Friday, 9 January 2009

Donation of Arabella Blue Star White Star Bag to Buckeye House Rabbit Society

I have donated my handmade, one-of-a-kind Arabella Blue Star White Star Art-Accessory Bag to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society for their Spring Raffle. Please visit their website to read more about Arabella and to purchase a ticket

Tickets are only $1 and someone has to win this beautiful and delightful bag. The cotton is the softest ever and Arabella is waiting patiently for her forever home, along with many special rabbits at Buckeye. She thanks you in advance for helping.
Here is Wesley with Arabella
after discovering her in his room - saying hello and goodbye before she makes her jorney across the big pond - from Scotland to America!
and here is Arabella herself with Blue Sar White Star, giving her the seal of approval and well wishes
All monies raised will go towards helping the rabbits at Buckeye as they wait patiently for their forever home. Wesley had been waiting for nearly a year! before I found him.
and Arabella had been waiting for months aswell - infact Arabella didn't even have a name and had been overlooked so often because she was just a 'brown' rabbit.

Rabbits are the 3rd most 'disposable' domestic animal after dogs and cats in society. Please help to change this -

Steps you can take are - all your rabbit feed and bedding from your local horse supplies/farm store because they do not profit from the sale of live animals - unlike pet shops.

2. support your local rescue with funds, donations, time and word of mouth. Please also consider adding a small furry member to your family for life - you will be rewarded 1000 times over!

3. buy items like gifts, stationary, household supplies like soap and pet portrait commissions from people who support rescues and helping animals. Many have shops on etsy and announce the fact in their store profile and shop front.

4. never walk past an animal in distress - they need you - please help them.

5. please consider your purchases ethically and sentiently.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you will purchase a ticket or two.

You may just have the perfect present to give to yourself / your rabbit crazy friend / the man friend who has no problem carrying a man bag (Arabella says she is cool about being a man bag) / or the perfect soft sculpture accessory for that bare shelf just below your original Thornburn hare watercolour!


  1. That's such a beautiful version of the Arabella bag! And the photos of Arabella and Wesley with the bag are wonderful. (And, as always, thanks so much for all you do to help animals!)

  2. Fabulous prize. I love your arabella bags. It's a pity that they don't take paypal for raffle tickets :(
    Wesley and Arabella are are adorable.

  3. I will find out about the paypal option!

  4. Those are the cutest things Ive ever seen!!!


  5. This is a wonderful artful bag! so lovely that you have made it a donation to help bunnies. You have a good message and I will look into this further. Thank you.

  6. What a beautiful bag!!

    Thank you for following up on Sapphire- I let her mom know about the apricot- she is going to check it out. :)


  7. OH! I've just discovered your beautiful blog! I LOVE YOUR BUNNIES! I'll be back to look around some more when I have some extra time ;)


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