Monday, 17 November 2014

give the gift of Real Love

it's nearly that time again...

yup, xmas time

and everyone is looking for the perfect gift


this ad sums up how to give the perfect gift - the gift of real love

just beautiful!
did you shed a tear?
or two?

so here's that real lovely present under the tree again

isn't she so adorable?!

and their Real Love at first sight


with a background of sparkly stars

can you see their hearts glowing in love and happiness? I can :)

all the ornaments in my home have their 'real loves' with them

all paired-up

all year-round

it used to be the War Horse with the rabbit 

...but then the squirrel came along
uh-oh! and a better match was made


and then one day a duck came along for the horse...

everything works out in the end

even the tiniest hares happily find their match

and in my home inter-species mingling is not only encouraged - it's de rigueur!

toucan + rabbit = bliss

I've been busy stitching up little companions for your heart, and er, tree

and they will be making their way into my etsy shop very, very shortly

and they are a little over excited about finding their forever homes

and seeing your heart glow in happiness and love,

when you~

~lovingly hold them in your hand!

before they go live on your tree..
..or even under your tree

anyway, there is still plenty of time to prepare for xmas
and if you manage to do all your shopping early 
(online ;) at the Leverets Nest ;) ahem!) (just a wee suggestion perhaps??)
and buy those gifts that make your heart fill with love

then you will have plenty of time left to prepare for all your xmas parties and festivities where I am sure you will find that special someone to give the gift of real love to 
(if you don't already have a stuffed penguin at home!)

lots of love

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

one small step for human-kind-ness...

and one small step to making a (not-too-small-any-more) niece happy on her birthday

my beautiful princess Ann Mari is now 10!
where did the time go?

she is no longer the size of a tiny hedgehog
and can work her iPod better than I can, er, ride a skate-board
(just threw that one in there! infact I would LOVE to have a skateboard)

and so I rustled her up a special pillow - she always gets excited when I make her things with her name on it! 
and I put on a tiny hedgehog with feetyprints all over it - adorable eh?!

and because she is a still a little girl (of-sorts), I put in a nice wee thingy she could brush and stroke and talk to 

oh, c'mon now! what do you mean 10yr olds don't talk to their toys? course they do!
(sometimes people even older than 10 talk to their em, toys)

anyway, this is a very special one!

the company should get a huge award because their straplines are 'Care for YourZelf' and 'Love Your Zelf' and I think that is brilliant!

nothing could be more important to tell a young lady, that it is important to love and care for herself, as she is being assaulted by all sorts of peer pressure and mass media influences and god knows what else as she starts to find and become herself!

In the 2 weeks before her birthday I actually became rather attached to that cute little pink thing with those deep blue eyes and it was rather hard including it with hedgehog pillow
and, the packet was sealed up exceptionally well, so I was not even able to prize it carefully apart and take the tiny toy out for an inspection and wee pat

and because 2 Norwegians were celebrating their birthdays in the same week, I included this tastefully done card for the older no-toys-needed one

ofcourse I am a very tactful person, and no number was mentioned

and being a very tactful and mindful person, no number shall ever be mentioned again, unless it is a few years less than the 'reality'

and I will have no problem announcing her age for whatever number she feels most appropriate and flattering, because the reality is that it all comes down to how you act, and how you feel!

I kinda feel like 21 and I act like 8, hmmmm, work that one out :/

and as the celebrations across the North Sea continued without me, I had a piece of the birthday cake here with my cup of tea

well, it was not the actual birthday cake, but it was a piece of cake!
and on a birthday week, any type of cake is classed as birthday cake

I ate alot of cake that week!
and I am proud to say that in my reality, on some days, I only eat cake! (true story!!)
(was a wee bit sickly mind, so shaln't be doing that again for a while, bleh!)


taking small steps of kindness too, was this wee border collie I made for a lovely friend.

Sparky, his dog was heterochromia, and had one blue eye and one brown eye

this little chap (the real-life one), went to the stars a few weeks ago, and I had some of his soft, soft fur given to me, and said I would make a wee angel to live down here on earth, to always remind him of Sparky

you can see the fur added in to the tail, it's got a dark brown thru it

oh oh! wee angel-Sparky is making paw prints off to his new home

down here on planet earth,
my home is still a wee bit quiet
my 2 stuffed rabbits are keeping me company until some real furry-feetys turn up

I kinda left it in the hands of the Universe ~ my wish that is ~ to have a couple rescue rabbits and a tiny teeny baby rescue puppy

I know the Universe is on it for me

I shall wait patiently, and before I know it, a few little furry hearts will be making their way right into my heart!  aaaaw!

and how could I not trust the stars with my wishes eh?

this is the Heart Nebula - yes! really!

and if there is a stars Heart out there - then ofcourse my wishes will come true!!

It is in Perseus, in the Cassiopeia constellation. 
And how appropriate because in Greek mythology Queen Cassiopeia boasted about her beauty - and that is the first step to caring for yourself - to have self-love. Nuffin wrong there.
Um, perhaps Zelfs come from the Cassiopeia constellation?

that amazing photo was taken by Adam Evans, and he explains in detail how he did it - thank you Adam!

ofocurse you don't actually have to leave earth to see heart constellations - here is a tiny one above!
preserved for eternity in an opal

isn't that just breath-taking?
kinda makes me wanna stay on earth....

love this song! a beautiful love-story!

(yeah, I'm a die-hard Metallica girl, so this is quite a bit of a change for me!)

and this is my favourite bit of the song! 
I'm such a romantic!!
a beautiful handsome star-boy! wow! with his gorgeous earth-girl
*sigh again*

this is one of my favourite sayings infact!
and I totally LOVE outer space! and all that star stuffs, I really really do! 
and I'm kinda partial to swearing too! 
(but only under my breath, and when no-one can hear me :/ )

(shaln't let my niece read this incase she's not into swearing yet
not sure the age I was when I first started swearing, think it may have been 8 or there-abouts
ofcourse she has an advantage being bilingual, but then again, so are both her parents!
- swearing in 2 languages! wow! a double advantage! and em, double punishments :) )
hmmm, anyway..

and whether you are up amongst the stars, and the hearts,

or down in the very depths of the ocean

with your mask and flippers and sunny-coloured tank on
(how on earth did the kitty manage to get his fluffy tail in that long thin screepy wee appendage?!! goodness!?!)

doing your sub-sea welding and all that diverse diver stuffs

deep, deep under the water

I suppose I don't need to remind you that it is a choice -

whether you decide to live in this reality - 

or one of your own choosing!

by the way - that pic above is my most absolute favourite ever! like as in ever, ever, ever!!!

...em, this is one I'm working on now -

and so yes, you've guessed correctly! 

I live in my own reality, and definitely not on planet earth :)  hahaha
(and no, I ain't coming back ;)  )

lots of love