Monday, 17 February 2014

Holy Shit! did someone say Fun Deficient?

okay - time for some lols bat-style...

ha ha, so funny eh? came across this on fb the other day (not sure whom to credit?)

though I was never a batman fan myself (his sidekick put me off, I'm not into crowds)

I much preferred catwoman, but not just any catwoman

it had to be Halle Berrys catwoman -

and I must say, she looked really, really good in her whiskers and tail

and the way she portrayed the dichotomy of the character was just perfect
~ going from the soft, wishy-washy, shy artist
~the uber-confident, fearless, slightly-distracted-at-times feline (just like all cats)

it really was a great study in character and I loved how she played it, and such a sexy feline! plus it was so funny!

Fun Efficient! 

~love this scene!

...the cat inside the woman 
so playful!

and the woman falling for the man... *sigh*
ofcourse he is already smitten with her
that's what happens when you have fun all the time, you exude an inner sparkle
(mmm, isn't Benjamin Bratt a honey!)

okay! let's have some more cat and man, er, cat and mouse games...

ha ha, so fun! cats come when they feel like it :)

alrighty then, another pic of that beautiful Fun Efficient cat 

really loving all the leather and straps!

infatc I haven't watched Catwoman for a while, may have to put it on soon!

it's always the right time to lol

life is about fun!!  did you know?

took me a wee while to learn that valuable lesson
(a couple of trips to hell and back)
but finally I've learnt my lesson
and I ain't ever taking life seriously again, nope, seriously! I am only here for the FUN!

and I've been laughing my ass off, laughing out loud, and rolling on the floor laughing watching that wee pug sing his little heart out :)

alrighty then, enough cats and dogs - here is a bunny! - and some LOVE
(okay, technically NOT a bunny, so not a bunny! it's a hare ofcourse)

and I hope you all had a good valentines day last week?
fun, kisses, fun, chocolates, fun, loving...
ofcourse, when you find someone to have fun with -and- you also love them, 
then every day is valentines day

(anyone for a game of deadlifting? :)


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