Monday, 30 April 2012

... and the story goes ..

... about a week and a bit ago I set up my Furrytailes of Adventure exhibition at my local library

It had been booked a couple of months before, and for some probably easily explained reasoning, which escapes me entirely, I did what comes naturally to me ...

... I left it till the last minute to prepare!

the night before the start I grabbed some hares, a few stories I stuck on old book pages (a story on a story ~ pourquoi non??), my old advertising postcard bookmarks from last years exhibition (just changed the date and year ~ why not?) 

and tumbled them into the cabinets

along with some great new kissing hare posters I had made to advertise my shop, plus my new mugs and postcards

anyway, it took less than an hour to set up, and that included polishing all that endless expanse of glass, inside and out, and wiping down the shelves, ripping some slithers of paper to line the shelves and ...

setting the beasties up on their state of the art display platforms

(em, I left that to the last minute as I couldn't imagine what on earth to support them with, so I raided my cupboard and pulled out all my packaging / shoe boxes that I ship my orders out in)

and voila! a nice homely display of friendly hares and squirrels and stories

My exhibition will be on until some time in the beginning of May - I lost my piece of paper with the dates on it, so next time I go to the library I shall check their booking folder.

I think it is at least a full week anyway

so if you are in Edinburgh, Scotland and wish to spend a relaxing time that brings a smile, then do stop by for a read and look

it's at Portobello Library, just off the main road in Portobello, which is a short car or bus ride (or bike ride) from Edinburgh city centre

Leaving things to the last minute always bring the most innovative ideas (in my opinion - but then again, I do that alot, so I should know!)

and my pair of Norwegian snowflake and polar bear gloves look perfect holding up baby hare Velvet and baby hare Clipper 

would be nice to see you there, so if you'd like to say hi, send me an etsy convo and I shall turn up there too (on time!)

aaaauuuuhhhhh yaaaaawn!!!!  
what a palaver! flying by the seat of her pa... p.. ...

I don't know why Annette just didn't let the hares set themselves up - they get away with mu... mu... what's that word? in here ....

.... anyway, better not stir the... the... rats! what's that word? my mind escapes me?

aaauuuhhh  yaaaawwwwwnnn,   ...chuup..chuup,

ZZZzzzzzz...   *shouldn't have eaten that piece of paper she left on the ground ...*  *note to self - visit library to borrow a dictionary to spruce up on my vocab*  ...zzzzzz


  1. duh! my mum read my post and saw the end date on my recycled bookmark from last year!
    on till the 6 May!!

  2. Well WOW! For setting that display up so quickly you sure did a beautiful job. I love it.

    Love to Wesley as always!

  3. Looks beautiful! I would definately visit if I lived a bit closer (or even in the same country). :) The glove holding the hare looks great.

    Is that your bunny in the pictures? Super cute. Looks very comfortable with the blankets. :)

  4. Heehee, sleepy Wesley is just too adorable! Give him some smooches and snuggles for me.

    As the Queen of Procrastination, I declare that there is no better minute than the last minute to put things together--and the display is just lovely, so it's all good. :)

  5. Looks wonderful, congratulations on another exhibition! I may well pop along to have a look myself!

  6. Congrats on what is sure to be yet another successful show!

  7. I just adore your display♥ They should be thrilled at having you~~Every single cubby is simply magical... What a fun idea & execution...
    If I did I would bring my bunny Choc Chip in if he was across the pond :0) but I showed him what buns can do (Chip is a mini rex Loves library-but is banned :0( because he eats books)

  8. thank you Christina!

    yes Anne, that's Wes!

    heh heh so funny Jade :) I agree

    thanks Juliet :)

    thank you Lisa!

    thanks bunnyt - Wes likes to nibble my books - they all have 'the special bun touch' in here :)


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