Tuesday, 16 September 2014

overflowing with GOLD - YES!

a few days ago I was given a gift

infact I was given a few gifts - each one of them Gold

and one in particular was Pink!
(but more about that one later ;)

so as I was saying, I was given a gift of gold!

me, the ardent animal lover
given a gift that weighed 1/100th the weight of a Starbucks bag (empty)
and that em, was in the Starbucks bag!

so I placed it down, beside my guinea fowl

and they clucked amongst themselves, as they heard some rustling

concerned that I was taking in rats, perhaps...

but I assured them that it was not a rat (this time)

and that it was instead a featherful of gold!

my neighbour knew of my affinity with all living things non-human
and brought the new fledged fledgeling right up to me

cause it had just that minute fledged - unsuccessfully - onto a concrete pavement on the non-tree side of the road, just below my flat

and was rather concussed

so I put the wee beastie into a Starbucks bag (why! ofcourse I did)
as he had fallen from the sky,
where the stars are

and then I dashed over to my mac and googled 'tiny baby bird with a heart, er head of gold'
nah! I didn't!
I'm only joking!

I googled 'SSPCA' for their emergency contact number (it's 03000 999 999 ) so that this wee mite could be safely cared for before being released into a rather more safer area than a busy residential street, filled with cars, dogs and peoples

and then, not very long later a very competent lady came by, took my new wee Gold-Adorned pal and drove off with him, to some rescue centre where baby birds are cared for and then released safely - thank you SSPCA!

so there I was, browser tab still open in Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and for some unknown reason my hand was on auto-pilot and before I could stop it, it had clicked the link for Rabbits to Rehome...  ...uh-oh!

and omg!! omg!!

there, on the page, a wee bit down from the top, looking like a golden jewel was Stella! 
such a beautiful, beautiful doe! 

she was found as a stray! just imagine - a rabbit as beautiful as her and she was straying? really?!
isn't she just gorgeous?!
look at her dew lap, and her big, big brown eyes and her white feetys and spotted neck
omg! my heart melted

and then I noticed this little sweetheart smiling at me! another golden+silver gift!

Heather! a teeny tiny babylet, smaller even than the goldcrest?!
(well, maybe)
look at those thin wee legs and tiny little stretched out tail and small nose - now does that melt your heart or what? YES!

she was born in the rescue centre
aaaw, really? isn't that heart rendering?
so thankful that they took her mama in safely and she had her babies in a loving place
this little princess will turn out just like Arabella I reckon
she has that beautiful grey-brown wild rabbit look about her - the look I love!

and oh god, I couldn't stop myself

I then searched all their doggies. Oh okay, I searched their puppies! because years ago when I was in the Army in Australia I had my first house rabbit - I got her when she was a teeny little baby and at the same time I got a teeny tiny puppy - and they grew up side by side, best of friends,
loving, adoring, playful (he would eat her carrots, and em, even the grass too!) (she would chew on his lead..)

and so the notion appeared in my brain that perhaps a puppy was looking for a home...

a gentle, kind, soft-hearted puppy that would bond and protect a bun just like my Max did
and then my search took me to the Dogs Trust website and I came across this handsome young lad, under 6 months old - a rich golden gift with a hint of black diamond and platinum!

with soft gentle eyes

but my Max was a just a bundle when I first got him, he was nearly as small as Burns, so I think he was very, very young! weaned but young.
He came from working dog stock on a farm. His parents were Aussie working dogs - a Kelpie, and a Blue Heeler (my two favourite dog breeds) and he looked like Bolo a tiny bit but he had a heeler's blue spotted chest and muscular build.

He became a bomb dog for the Royal Australian Engineers and did very well as it was in his blood to work.

so there I was - on a roll!

and my next dream would be to have a leveret (ofcourse it is!)
because maybe there is a leveret that is not able to be released back into the wild for whatever reason, and would be more than happy to live with a leveret-admirer like me?

so I searched for baby hares, and came across Tarraland
a sanctuary for rabbits, wild rabbits and hares in Croatia! goodness! 

ofcourse I literally melted when I saw that pic above of that teeny mite, with hind legs sprawled as he feeds enthusiastically (yup! a golden gift)

omg! how much cuteoverload could I take in one sitting??

obviously quite alot more because I then came across this pic - a gift of gold plus South Sea pearls

look at the droplets of milk solution on his foreleg and the dribbles under the chin
goodness me, I'm getting broody! ha ha 
(er, only broody for fur-babies mind)

this rescue has detailed instructions and advice for leveret rearing, which must be adhered to for the safe rehabilitation of the youngsters
hares are particular animals, like rabbits, and can have many critical moments in their rearing if the parent is a non-hare (like um, a human)
and Tarraland advise on massaging the babies stomach and body for at least 10 minutes after every feed. 
That would make sense ofcourse, as I've seen thingys like that to do with human offspring, but never being a human-mama myself I've never done that, but I have heard all those stories about colic and wind and yadda yadda... (don't wanna bore you with the 20 seconds long baby stuff talk... but I did hear my mum mention this colic thing once, a long time ago...) (think she was relieved I'm still here after the wee coughing fit)

anyway! then I came across this pic of an even teenier wee leveret

omg! how small is that one??
a gift of sparkling gold amidst aventurine!

and this beastie was in India at the Animal Rahat rescue
and had been safely rescued and nursed before being released into the wilds again

the Animal Rahat look after the donkeys and cows and elephants in India
so glad they are being cared for and their owners becoming more aware about kindness to their 4 footed helpers :)

and then, ofcourse, still being on my baby hare mission
I came across a place way down South that rescues and rehomes rabbits - Cottontails Rescue

and the founder, Mairwen, has a detailed diary of a rescued baby hare called Bambi that she successfully reared!

this is Bambi at feeding time - isn't he amazingly handsome Golden hare? and still a young hare - you can see how big he already is for one so young
and omg! the footage on the youtube clips is just so adorable!

here is one of Bambi being fed 

(I had this on loop for about an hour) nah! I'm only joking, but I have watched it quite a few times, again and again and... em, again

LOVE this photo of him!
look at his raised tail and nose and head turned away - in rabbit speak this would be disapproval I reckon (well, according to my two it was)

and Bambi resting
so very handsome!
I could admire him all day long
there is just something about hares isn't there?

the other evening I was driving home from North Berwick (25 miles East of Edinburgh) having had a lovely afternoon with my papa and gran, and ofcourse some scrumptious Red Velvet cake from the CO OP. 
Never tried it? 
oh, my, my! you definitely should!
I gave myself the largest slice :) heh heh

anyway, just as I was coming to Gullane golf course I spotted a long eared friend by the grass on the side of the road - eating nonchalantly away, in the dusk

wow! I was thrilled to pieces! 

it's been a couple years since I've seen a hare on that course and I drive thru there often. 
So I pulled over to admire this handsome chap and watched him in my rear view mirror for a little while. He grazed happily in my presence!
just me n him
Then a car came along and I immediately saw him dart like an arrow into the tall grasses! Gosh, that didn't last long I thought, but I was glad we had had some time together, so I waited for the car to pass me then glanced again into my mirror to say a thank you to him - only to see him reappear again! 

He darted back out to the same patch of grass as if nothing at all had happened and continued to eat. Unperturbed! 
As in - hare be like cool  : )
(ha ha, so love that kinda chat! too funny eh?)

and so I enjoyed his regal company some more, as he did his darting back and forth with every passing car, before saying thank you and finally tearing myself away and heading home to a non-Red Velvet cake household...

so it was doubly nice to come across this splendid chap online!
two hares in 2 days!
can't get better than that eh?

Here is Bambi with his adoring silver-coated pal Quail (Quail is amongst the stars now but there is a lovely clip of them together)

so then the inevitable happened again....

and before I could stop myself I was looking thru their pages of rescue rabbits!

and came across this loving couple - a beautiful female Belgian hare - who is ofcourse a rabbit, but the breed is Belgian hare, and her husband - a white furred mister with pink eyes

they are a young couple and have bonded well

she is immensely beautiful, as she has rex in her, and with the typical black and tan rex markings, like rich, rich obsidian!
just look at her huge eyes! and ever so soft nape!

omg!!! when I saw her all I could think about was Arabella and her softness and gentleness and tenderness
and my heart missed a few beats and my eyes sparkled
and I gave a little sigh

and then I scrolled down the page some more and suddenly I saw him - saw him clearly!

her husband - and omg! omg! - yes, if you know me, and anything about me, and follow my blog - you will know exactly what I was thinking - 


for it could be no-one else eh?
Wesley my heart :)

my heart stopped 
and a few tears welled in my eyes :)

as my gaze caressed his little soft raised paw
and his fluffy wee belly, curved and soft and warm and tender
and his gaze - omg! 
his gaze - EXACTLY like Wes!! yes - the very same eyes
that same inquisitive, interested, but hesitant look

YES - I stared at this photo for a long, long time! 
a long, long time!

my little gift of Pink Gold amongst the Golden gifts I have been so blessed to come across!
even his foody dish is pink, to match his eyes
I can feel his whiskers on my lips now :) as my hand gently cups his rump, and his heart beats against me

I am so appreciative for meeting that tiny golden bird and then letting my furless-mouse take me on this journey, following my heart and meeting these tiniest of hearts, these tiny gifts! overflowing with love :)

Thank you so, so much tiny bird!

I always say YES to love and gifts!

on Thursday Scotland goes to the referendum on Independence (or something like that)
it's a YES or no vote  (heh heh ;)
there is no space on the ballot for a Maybe
~I was kinda liking the maybe~
but being the blue blood that I am, the true Highlander, the emigree-returnee (yes, I'm Scottish/Australian and I choose to live in this beautiful country) I think maybe, perhaps, probably, my answer has already been cast

with love xxx


  1. This white one is the cuties...like my little Choila )

    1. yes ofcourse Sveta! Choila is an angel! :) xxx <3

  2. remembering Wesley*❤*¯`°º•❤ℒℴѵℯ


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