Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Arabella helps the Buckeye Spring Raffle

I am delighted to donate another Arabella Art Accessory Bag to the Buckeye House Rabbit Society to raise funds for their rescue rabbits waiting for their forever homes.

Please meet Arabella wearing her favourite large red flowers amid the foilage jumper.
She is all ready to welcome in Spring after a snowy and chilly winter and do her good deeds for the rabbits not as fortunate as her (yet).

To help get the word out I do what comes naturally to me - I made a treasury on etsy! called Rescue Rabbit in Red Flowers
It took hardly any time at all and I had plenty of beautiful choices from an exceptional group of etsy artists.
From the top we have -
Kim from Veganessa with her Faith Beautiful Heart Brooch
Randy from RRobertsPhoto with his Spring Rain photograph
Mitzi from VintageGoodness with her Prarie Hares Antique Illustration Print (check out the HUGE fluffy white tail!!)
Tiina from AttilaDesign with her Metallic Grey Jersey Dress
Jean from JeanBradbury with her Snowberry Mouse Oil Painting
Sara from Sara'sArk with her needle felted Snow Hare
Pat from PhotogenicGallery with her Little Bird photograph
Sharon from KnotOriginal with her Nocturne Snowfall Neckwarmer
Olga from OVGilliesDesigns with her Heart Necklace
Heidi from RedChair with her My Own Way Bracelet
Veronica from SurrenderDorothy with her 1887 Rabbit Varieties German Chromolithograph Illustration
Pey from PeyLu with her Lily Loves Me print
Debbie from ShadedMemories with her Whisper Sweet Nothings print
Eline from ElineOf with her Woolly Ted Valentine
and Billy from BillyCurrie with his Forever in Love photograph

Tickets are $1 each.
If you live in America you can send a cheque.
Or you can purchase by PayPal for a minimum of 5 tickets, $5.
Above is little Richland waiting for his forever home at the Buckeye House Rabbit Society.
I wrote about Richland a while ago, not long after he had been found alone on a country road and suffering from either a coyote or dog attack.
Richland received lots of medical attention and now he is fully recovered and well - and looking forward to that special home filled with love and happiness.
Richland has visible scars on the outside. Other rabbits will have scars on the inside. Every rabbit has a story to tell, some will bring tears to your eyes, others will outrage you. Rescue rabbits are precisely that - rescued from danger and harm.
All the rescue rabbits are waiting patiently for a bright future with someone who will love them forever.
Arabella is excited that she will be going to her forever home soon! (she wonders if there will be a rescue rabbit there too??)
Like a rescue rabbit she will need very special attention - every day she will need endless love and attention from her human, lots of admiring glances from, eh, admirers, a warm clean place to stay and snooze, and fresh yummy vegetables.
Uh! what do mean textile bag rabbits can't really eat??
Arabella will gladly show you the size of her small paunch - just make sure to get your ticket or two to be in with a chance of looking at her paunch in person!
Good luck - and Thank You very much! xxx


  1. want to ask the rabbit folks out there - can anyone help Laura with young baby bun Calvin's fur loss on his head?

    Calvin is needing alot of TLC aswell, would there be a rescue that could take in another rabbit that needs extra attention and a few problems solved - such as biting?
    I knew of one rescue that did alot of work with rabbits that were hard to place due to problems and I'm trying to find it again ...

    many thanks, Annette

  2. Poor Calvin, I'm just not sure what is going on with him......The Arabella bag is GORGEOUS! I'll try to purchase some tix through PayPAl last time it didn't work for some reason. BTW the movie is back, mysteriously, at The Qi Papers.....

  3. I will of course buy some tickets. I reallyt to give Richland a kiss on the nose. What a mug on that bunny, the little sweetheart.

  4. That should read, " I really want to give"

  5. thanks Diana!

    and I watched the movie - enjoyed every second!

    He is a sweetie indeed Christina!

    I managed to get some info for Calvin, so fingers - oops, I mean paws, crossed!

    maybe when i feel luck running thru my veins- i will buy raffle tix... i've never really won at those kinds of things... but one never knows and one cant win without a ticket. lol

  7. i missed the treasury & it is a stunning one...thanks annette! so glad that richland is all well & do hope that he gets a home to flourish in! what a wonderful foster mom you are!

  8. Richland is such a handsome boy!
    I know Arabella will raise lots of money to help him and his friends! So wonderful!

  9. I've got my tickets, and have my fingers and toes crossed, and i've asked my critters friends to cross their paws for me :)
    it's a beautiful bag.
    Hope Richland gets the perfect home for himself. So wondeful of you to raise funds for BHRS.
    The treasury is fab.

  10. Nicole - you never know ....! and never a truer word said!

    thank you Pat! Richand does deserve a home filled with love. He is such a stunner too!

    Thanks Shell, Arabella is working as hard as she can :)

    many thanks Kim! hoping that for Richland too. The treasury is fab because I have your amazing heart in there :)

  11. I just got my tickets too! OOh Richland, you are sooooo adorable!


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