Monday, 2 January 2017

it's a new dawn but the stars are still bright ~*Starbright*~

Happy New Year! 

um, it's been a while since my last post! life kinda got in the way

but my etsy shop is still open, I'm still making the wee leverets and I'm still around!
and I have some great news to share!

- quite a few months ago, one very cold day - a very special bright little star came into my life!!!

I have been thinking of Wesley every single day, ever since he left on xmas eve 2013 in the arms
Yes I missed him but I felt it was maybe time for another rescue rabbit to come into my life, but I didn't feel the urge to contact any rescues, just yet.

..and so the stars answered my request for me

and a tiny little piece of brightness came into my life last May!
(oops! that long ago? and I haven't told anyone? tut tut!)

but here she is - please welcome ~Starbright~ 
my little blue-eyed princess!!

she was a wee bit shy at first

but soon came out of her shell

and like all rabbits feeling safe in a safe place she has already checked out every inch of my apartment, and em, made some slight improvements 
(oh okay, they can be classed as de-provements, but to a rabbit deconstructing something IS seen as an improvement!)

just small matters like the rearrangement of soft furnishings (and carpet corners ripped to buggery)
slight indents made to bathroom walls, but I'm in the process of constructing a new bathroom so that has been most helpful actually
and the inspection of wallpaper-to-skirting board fixments. They just weren't good enough so she has ripped strips of paper off the wall instead so I can do a better job next time

It's such a blessing to have her! 
she was an unwanted bunny and a lovely lady took her in, in the meantime, and word got around and I got the chance to meet her.
As I approached the run that she was in outside, she came over to me, then stood up on her hindlegs, made a small bark noise and poked her nose thru the wire at me!
Oh WOW!! 
that was it! I was sold on her!
-she had done the choosing- simple as that

and every day since then has been wonderful!
here she is opening a packet of Ikea ryvita biscuits

my hares are still selling, and I'm still making them when I have the time

and are also available in a beautiful desert cam pattern too! This Army uniform has seen service in Afghanistan. All the uniforms I reuse have stories behind them. You are not just buying a hare, you are taking in a little bit of history:)

I'm still loving being a soldier and have been away alot this past year. Here I am by some mist shrouded loch up the top of some mountain. It was pretty dreicht that day! (but I loved it!)

and here I am resting near the summit of some other mountain in the West coast of Scotland. Such a beautiful view whilst I ate my lunch!

And looking East from that same view towards some lochs (loch are what the Scots call lakes)

my life has been filled with love! Even the clouds remind me how much love surrounds me!

and on New Year's eve I posted my last etsy sale for 2016!
A wee hare going to England to brighten someone's new year! Yay!

I'm so appreciative that people still take the time to stop by my etsy shop and choose a hare for themselves. Love making them and I still get time to go away and do exciting things!

Isn't this a very wonderful piece of wood? I came across it in a forest and yes, it HAD to come home with me, haha
Love is always revealing itself to me - clouds, wood, stones, rocks, leaves - all in the shape of hearts
and besides, I knew someone who would appreciate this piece of wood very much:)

I've been flying all over the place this past year! So exciting! and exciting to always come home as well

I love flying RyanAir!

Edinburgh has been stunning as usual! Here is a castle that had been living in one of the main streets in the city centre.
Yeah, a castle was put up in a couple of nights, just to, just to, well - just to look beautiful and make you smile!
It came with bright sparkly lights on it, but I rather preferred the ghost-like snow-maiden appearance instead

when you are happy then reminders about enjoying life flash before you
Where ever you happen to be!

sometimes you are reminded of what's important in the most unusual of places - a lorry carpark on the M6 as I was heading back to Scotland from England

..and here is that happy recipient of the heart shaped log 
Starbright knows all about appreciation:)
and so do I
~always follow your heart
~and do what you love

life is too short to do otherwise

be happy, appreciate, smile, laugh and love
and have a great 2017!

thank you
oh! someone has had enough?!

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