Saturday, 12 July 2014

all things cute, adorable and squealy, er scaly

A wee while back at my local cinema, Cineworld, I got the most amazing surprise when I went in to catch a flick with my mama (we go every *Orange Wednesday, it's such a treat!)
* text film to 241 for 2 for 1 tickets - can't get better than that for the big screen eh? except on a Friday night date :)

anyway, back to my story - and there in the foyer, under a bright light, was a life-size statue of a baby dragon!  like omg! oh wow!!

ofcourse it wasn't just any dragon mind,
it was the adorable hero of How to Train Your Dragon - toothless

what a name eh? maybe something catchier would've been a bit more flattering for such a handsome lizard

so I got my ma to snap a few pics of me n my wee pal
here we are above, enjoying a few romantic words...
(cos I'm so in luuurve with all things lizardys)

I would have sat on his back, like in the movie, but there was a huge sign saying 'no adults allowed to climb on the adorable dragon'

I saw the first Dragon movie on dvd about a year ago
not sure why I missed it at the cinema
and I just loved that adorable little Night Fury - now isn't that a grand name for a dragon species?
and ofcourse I immediately wanted a baby night fury all my own - as you do :)

the animation is beyond amazing!
absolutely full credit to all those talented graphic designer/animator/cgi thingy peoples and all that 

and to think - all those years I turned my nose up at playing playstation/x-box/nintendo, thinking it was 'kid stuff' and 'I'm too serious a person for that' and I could have carved out a nice career designing slinky wee flying lizards instead of stuffing 2 legged hares and squirrels.... (the things we miss out on..)

- so here's some night fury and some ... and some.... and ..

could watch that wee beastie all day!

isn't it funny how the good-hearted chieftans and leaders in the movies all have broad Scottish accents
and isn't it funny how all the bad bastards and weak-spined traitors in the movies all have strong Scottish accents (yeah, I'm talking about that wee shite in Maleficent, Disney's latest movie)

anyway, accents aside, though I must say the Scottish accent is very nice, always makes me smile, no matter what part of Scotland it hails from

I caught the movie on Wednesday and it was really, really good! 
It's the type of movie you need to see again cause you missed so much the first time. Toothless spent so much time in the background playing games and frolicking, and there was I, listening to what the main character was saying, thinking it was more important than watching the adorable dragon play chase in the background! duh!!
there were only 2 kids in the whole packed cinema - infact there were 3 (2 kids + me :) and all the adults just loved it! 
I thought I would be surrounded by tiny humans, but nope, I was surrounded by adult-kids instead. 
Kidults? adids? Kidults sounds better eh?

so I was out shopping with my pa a week after getting my snap of me and Night Fury, and we were looking at laptops and I remember seeing them in Toys R Us (why, ofcourse I did!), but it was rather a long, long, long time ago. 
So papa went into the computer store and I dashed over to the toy store - and omg! it was my lucky day!

there in the first aisle I went down - were 20 tiny baby Night Furys, all in their boxes, looking up at me! 
tiny, tiny little night furys - the size of real-life tiny little lizards! omg!!
I spent a good 10 whole minutes touching and drooling and sighing and inspecting and admiring and... you get the picture - it was ~Love~!
ha ha ha!! 

I made a mental note to come back to them, took my time to slowly dash past the dinosaurs and action man aisle, but making sure I had a look at the latest military hardware on issue there - action mans equipment is just getting better and better!, anyway I couldn't see a computer anywhere except x-boxes and nintendos and playstations...

and 20hrs later I was back in the same baby lizard aisle, choosing my wee beastie and happily handing over my £12.99! thank you very much Toys4me, er I mean Toys R us


so here I am - my very first 'selfie' - (ain't I cute? em I mean isn't Fury cute?) 
cause I'm a little on the shy side with all this posting pics of yourself online stuff 
(on facebook I much prefer to repost other peoples stuffs, especially all those good looking boy pics out there - isn't that the whole point of it? or am I missing something?)  

but I prefer to call this one a 'family photo' - me n fury :)

and ofcourse lil Fury insisted that I make it very obvious that it was a 'family selfie' - so yes, the shower curtain had to be on view, as did my camera, and the towel rail and....

so he hopped up on my head, being the tiny king that he is, and did a little wing flapping - but my camera isn't the most modern, and I never managed to get the wing movement in, not even a bit of blurriness

I'm so happy to have my own tiny scaly beastie here!

I'm so glad some of the dinosaurs managed to get on to the ark :)

Ever since I was a tiny beastie myself, I have always loved lizards. I used to have chameleons as pets when I lived in Zambia. Granted they could come and go when they pleased, had free range of the house and could climb up anything they so desired, but I remember them in my living room, on the huge branch, studying them, admiring them, adoring them.

And then when I was a bit bigger, but still small, I had baby lizards in my room in Australia. Yes, they never stayed for long in the big sand filled fish tank, yes I would spend hours in the grass hunting for them, watching the 5mm long babies come out of their eggs, bask alongside them in the sun, enjoy their quiet, contemplative, adorable friendly company.

Lizards have always been my friends. I've always gotten on very well with all things cold blooded.
And you thought I was just a reindeer and hare girl eh? 
surprises eh, this one's got surprises

so - last group family photo for quite a while

tiny Fury is admiring my handsome steppin' out shoeses and about to do a death-roll-dive
and real-size Fury is purring with pleasure as I caress his temple (I know all the right spots :)
~I swear I could feel his heartbeat on my thigh~

and a couple minutes after this pic was taken, 3 girls come out of the movie, How to Train Your Dragon2, see my tiny dragon - and yes, you've guessed it - borrow him for their 'family' pic!

*sigh* lizard love....

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