Sunday, 25 January 2009

Organized Mess (yeah right!)

Wesley wants to say that before you look at my messy, messy work table - please remember to buy your raffle tickets! Only $1 each
and Arabella has come to remind you to read the posts below - about the Buckeye House Rabbit Spring Raffle - to win an Arabella Bag as a prize!

Here is my work area - where all my Arabella bags, baby hares and Priceless ACEOs come to life, as well as watercolour paintings and my handmade cards!
This is an IKEA drawer insert that I use to display a tiny portion of my precious 'things'. I have cut up cards, book images, lots of plastic Britains animals, some JEOL animals from Hong Kong, lovely buttons, stamps and a small flock of geese too. At the top are two xmas deer with Baby Hare Goodnight in the centre (he wanted to be in the photo!)

I painted the base and sides of the drawer then glued in the wooden 'slots'. Only cost pennies from IKEA in their basement bargain section and so much better than a printers press tray. I am pretty nifty with a drill and have industrial hooks in the back with extra strong webbing holding it up on 3 wall hooks. It is pretty heavy! It never gets dusted (have you seen how many slots there are??) and from just the right angle it can even look like snow.

and this is my work table - looking tidy.

Looking tidy because everything has been placed in it's work order location. Nothing is missing and I can see exactly what needs to be done.

At the front centre is a baby hare 'being born', behind are two of my new Baby Swans and to the left are some Arabella bags to be finished. Inside them are a couple of baby hares, infact it is Baby Hare Star and Baby Hare Dieter and a few more waiting for names and stories.

At the back is my pen and ruler holder. It was a china vessel of sorts that I re-arranged with a hammer and some DAS modelling clay. (I removed a human from it). At the front left are more meaningful Priceless ACEOs.

On the wall is my notice board covered with images that I love - hares, reindeer, fjord horses and the beautiful Fawn that I bought at Jen's shop and at the left is a small cardinal pouch, one of the first purchases I made on etsy that I bought from Kim at Capebags

So - not as messy as it looks!

Friday, 23 January 2009

PayPal now available for Raffle Tickets to win Arabella Bag

This beautiful Arabella Rabbit Art-Accessory bag Blue Star White Star made by me, in Scotland, and donated to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society in Ohio, America, is being raffled to raise much needed funds.

PAYAPL IS NOW AVAILABLE for purchases of $10 or over. Please click on the link above

- and thank you for giving homeless rabbits a chance of a better life - your kindness is greatly appreciated. And Good Luck!
This is the Arabella bag waiting patiently at Buckeyes for her forever home - she can be shipped worldwide and with the Paypal option - nothing's stopping you! (All money goes to help the rabbits waiting for their forever homes - isn't that great!)
and here is a pic of my beautiful rescued house rabbit Arabella from winter 2008 in a deep sleep in front of her panel heater. Her bum and toes are pressed up against the heater - even with all that fur she gets cold too! Her baby rabbit toy is also having a deep sleep! (It used to have little nylon whiskers but they were gnawed off long ago when Arabella used to fling it around by them.)
Wishing everyone who has purchased raffle tickets Good Luck!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Donation of Arabella Blue Star White Star Bag to Buckeye House Rabbit Society

I have donated my handmade, one-of-a-kind Arabella Blue Star White Star Art-Accessory Bag to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society for their Spring Raffle. Please visit their website to read more about Arabella and to purchase a ticket

Tickets are only $1 and someone has to win this beautiful and delightful bag. The cotton is the softest ever and Arabella is waiting patiently for her forever home, along with many special rabbits at Buckeye. She thanks you in advance for helping.
Here is Wesley with Arabella
after discovering her in his room - saying hello and goodbye before she makes her jorney across the big pond - from Scotland to America!
and here is Arabella herself with Blue Sar White Star, giving her the seal of approval and well wishes
All monies raised will go towards helping the rabbits at Buckeye as they wait patiently for their forever home. Wesley had been waiting for nearly a year! before I found him.
and Arabella had been waiting for months aswell - infact Arabella didn't even have a name and had been overlooked so often because she was just a 'brown' rabbit.

Rabbits are the 3rd most 'disposable' domestic animal after dogs and cats in society. Please help to change this -

Steps you can take are - all your rabbit feed and bedding from your local horse supplies/farm store because they do not profit from the sale of live animals - unlike pet shops.

2. support your local rescue with funds, donations, time and word of mouth. Please also consider adding a small furry member to your family for life - you will be rewarded 1000 times over!

3. buy items like gifts, stationary, household supplies like soap and pet portrait commissions from people who support rescues and helping animals. Many have shops on etsy and announce the fact in their store profile and shop front.

4. never walk past an animal in distress - they need you - please help them.

5. please consider your purchases ethically and sentiently.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you will purchase a ticket or two.

You may just have the perfect present to give to yourself / your rabbit crazy friend / the man friend who has no problem carrying a man bag (Arabella says she is cool about being a man bag) / or the perfect soft sculpture accessory for that bare shelf just below your original Thornburn hare watercolour!

Etsy Treasury Dedicated to my Arabella Bag Donation

All of the shops featured here love and support animals.

Some donate all funds to chairty, some donate a portion, some feed their local wild bird population, and mammals, and every single one has a respect and love for the creatures of mother earth.

Please support them by purchasing from them and you will be making your purchase an ethical and charitable based one.

Featured shops are (from top left in rows)

Whiskerkisses with beautiful Twiggy modelling a gorgeous collar

brownrose with Sheryl a prudent crow who makes sure the charitible donations are safe

pigatopia with a painting of an adorable piglet

mvegan5 - the founder of etsy for animals Team with a horsey hair clip

petitpoulailler with beautiful rabbit images from the 1930s

thesleepingdog with a customizable photo ornament

saveabunny with a blue dish approved by Butterscotch a rescue rabbit looking for a forever home

thefrogbag with a Zatec's frog hand embroidered on a pouch

9LivesPhotography with Prose a tiny kitten waiting for her forever home

My Arabella bag donating 10% to the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare Fund in Rugby, UK

daskaninchen with a fibonacci rabbit soft sculpture

happygoatsoap with beautiful Pricilla providing the milk

rats4scrappin with Fluffy as a baby in a bowl

JackieBass with precious Hope - who got Jackie started with photographing rescue dogs

karendavis with a secret - the little rabbit is sharing

shelterme with tiny Que - who is still looking for her forever home!

I want to thank all of these etsy people - they are all wonderful, talented and kind and I have been fortunate to know most of them.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009 Turn Over a New Leaf

All Leaves are important - some for eating - like these carrot leaves here - others are for making small changes for a better world. Leaves, like resolutions, are beginnings.
and new beginnings are everywhere, every day, and it is generally a shift in one's attitude and perception that will start you on the new road.
I don't do resolutions as such, I act on my ideas when I get them and I like the fact that I can turn over a new leaf and make a small improvement when the opportunity arises, year round.

My New Leaf is to recognize when these Leaves are infront of me so I can grab the opportunity!
Arabellas New Leaf is to have more 'me time'. Whether that be snoozing in private under the Parker Knoll until she decides to come out for a kiss, or infront of the heater on her paw print fleece, waiting for attention and a piece of organic oatcake - Arabella will be doing the demanding - on her terms!
Wesleys New Leaf is to have more back massages, more often! He demands these by immediately jumping around to show me his back, and just sitting there, waiting patiently until I start to rub away.
Arabella and Wesley get fresh carrot leaves every once in a while, and only a small amount at a time. Yummy!

What is your New Leaf?