Saturday, 4 July 2015

a heads up

yesterday when I was driving thru town with my mama after having a tasty bite to eat at Topkapis (our fav place for chips, garlic pizza bread and Turkish Lemonade in Edinburgh) we saw a wonderful sight!

the Kelpie maquettes are in Shandwick Place!  oh wow!!!

I immediately parked my car and kindly asked my mama to take some snaps with her phone, which she very obligingly did!
I still don't have an iPhone (yet!), but hopefully I will get my act in gear and get one!

Here is one of the kelpies wearing a church crown :) Nice how it turned out I reckon. You can just see Edinburgh castle in the background.

This is them both together. They are only a few metres high. Impressive!

Just over a year ago I saw an article about the huge ones which live in Falkirk and made it my intention to go visit them. Which I did earlier this year with my papa.
Beautiful art makes my heart beat faster! And in every city I have visited and lived in I have my favourite buildings or statues.
They are truly out of this world - well, nearly! considering that they reach the clouds!

Here's the real ones! Huge eh?

And the first time I saw those wee maquettes was a fair few years ago at Edinburgh airport. I was driving in to pick up my papa, and oh my god! there at the main entrance was these two incredibly beautiful horses! I nearly didn't make it round the round-a-bout, my eyes were transfixed on them, such is their beauty.

So I was delighted for sure yesterday when I saw them again, back in Edinburgh! They had been having a sojourn in Chicago I do believe?

I am sure it won't take long for the horses to be graced by the usual traffic cone, or two. There's nearly a full moon tonight and the town is packed!

Besides, Glasgow set the standard for horses wearing cones and the Duke of Wellington and Copenhagen (which he rode at Waterloo) are always adorned! Bless them :)

It's always a pleasure to drive in to Edinburgh airport because I get to see my favourite fighter plane - the Spitfire!
Spitfires make my heart beat faster! ha ha

This is the Spitfire Memorial of the RAF 603 Squadron and during the war was a RAF base. 

Isn't it just incredible that men, brave men, flew these beautiful machines in WWII. 
That pic above is copyright Simon Johnstone and there is a nice write up about the plane too.

And interesting to know that this Spitfire is being cared by Merlin ERD whose Managing Director also flies them, and the Chief Operating Officer of Edinburgh Airport was a member of the Paras!

Nothing better than putting your heart into what you do and where you work!

Just came across this ace clip on facebook - the Paras doing their stuff


Follow their link if that made your heart beat fast, and you think it'd be rewarding to be a Para.

I totally love anything challenging and physical, and Army ofcourse. 
And I live for my training too. Add free weights into the mix, and not to mention tabbing and my heart rate shoots right up, haha. 
My head is in the clouds!  um, that's where the endorphins are ;)

Such totally brave men eh? I have so much respect for those soldiers. Past and present.

One of the first war books I ever read was A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan about Operation Market Garden and the Allied airborne operation of NorthWest Europe. I was riveted from first to last page.
All I know is that I feel a huge appreciation for all those who fought for this country during the Second World War. 
The planes may have been cutting edge then, but oh my god, to even think about flying in them, surely takes a fearless person! Let alone those who choose to jump out of them. Fearlessness comes from the heart!

and here's a heads up - some of these wee hares, up there on cloud 9 at the moment, will be going down into my etsy shop sometime 

sometimes things take a while for me to get round to them
but there's no rush

I just take every day as it comes and appreciate all I have. I'm happy to have my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds :)

So happy to know these horses are here! Will be nice if they come to live permanently in Edinburgh. Here's that beautiful one again, this time with a nice looking warrior-style nose-guard! ha ha

thank you xxx