Monday, 21 November 2011

You've got mail!

When I came back from Norway last month I left my mail pile for over a week. Not that there was much mail but sometimes even a little can be a lot at times. I had other things on my mind and in my heart.

But when I eventually started to open my mail I came across a large envelope with the latest edition of Scottish Islands Explorer magazine. This was the magazine that I was in the month before with my article about how I name my baby hares.

The cover was breath taking! and baby hare Fara raced over to admire it and help me look thru the latest copy, and as we turned the page ....

Well!! goodness me!!! did I not fall over in surprise and shock and joyfulness?!!!

Fara called over her friends Sula and Ussie, and they gave small gasps of surprise too! Gosh! they wondered, how did the hares get in there?

on the inside front cover was a picture of my un-named hares reading my article in the previous copy! with my etsy shop details below!
I was so touched, so very touched that I shed some tears.
I have alot to be grateful for in this world and words really can't say enough for what I feel. But again, an enormous thank you to John, the editor!

Fara was still wondering how the hares got to be inside the magazine?
Sula scratched her ear and bit her lower lip and Ussie scratched her chin as she furrowed her brows..... hmmmm?... they all went.

I told them that the picture was a photo I had taken and John had put it inside the magazine.
Hmmmm they all went again, then there were cries for me to turn the page as they wanted to read the latest copy too, as they all had somewhere to go ... and they hoped that the mail would not be lying unopened for a week with them in the pile!

Baby Hare Fara

One day in the meadow a new baby hare turned up out of the blue. She wandered into the kindergarten group and just started to play. Well, the other babies were a little surprised by her boldness but they didn’t protest and soon everyone was playing happily away. Though there were a few comments made about her very slim appearance, her extra white sharp little teeth and her blue, blue eyes.

One of the mamas asked her where she had come from and Fara said that she had been living up the ravine with her mama and papa and brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts when one day they decided that she would have to leave home, as all the babies from there do and make her own way in the world. Well, Fara was a little suspicious when she was told this because as far as she could see all her family were still there. Then her mama took her gently aside and said that things might not be so good in the future if she stayed because mama would not be around all the time to make sure that she would be okay, and if Fara remembered, it was only the other week that one of her cousins bit her tail off and ate it! Gulp! yes, Fara did remember that and mama made it to her just in time before she lost an ear. So yes, she understood why she had to leave.

Mama gave her a big, long hug and told her that she loved her with all her heart, and never to be afraid of anyone but to always be wary until you know their true intentions. She said that that knowledge would come with experience and time, so Fara nodded and said she would remember those wise words, and was about to wag her tail in agreement when she remembered she had none. Papa said that he would walk her down to the glade before anyone was up, just incase they were followed and it would be best if Fara was as safe as possible away from her parents. Mama had very shiny eyes as she wiped away the tears from Fara’s small cheeks and kissed her goodbye and papa had very shiny eyes too as he said goodbye and gave her a big hug. He told Fara that if anyone ever got into a tussle with her then she should not hesitate to use her teeth to defend herself, and Fara nodded in agreement. Then she gave a little howl as papa walked off.

Fara is looking forward to snuggling cosily on your armchair as it will remind her of mama and papa and bedtime, because every night she was wrapped safely inside their curled tails. And she would like the window open too please because now that she is making her own way in the world she will be attending the kindergarten every morning. She can’t remember ever having friends with long ears before and it’s really rather exciting. And she has already noticed that they all have tails. She is a little bit jealous about that infact and was wondering whether you may be able to make her a nice coat with a big fluffy white tail on it perhaps? She is a size XXS thanks and doesn’t want a hood, she loves her ears and wants to show them off, just remember that tail though, extra big thanks. And she loves her blue eyes too, papa has blue eyes and a hood will hide them, so no hood thanks. Oh and one other thing, at night just before she falls asleep she likes to have a small howl, so hope you don’t mind. It’s just her way of saying thanks for the day. You can join in too if you wish. You can howl can’t you?

Baby Hare Ussie

Tiny Ussie came into the world on a very frosty morning. When she opened her eyes to glance up at mama all she could see was sparkles as the frost danced around her, and just as mama was about to kiss her on the nose, a sparkle caught her eye and mama’s big furred lips planted themselves on her eyebrow instead! Gosh that was a bit of a shock, but funny!

As soon as Ussie finished her first meal she tentatively stepped out of the nest onto the glistening carpet to see what the jewels were all about. Well, she didn’t venture far because the ground was spiky and very, very cold and numb wet paws do not make for a happy hare, so Ussie scampered back to the warm nest and decided it was far nicer to take in the view from there. And she was not disappointed. Everywhere she looked there was the most beautiful twinkling, some very bright and some just for the briefest of moments.

Then the weak winter sun came out from behind the clouds and my goodness, did mama not stop her grooming and look about her too! Little Ussie gasped in joy and smiled up at mama. Mama snuggled her close and thanked the cold day-stars for enchanting her new daughter. It was a very special day indeed. And ever since that very first day in the world Ussie has been collecting sparkles. She has noticed that they happen in lots of unexpected places and every time she sees one she gets a surprise! Just the other day mama got one on the tip of her ear after she caught the dew from a nearby leaf. Now that was a special treat!

Ussie is excited about snuggling cosily into your armchair. Whilst she loves the twinkling of the frost she isn’t too keen on cold paws so she will be very happy to observe the jewels outside from the warmth of her armchair inside! But mind and keep the window open a bit please because mama will be stopping by to spend time with her. She is still tiny after all and mama has a lot to teach her about the world. And besides, mama always has extra beautiful sparkles in her eyes and Ussie loves to see them every day. Ofcourse you are welcome to add to her collection of sparkles, Ussie will be staring into your eyes as well to catch those fleeting stars. You do have stars in your eyes too don’t you? Mama has beautiful brown eyes with a hint of russet, just like Ussie’s. What colour are yours?

Baby Hare Sula

Sula loves to play on the cliff edges. Ever since the day she made her way out of the meadow and across the woods to the cliffs she has been fascinated by them and no matter how loud mama calls at dinner time, Sula just doesn’t want to stop playing.

Ofcourse it didn’t take mama long to find her wayward baby and my goodness! what a shock she got when she saw Sula playing by the high cliffs and what a terrible fright she got when she saw her disappear over the edge. Mama called out and raced to the spot she had gone over when suddenly Sula’s tiny ears poked up and moved along the grasses. Mama peered over and saw her daughter skipping along a tiny ledge without a care in the world, her ears deaf to all cries of consternation, and before Sula could scream ‘let me go’ mama had grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and pulled her onto flat land.

Well, Sula had a talking to right there and then about not frightening mama ever again. It didn’t matter if she knew that the tiny ledge, which incidentally was only wide enough for a mouse to traverse, was over the cliff face or not, the point was that mama didn’t know that, and Sula was not allowed to give mama a scare like that again. She would have to think twice before she decided to follow her feet in future. Sula gave mama a sulky little look and apologized for scaring her, then asked if she could go off and play again. Ofcourse mama said yes, because if mama had said no then there was always the chance that Sula would go off and do it anyway.

After all, baby hares are baby hares! This time though, Sula kept one eye on mama and the other on her games because she saw how upset mama was and she didn’t want to upset her again, because she got a little afraid too, not that she was going to tell mama though.

Sula is looking forward to relaxing on your armchair by the window. Ofcourse, she would like the window open though as she will be going out every day to play on the cliffs. And to see mama, now that mama spends a lot of time out there too. Sula has discovered a place that sells very slender but strong ropes and she has ordered one in her size as well as a tiny harness. She thought it best time to get all kitted out because hopping over the edge was very exciting but it makes sense to be fully prepared. There was no way she would ever tell anyone about the time she missed her footing on the mouse trail and went careering down the cliff face at a real scary speed. Infact if it was not for that hardy shrub she got tangled in then she would have been a very sorry state at the bottom. Ofcourse now that you know all that, you won’t be telling her mama will you? And, em, she also ordered a stronger rope and a very big harness for you. What do you mean you are scared of heights?!

Sometimes it only takes a glimpse of something to remind you of what once was ...

...just last week I saw this pretty little doe sitting on a shelf in a thrift shop eating some leaves and she reminded me of

my Princess Arabella

bright eyed and beautiful and gentle

and so the doe came home with me
and I smile every time I make a cup of tea as she lives there beside my kettle and Tang dynasty horse and crystal Norwegian seef animal protector

and my mail gets opened every day now :)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Thank You

so many touching words for Arabella and me, thank you so very much. They have touched my heart.

I have Wesley keeping me in reality, making me slave after him (as any self-respecting rabbit will make you do), and smile every day at his games,

and I have this video by TSO Photography of my most favourite place on mother earth - Norway - to make sure my dreams stay alive

The Water from TSO Photography on Vimeo.