Saturday, 25 September 2010

Winter Raffle 2010!! not winter truffle??

Arabella thought I said truffle and was about to start sniffing around when I told her I actually said Winter Raffle.
Oh, she said, not wanting to miss out, who's this for?

So I explained that I was again holding a Winter Raffle to raise funds for Wesley's old rabbit rescue RNGP in Rugby, England. And this year I have lots of exceptional prizes donated by some very caring and very generous artists out there!

The prizes are, in no particular order,

Mother Hare Ermine by me

Please meet mother hare Ermine.

A textile ornament of a real-size mother hare to display fondly in your home.

When Ermine was born she had the blackest of tails and whitest body fur her mama had ever seen, so she named her Ermine after the stoat’s winter coat. By spring her tail had turned whiter than the snow itself!

Ermine may look like a slim, small hare but her size belies her strength. She is known throughout the meadows and woodland as a strong and fierce fighter mother, the best of the best. She got this reputation when she had her first baby. Stoat in his winter coat had chanced upon the youngster and was about to take him away, but Ermine heard his tiny squeals and ran to the nest, she attacked Stoat and fearlessly chased after him, trampling him to the ground and biting his black tail. To this day Stoat never comes near any hare babies now.

Some of the other mothers have asked Ermine if she may give them a few tips on fending off intruders but Ermine can’t really explain how she does it. It just comes naturally to her and she is spurred on by a wave of energy. The other mothers understand this, as all the mothers of the world do, and they have made sure that their babies’ nests are as close to Ermine’s babies as possible. Ermine knows and is glad she can help for she loves all the babies.

She has been taking yoga lessons to help her relax and become centered so that she may be able to write a book about her fighting techniques. It’s been working, she has one chapter finished already – Detection of Threat Offensive and Initial Ready Response Reaction to Stoat et al.

Ermine is looking forward to making herself comfy on your arm chair with a view to the garden and all the nests out there. She still has her yoga appointments and is hoping to have her book finished soon. Would you like to attend the yoga too?

Celestial Hare, Dancing Hare and Faun Brooch by Jeanette from Square Hare

Esme the Brown Bunny Set by Pey from Peylu

Bunny Rabbit Photo Greeting Cards Set of 4 by Jen from JMcGuinness Photography

Pattern Rabbit Original Collage by Carly from Naked Carly Art

Greyhound in Disguise Screenprinted Cotton Tea Towel by Jane from Max and Molly Design

The Protector Original Watercolour by Alison from Eastwitching

The Doggy Bag by Eline from The High North

Snowshoe Hare Footprint Mug by Kirsten from Kirsten's Clay

Snuggle Sweet Nothings - Adorable Bunnies Picture - 8x10 Photo Print by Debbie from Shaded Memories

Goodness me! exclaimed Arabella, that's alot of prizes there!! so much better than truffles ...

Arabella was excited that there are so many artists who care deeply about rabbits in rescues. She spent nearly a year in a rat rescue before we took her home and she knows that she was one of the lucky ones.

Though all rescues are pressed for money, resources, help and most importantly adopters of their little charges. Tracy from the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare said that this has been their hardest year ever, with very few adoptions and lots of rabbits waiting to come into the rescue (yes, there is a list of rabbits waiting to be given up! and waiting for a space at the rescue). So she is very pleased that I am holding a winter raffle for the furries.

Ofcourse, none of this would possible without the heartfelt support of my fellow artists above who have so generously donated their handmade creations for this raffle. I am incredibly grateful to Jeanette, Pey, Jen, Carly, Jane, Alison, Eline, Kirsten and Debbie. Thank you so much ladies from the bottom of my heart.

I have met Tracy and seen her rescue at the bottom of her garden. She is doing invaluable work for a species of animal that is gaining more and more respect every day.

Today is International Rabbit Day and I think it is fitting that I am taking part in two raffles, as is Pey, to help rabbits around the world. I'm from Scotland, Pey is from Canada, we are supporting a rescue in America and one in England!

... zzzzz ...

Arabella has long forgotten about her past.
She now enjoys a warm heater every day (here she is with her bum up against hers and her toy bunny), plenty of fresh food and endless love and attention from me.

.... and Wesley, who spent a long time at Tracy's rescue waiting for his forever home, in now home, forever.

Here he is catching the zeds too with his toy puppy.

Do buy a ticket - click on this LINK to go to the home page of and click on the tiny white Paypal Donate button, write Raffle in the notes (though if you forget don't worry, Tracy will know it's for the raffle),
and you will be in the running to win a fabulous prize.

I'll be getting the names from Tracy, putting them into my Golden Fish and I shall find somebun, er, I mean someone to draw the winners on December 15th.

Thanking you kindly for taking part and we have out paws (and fingers) crossed for you!


  1. What a fantastic selection of prizes Annette! Off to purchase my ticket right away before spreading the news ;-)

  2. what a wonderful selection of prizes and what a good cause too!

  3. Gosh, your Arabella is photogenic, Wesley is handsome too of course.

    Thanks for organizing this, Annette. Happy to be able to help out the buns. Off to buy the raffles.

  4. Purchased! What great prizes & a fantastic cause!

  5. ooh thank you so much for being as excited as me about all this!

    Tickets are £1 each
    and paypal will do it all for you if you are outside the UK, and likewise purchasing tickets for Buckeye's raffle below

    thanks Jane! so glad you are taking part

    thank you Juliet!

    Pey I say the same about your handsome Charlie!

    thank you so much Trekky, thank you kindly for stopping by too!

  6. These are beautiful prizes for a wonderful cause! We're off to buy some tickets :).

  7. Will buy some tickets on payday (Thursday). Everything looks beautiful!

  8. thank you Lisa!
    we have our collective paws crossed!

  9. I have been trying to comment all day!
    So here's the quick comment.
    You are being featured on my blog tomorrow. Hop over for a visit!
    xx, shell

  10. thank you Katie! does 'we' mean Franklin, Tasha and Dobby? :)

    glad you made it Shell, no idea why blogger does that! my apologies,
    and I shall hop over your way tomorrow :)
    love visiting Sugie and Harringon!

  11. Lovelyu lovely and fun! Great idea Annette - I love the mug especially!

    Good luck - I shall link this to my eastwitching blog now.

    Alison x

  12. Very excited to participate this year!

  13. Gorgeous giveaways!! It's so wonderful of everyone to do this for the shelter buns :)

  14. thanks so much Alison!

    and Jen - thank you too!

    thank you furry :) it is indeed!

  15. I found this through Alison's blog and I've donated 5 pounds, this is such a lovely cause! :)

  16. It's a lovey post Annette! I will spread the good news about the Raffle. There are so many good prizes and all for a good cours. Well done!

  17. i posted about it here, on my blog!

    hopefully this gets you a lot more donations!

  18. that's wonderful Katie! thanks so much, and for stopping by :)
    and for posting on your blog!

    thank you Eline!

    thank you Tiffany!

  19. When is the raffle open till Annette? (Am just about getting round to publicising it on my blog - sorry for the delay!)

  20. it will be until the 15th December, many thanks Jane :)

  21. What a fantastic collection of prizes, very glad to join in of course :)

  22. Great activity!! I bought my tickets and now keeping my fingers crossed;)

  23. Just bought a ticket, wish I could bought more!

  24. Estella thank you so much :)
    you only need 1 ticket to win :)
    good luck!

  25. I just entered...but of course did not read the 'write raffle' part until after!
    So happy to be a tiny part of the two rescued piggies and I thank you!

  26. So great that you are doing this!! I have never rescued a rabbit or guinea pig before, only stray kitties. The one I have now is so thankful for a loving home, she follows me around like a little puppy :)

  27. Can't believe it took me this long to buy a ticket. Such a great cause and hope you raise loads. Twittered and will be spreading the word.

  28. We have five bunnies now, two adopted from shelters and two rescued by us. Cheers to anyone who helps an animal, and for me, esp. lagomorphs. Ours give me so much joy and peace in my heart.


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