Monday, 17 November 2014

give the gift of Real Love

it's nearly that time again...

yup, xmas time

and everyone is looking for the perfect gift


this ad sums up how to give the perfect gift - the gift of real love

just beautiful!
did you shed a tear?
or two?

so here's that real lovely present under the tree again

isn't she so adorable?!

and their Real Love at first sight


with a background of sparkly stars

can you see their hearts glowing in love and happiness? I can :)

all the ornaments in my home have their 'real loves' with them

all paired-up

all year-round

it used to be the War Horse with the rabbit 

...but then the squirrel came along
uh-oh! and a better match was made


and then one day a duck came along for the horse...

everything works out in the end

even the tiniest hares happily find their match

and in my home inter-species mingling is not only encouraged - it's de rigueur!

toucan + rabbit = bliss

I've been busy stitching up little companions for your heart, and er, tree

and they will be making their way into my etsy shop very, very shortly

and they are a little over excited about finding their forever homes

and seeing your heart glow in happiness and love,

when you~

~lovingly hold them in your hand!

before they go live on your tree..
..or even under your tree

anyway, there is still plenty of time to prepare for xmas
and if you manage to do all your shopping early 
(online ;) at the Leverets Nest ;) ahem!) (just a wee suggestion perhaps??)
and buy those gifts that make your heart fill with love

then you will have plenty of time left to prepare for all your xmas parties and festivities where I am sure you will find that special someone to give the gift of real love to 
(if you don't already have a stuffed penguin at home!)

lots of love


  1. Anette! I admire your bunnies! they are so cute!

    1. aaw :) thank you so much Sveta!! xxx <3


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