Thursday, 19 June 2014

3 tails~~~

I've been sorting thru my stories, faffing with them, getting them fluffed up for my book

and in the sorting thru, and faffing with, and fluffing up of, comes re-reading and reminiscing...

I've mentioned Wesley's story before

tail no1~

late summer 2007 I spot my little king online (after being found on a disused railway line covered in blood and urine tut tut tut), in his rescue pen and fall in love straight away, and immediately contact the rescue and place my heart order, then 3 months later, early winter 2007 I bring him home for good 
I never made a big deal that I had to wait 3 months for my little fluff ball before I was allowed to collect him from the rescue
because he was on yet another dose of super strong antibiotics for his wet, constantly running nose and wheezing lungs (3rd time in a year) and I had to patiently wait for him to get well enough and strong enough to come live with me  aaaaaw : )

~ so all's well that ends well

Wes made a great recovery and never needed antibiotics again. I gave him homeopathic remedies and kept him snug as a bug in a rug, and his nose cleared right up, only needed wiped a few times a day

Mother Hare Beautiful

tail no2~

Early one afternoon Beautiful was making her way home from kindergarten. 
She liked to saunter along the verges, though mama had told her that this was strictly forbidden because it was a dangerous place, what with the occasional car speeding by at god-knows-what speed and not every driver happened to look on the road sides to make sure no small beast was about to dart across the road with a pressing urgency, and besides her beautiful white coat would get filthy in no time at all. 
Anyway, mamas wise words were far in the back of her head as she gaily jumped from one dirty grassy tussock to the other, looking with interest for random discarded toys, because nearly every time she had happened along this path she had come home with a little treasure, albeit a bit grimy. 
So this afternoon she was making her way along when she spotted something bright shining in the distance and hurried along eagerly to find out what it was, her mind racing at the possibilities. 
As she got closer she noticed the breeze moving it slightly and within seconds she was staring at a fluffy white lump, lying motionless on the verge, with the wind whipping its long tatty fur. 
Ooooh, gasped Beautiful, starting to shake in fear and panic, not sure what on earth to do, then suddenly the lump opened a bright sparkling eye and cried out in pain and Beautiful bent over it and asked what she could do. (It turned out she was a natural helper, only she didn’t know it yet). 
The injured rabbit rasped for help, to be taken away from this scary place so Beautiful got a huge mouthful of that matted fur in her jaws and with a tremendous effort and a little help from the adrenalin rush, she pulled and dragged and slithered the heap up and over the verge and into the safe lush meadow. 
The strange rabbit thanked her with a huge sneezing fit and she scampered off to find a large dock leaf to wipe him down. 
As she was cleaning his wet soggy nose and yellowing fur he thanked her profusely and said his name was Fluffy, and she said her name was Beautiful and that she would get her mama to come and help as soon as she cleaned up here. 
Fluffy said he wasn’t able to use his back legs, they felt rather limp and he was aching all over. 
Beautiful raced off home and within minutes she was bleating and crying to mama about her new friend whom she had discovered in the meadow. The verge side of the meadow. 
Mama looked at her small charge knowingly and they raced back together to collect Fluffy and take him home. He would be part of their family now, only two good legs and a constantly running nose and breathing problems or not.
Now that Beautiful is all grown up she still lives with Fluffy. He has become so attached to her, even in a sort-of boyfriendy-type of way, and even though he loves her with all his heart he will never say that to her as he has only two good legs and he’s not a hare and he can’t provide for her. 
But he does everything to please her and when she is out and about, discovering interesting things and bringing them home, he is at home making interesting things to give to her. He has become very talented in the department of creative crafting and their little nook is filled with tiny hearts made from leaves and small woven wicker hearts made from berry twigs and large wooden hearts artfully gnawed from fallen tree branches. It is indeed a cosy, comfy abode. 
And Beautiful has quietly fallen in love with Fluffy but she most probably will never tell him because he might think that she is just being sympathetic, but she adores his sparkling eyes and his long sleek white fur and his belaboured breathing and the way he drags himself easily across the soft grasses and manages to keep up with her. She is very impressed and tries not to make her gait too slow, nor her pauses too noticible.

Beautiful is also a mother now and she and Fluffy are bringing up Quiet as their very own son. 
Quiet is not her real baby though, he was also a verge find one day, and she quickly carried him back home and cleaned him up and nursed him back to health. 
His tattered ear has healed very well and you would be hard pressed to know that it had been run over, and now only a few light scars are visible. 
Though he couldn’t remember anything at all, not his name, nor who his mama was, nor where he lived, nor what had happened to him, only that he now had a great trepidation of flat black surfaces and wouldn’t let anyone ever, near his ears, never ever. Anyway, it’s taken rather a long time but he has slowly come out of his shell, though he is still very shy and still very apprehensive about some things.

Beautiful is looking forward to spending the time relaxing on your armchair by the French windows with her sweetheart Fluffy by her side and her darling Quiet. 
Make sure there aren’t too many cushions on the chair as Fluffy needs to get around and they will surely stop him, like clambering over marshmallow mountains, just imagine. Plus a box of tissues for his wet nose would be grand thanks. 
And leave the door ajar too as they will all be out on the sunny days relaxing in your back garden on the cool grass, nibbling the herbs in your borders and taking the occasional vegetable fresh from your patch and selecting the tastiest flower buds too. 
It’s nice that you have such a well stocked garden, was that just for them? What do you mean they are not to touch the flowers, they can eat as many vegetables and herbs as they want but please leave something pretty for you to admire. 
Goodness me, where are your priorities, you will be admiring them ofcourse as they nibble and snip and dig and munch their way to your heart. 
After all, why else would you want their company? They are professional love-seeking heart-burrowers.

Baby Hare Quiet

tail no3~

When Quiet was very small he had some sort of accident, and it changed his very short life. Only he can’t remember anything about the accident, nor anything about his life before it. 
The very first memory he remembers is seeing the most beautiful mama hare ever as she rocked him in her arms, singing gently to him. 
He remembers his ears were burning and he remembers lots of sneezing and coughing and dry retching, but those noises weren’t coming from him, nor his pretty mama. 
They were coming from a little white rug in the corner, then Quiet realised that the rug could move and then he blacked out and things were a blur for a while and he was fighting a nasty fever and had many scary nightmares of long flat dark places and white rugs that moved and hot, hot burning ears that were always on fire.
Eventually he woke up, fully recovered, one fine day and the bandage came off his ears and his new mama introduced him to his new ‘papa’ Fluffy. 
Quiet shook paws with Fluffy and let mama show him around their home and then they all went into the meadow and across the fields, with Fluffy dragging himself skillfully across the grasses, as his three tails~~~ slithered behind him, the two on each end slightly longer than the middle one, and then there in the distance mama pointed out a smooth black surface and said that Quiet must never go there, it’s not a hare-safe place, and Quiet gave an involuntary shiver as a feeling of déjà vu came over him as he glanced towards there.
Slowly, over time he made new friends. It wasn’t that he was unfriendly or didn’t want friends, it was just that he felt comfortable being by himself most of the time. Anyway, mama encouraged him to bring his friends over and soon he was happily playing games of tig and hide-n-seek. 
His papa even taught him a couple of new games, which rabbits liked to play, sort of strange games but adaptable to hares none-the-less, and soon Quiet had a steady flow of companions coming by every day for fun and games.

Quiet is looking forward to dozing cosily on your armchair by the French windows. 
Not the same chair as mama and Fluffy mind, because they will be enjoying each other’s company. Quiet has seen the way his papa looks at his mama, and the way she glances back, and he thinks it is high time that they got married and stop pretending that they don’t have a thing for each other. 
He has learnt a thing or two from papa about making hearts and he has started to make lots of tiny white hearts for the upcoming wedding day. He has lost count of how many he has made so he hopes they get married soon as he is beginning to run out of space. 
How about you give him a paw, er, hand in making some too. They are really easy only your version will be an enlarged version of his tiny ones, what with your hands being so huge. And he reckons they will fit in nicely with his ones. 
What was that, you’d rather buy them online from etsy, you can get nearly anything you can imagine from there, including quite a few things you couldn’t possibly ever imagine. 
Hmmmm, let him have a look then, as long as he doesn’t see anything that will trigger those nightmares, you know, things like roads and cars and trucks and stuff like that.

you never know what you'll find when you're out and about eh?

3 happy tails~~~ all's well that ends well : )

(Beautiful, Fluffy and Quiet already have their forever home)

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Monday, 9 June 2014

Sale! -better than a summer holiday-

having a 1 week sale in my etsy shop

better than a summer holiday


well, nearly better than a summer holiday : )

Having a great time!
~Wish you were Hare~ x

in no particular order, with 30% off, are


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(gawd! who comes up with these names?!)

papa hare Vexer

papa hare Sapper

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mama hare Covet

mama hare Pony

mama hare Electra

mama hare Fara

mama hare Everest

mama hare Spirit

mama hare Tsuru
who had some male admirers in an earlier blog post perhaps a hare, or two, will take your fancy?

every hare is an original, one of a kind, with a story written just for them, just by me ~tempted~?

...and they are ready to hop into your arms now

here is Fara with Wesley
I took this pic last year, and Wes had been over admiring the white patches on her coat

I'm still having my rabbit dreams most nights. 
Had one last night of Arabella infact! She was eating some of my house plants, lots of their leaves and small branches had come off and were strewn about the carpet and there she was, nibbling away on them and I remember panicking and scooping them up incase they were gonna make her ill, but there were jsut so many of them, and my hands and arms were full of them, and she was trying to eat them as fast as I was scooping them up. Yeah, I was sweating in that dream!
Then a couple weeks ago I dreamt of Wesley in a small fenced off field. It had a bed in the centre of it, a low down bed with the quilt spread all over the edges like a deflated parachute. And there on the bed, heaped up in a pile were rabbits of all shapes and sizes and colours! There were so many of them, and they were covering the bed completely, but not falling off the edges since the bed was like a big flat sponge, they just sort of tapered off at the edges, preferring the centre instead. And there at the very, very top - sitting on top of the top most buns, was my Wesley. Like the king he always was! And even though there were hundreds of rabbits all over the bed and all over the soft grasses of the field, all I could see was my Wesley.
and one night I dreamt of Wesley but he didn't look like himself at all - he was just like Arabella infact - but it was definitely Wesley. 
And the amount of times I've dreamt of having to save Wesley and Arabella from precarious situations - and I do manage to save them - every time. Though I never dream of them together. It's either one or the other. But I always manage to grab them to safety in my arms and hold them close to me, safe, sound...

I think it may be time for some little furry feetys to come back into my life....
...yeah, it may be time

it's been quiet here with no-one around

too quiet

(even though all those hares above are full of life, none of them have nibbled my curtains, or my trainers, or snipped thru the broadband cable - like I said life's kinda quiet, kinda quiet)

happy holidaying, er I mean happy shopping...