, and looked more like rabbits than bullfrogs.
Waited for them to brown a bit, put them up onto the top shelf, added the next tray to the bottom shelf - and so began the endless, mindless cycle of watching your cookies bake
- as I tried not to slaver on them as I removed the browned batches, and puffed up with pride at my creations.

About an hour or two later I giddily made my way out of the kitchen, glad to have eaten only one rabbit in the whole baking process, it was minus an ear anyway, and looked more like a guinea pig, so just had to go

then collected some of the buns into a big tub, after leaving a small warren-filled tub for my mum

but it wasn't just me that I was cooking for.
Oh no, as my mission was actually to bake Wes another supply of fibre rich heart cookies which help keep his back molars ground down and hence stop spurs from growing, and so, stopping him from getting zonked out and having an unnecessary trip to the vets 

These are the sugar filled gems that my little beastie goes mad over every single morning when I crawl out of bed and he races under my feet in the kitchen waiting for his 'breakfast'

They have baby food in them (pear and apple, apple and banana, mango and kiwi fruit and, okay - just joking, but they are pretty groovy ingredients)
and they have dried carrots, ground herbs (thanks mum :) chopped alfalfa grass, allen and page rabbit pellets, rolled oats and sometimes a freshly chopped banana, but I forgot to put one in this time, and I think that is about it.

Want the recipe for this one?
well, every time they come out slightly different but it is roughly:

1 moderate sized tea cup pellets
1 ms tea cup rolled oats
2 small jars baby food (the size of a kiwi fruit)
1 handful chopped dried carrots (I use Burns carrots)
1 handful chopped alfalfa hay (I just snip it with my fingers to 1cm lengths when watching Jason watch Pamela Landy ....)
1/2 handful dried herbs, rabbit mix from Burns, ground in grinder

add water to the mix to get a not too wet consistency
press into a heart cookie cutter whilst on the baking tray
do this about 200 times.....
put tray into preheated over around 250degrees
cook for about 10 mins on top shelf
take tray out, after 5 mins use a butter knife to turn cookie over to lumpy side
place tray back in oven on bottom shelf for 5 to 10 mins
and do this, tray up, tray down, tray in, tray out, until all the mix is used up
and you really need a seat and a cup of tea 
then place all cookies, piled up on a couple trays, in oven for about 10 to 20 mins, turn heat down to maybe 180/150degrees
making sure cookies do not turn brown as they burn easily

then the next day, when you discover they are slightly spongy and did infact need that extra 10 mins in the still- hot oven, spread out on wooden chopping boards in your living room in the sunny spots and leave to air dry and crisp up for a couple hours

then puff up with pride, store in cute little containers and give one to your demanding rabbit every morning

as you enjoy your cup of tea in your supermarine spitfire mug with lagomorph cookies in the sunny spot!

It was not only hearts and buns that I've been cooking up lately - I just made up a small batch of summer meadow hare brooches for an exhibition I was invited to participate in!

I got an email the other day asking if I would like to send some hares down to Manchester for an upcycled/recycled exhibition

ofcourse I said yes, because most of my work uses already-used fabrics and stuffs - like old bits of jewellery and key chains and scraps of this and thats

so I laid out some hares on a sheet to see how many should go (the big hare at the back, Baby Hare Sure is already sold and I will be writing his story this evening as soon as I finish this post), as he was just there for an example, cos I will have 2 more hares behind the mothers Vespertine and Starbright

and some of these summer meadow hare brooches will be going down there too

I pulled apart a funky retro necklace with big oval rings on it, and a sparkly bracelet with opalescent jewels that compliment the mint green hares beautifully

and I have a large stash of vintage pearls from my gran that adorn endless brooches, and then I always find interesting little bits of sparkly metal things that I like to attach to them as well

I think they look rather spiffing, eh?

- it's all faux fur bits too. ofcourse :)

I'm rather liking this grey one with the bow and long tails and scrap of long silvery bracelet strand with a glistening grey jewel

- perhaps it may be staying behind.........

hey, what's this mess on my plate? 
I'm not into dried grass and tree bark, not whilst there's tasty little sugar and butter filled treats on the go -

so c'mon - show me the bunnys!!??

hope you enjoy cooking your own treats :)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

listen to your mother

not that long ago I welcomed a new little white rabbit into my home

as you can see Wesley wants nothing to do with her, and refuses to make friends

I saw her online a couple months back, when I was looking for a new speaker for my mac. 

And how on earth could I resist such expert marketing attempts to pull at my heart strings??!

- show the product being touched affectionately
- show the inanimate object being held desirably in the hand
- relate to the object as you would to your most treasured possession

So, ofcourse, I was hooked! 
and imagined myself holding that tiny little white rabbit as I listened to my toons blaring out from my iPlayer

well anyway, one slow boat from China a few weeks later, and my new adopted sub woofer i-MU Rabbit Peanut Speaker arrives safe and sound

-hmmm, let me rephrase that ~ safe and SOUND+PLUS

see the little white fleecy jacket that the bun is wrapped up in? 
that's because the sound is totally amazingly unreal LOUD!! 
and for the life of me I just can't seem to adjust my iPlayer sound any lower than zero+1,
and that is still as loud as a party of teenagers home alone on a Friday night going full blast at 3am...

so if you are looking for a sub woofer to replace your deluxe Bang and Olufsen advanced home entertainment sound system - then this little bunny might do the trick ;)

...honestly, how's anyone expected to get a good nap around here when the party never stops?

Wes confides in Mother Hare Fara as she goes thru her paces for her etsy shop photoshoot.....

anyway, the fleece makes a little bit of a difference, so that's been good, though I am still considering a small glass cage!

I put some new hares in my etsy shop tonight, like beautiful Mother Hare Twilight above
(at least I don't hear any complaints from them, long ears or not)
and besides, I like to write their stories in silence so lil' peanut will be taking a break from the ACDC, Motorhead, Metallica, Sepultura and Airborne toons :)