Sunday, 18 October 2015

~fall~ in love

it's just breathtaking how beautiful Scotland is in fall (autumn to those of us East side of the Atlantic:)

~ every day is like falling in love ~

the leaves softly tumble down on me

like huge golden snowflakes

and just now, freshly fallen, they grace my path in an array of warm jewel tones

today when i was studying their beauty (yeah I do that often! haha) I saw a heart shaped stone amongst them
how lucky was that?
and what a perfectly beautiful heart shape it is 

I've been super busy with my life and lots of things have been happening 
the Army has been recruiting
and I eagerly collected a few autumn coloured offerings from a stand

how could I not resist?? it's the skygods from the Parachute Regiment! looking so splendid in golds and reds and sunburst oranges
(yeah, the Royal Marines weren't there, otherwise I would've come home with an armful of their brochures too!)

yeah I've been busy, out and about, training, working, and ofcourse -

- with my latest brand new 'cup' of tea and tasty pink n white 
(yeah, seriously - that big wafer biscuit is called a Pink n White! who knew?!)

really enjoying drinking tea from my unusual new vessel! haha

tea tastes great from it! so LOVE my cups of tea! ...and cakes on the side ofcourse

and love that new love sign as well
got that from some service station on the way to England a little while ago

Loved you yesterday, Love you still, always have and always will

my new tea vessel came all the way from across the Alps!
Ryan-air flew me safely over them last month 

I was lucky enough to take part in an exercise with the military in Italy!

and early one morning up in the Dolomite mountains I was joined by Gina for breakfast!
here she is as she made her way tentatively to me
I shared a few slices of sweet Italian bread with her from my Italian rat-pack (rations pack) 

...yeah, she had her name on her ear tag!

and these are my new Italian paratrooper friends!

I would say that I was in heaven but it was actually in Rovereto!

after our exercise we had our prize giving ceremony there at the Centre for Peace with the enormous Bell of the Fallen
it was truly an honour to be there!

Northern Italy is spectacular!
we stayed here, amongst pines and sunshine and bliss, high high high up in the Dolomites

then on the last day we came back down to earth, and I had brekky in a small cafe in Bologna
yeah I'm eating a chocolate croissant for breakfast! 
(never got one of those in my rat-pack:/)

and I fell in love with that beautiful glass jar that my tea came in,
I actually asked the friendly cafe-tender if I could have my tea in it, as I spotted it high up on a back shelf -calling to me- and he looked at me with a smile and said si!
...then after I finished I asked him if he sold them? because I loved it so much and wanted to buy one, but he said no, alas it was not for sale, but for me - it would be a present!!! and he handed it to me with a big smile :)  oh wow!!!

I was SO happy! haha!
I swear every cup of tea is the tastiest one ever!

so like I said I've been busy, working away
and guess what I came across in my work travels? 
- remember the 2 maquettes that I wrote about not long ago? well yes, they had disappeared from the West End of Edinburgh and then the other week I happened to glance into a courtyard on the South side and there they were! omg!!!

and looking as majestic as ever! completely at home and enjoying their new real estate

so I took some snaps and spent a few smiles in appreciation :)

and then (since we were working, my brand-new-mate and I) we walked on, and just round the corner was the National Museum of Scotland
where my excellent eyesight picked out tiny shapes of small bronze jousting stags in a display case, inside, behind smoky glass, in their retail shop! 
so ofcourse - I had to race in to inspect them in detail!! oh yes!

and the inevitable happened!

I spotted a beautiful hare amidst the melee, and a day later and another visit to the museum it happily came home with me
(sorry brand-new-mate, didn't mean to drag you thru that bronze-animal-filled-meadow again! but I jsut had to have that hare :)  and me n hares, well, it's a love affair!

and since I'm such a nice girl at heart, and I had such a great week with my new pal who had flown into Edinburgh for that week only, and he very patiently put up with my small never-ending demanding demands over 3 days(!)

~ I've put a few things on here that he will be very pleased to stop and admire ~

a treasure resting amongst the shadows...

with a full moon behind her...

and autumn leaves adoring her heavenly chest

a golden honeyed treat, with a smile, and daisies falling from her neck

just waiting to be loved and admired
(and em, 
perhaps dried? 
or soaped up? 
depending whether she is just going in, or coming out of the shower ;)

and cause you can't stop love, here's her and 50 getting drunk

*sigh* isn't 50 such a dream?! and that's a pretty neat toon too! just something about it


I've been working away - in the gym too -ofcourse-!
wearing my latest fav sweat with angel wings on the front that I got from my mate
- it comes from Dohertys Gym in Melbourne Australia, and down the sleeves it has 
Train or Die
Muscles are Sexy
um, I'm not gonna argue!

I think I kinda suit black?

and since my mate got his Rihanna piece of extraordinary...

here's my piece of beautiful! Josh Hartnett ofcourse 

just thinking about him makes me ~fly~

the other day I was flying, um I mean driving home along the coast road and I stopped to enjoy the beautiful view

truly autumn is just breathtaking!

just to the right of this road is a quiet sunlit meadow and as I was taking pics I happened to glance over and saw a deer quietly walking across it, with her nose down to the grasses!
oh, really?! 
I've never seen a deer walk like that before, like a dog sniffing the ground, goodness! 
it was funny!

..though I wasn't the only one laughing, I promise!
I heard these 3 laugh too :)

so here's some 50 again, cruisin' with a nice easy toon to listen to

yeah - I travel around with a bunch of inanimate objects on my dash!
...that is, just until a little rescue puppy and rescue bunny comes into my life

real ones ofcourse! 

~ for me to fall in love with ~

thank you!
have a beautiful fall! xxx

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