Monday, 9 June 2014

Sale! -better than a summer holiday-

having a 1 week sale in my etsy shop

better than a summer holiday


well, nearly better than a summer holiday : )

Having a great time!
~Wish you were Hare~ x

in no particular order, with 30% off, are


(sorry, scantily clad muscly male model not for sale)

(gawd! who comes up with these names?!)

papa hare Vexer

papa hare Sapper

papa hare Dogstar

mama hare Covet

mama hare Pony

mama hare Electra

mama hare Fara

mama hare Everest

mama hare Spirit

mama hare Tsuru
who had some male admirers in an earlier blog post perhaps a hare, or two, will take your fancy?

every hare is an original, one of a kind, with a story written just for them, just by me ~tempted~?

...and they are ready to hop into your arms now

here is Fara with Wesley
I took this pic last year, and Wes had been over admiring the white patches on her coat

I'm still having my rabbit dreams most nights. 
Had one last night of Arabella infact! She was eating some of my house plants, lots of their leaves and small branches had come off and were strewn about the carpet and there she was, nibbling away on them and I remember panicking and scooping them up incase they were gonna make her ill, but there were jsut so many of them, and my hands and arms were full of them, and she was trying to eat them as fast as I was scooping them up. Yeah, I was sweating in that dream!
Then a couple weeks ago I dreamt of Wesley in a small fenced off field. It had a bed in the centre of it, a low down bed with the quilt spread all over the edges like a deflated parachute. And there on the bed, heaped up in a pile were rabbits of all shapes and sizes and colours! There were so many of them, and they were covering the bed completely, but not falling off the edges since the bed was like a big flat sponge, they just sort of tapered off at the edges, preferring the centre instead. And there at the very, very top - sitting on top of the top most buns, was my Wesley. Like the king he always was! And even though there were hundreds of rabbits all over the bed and all over the soft grasses of the field, all I could see was my Wesley.
and one night I dreamt of Wesley but he didn't look like himself at all - he was just like Arabella infact - but it was definitely Wesley. 
And the amount of times I've dreamt of having to save Wesley and Arabella from precarious situations - and I do manage to save them - every time. Though I never dream of them together. It's either one or the other. But I always manage to grab them to safety in my arms and hold them close to me, safe, sound...

I think it may be time for some little furry feetys to come back into my life....
...yeah, it may be time

it's been quiet here with no-one around

too quiet

(even though all those hares above are full of life, none of them have nibbled my curtains, or my trainers, or snipped thru the broadband cable - like I said life's kinda quiet, kinda quiet)

happy holidaying, er I mean happy shopping...


  1. Love them all! I know they will sell for sure! You best keep me posted on the hop hop hop of little feet. ;)


    1. ha ha ha, yeah ofcourse I will Shell :) will be xmas come early!

  2. Love you rabbits. Yes maybe you dreams are a sign... some bunny needs you! ;)

    1. thank you Natascha :) and I think you are right xx

  3. Heh Annette - why you do not sell the photo of "scantily clad muscled male-model" ;-) Great idea!
    Many smiles for these days!

    1. hey Sveta it's an awesome idea! thank you so much :) (off to confer with my model)


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