Friday, 14 November 2008

NEW! Arabella Bag in my shop wearing Chanel ribbons and Selvedge

Arabella likes to take afternoon tea in special places. She also loves those admiring glances - but prefers not to go incognito with sunglasses! A lot of work has gone into making this one of a kind original art-accessory bag. If you would like to purchase it please visit my etsy shop I ship worldwide from Scotland.

This bag has been made with a vintage Chanel white silk ribbon, faux fur, and scraps of beautiful blue and brown selvedge. It is quilted and has a firm felt padded base. A small pocket inside sports a piece of chanel ribbon and faux fur.
I will be donating 10% of the sale of this bag to The BUAV -

This is a charity that lobbies on behalf of the silent voices of animals being experimented on in laboratories.
Why do I support them?
Because it is too easy to become complacent about your actions in relevance to animal suffering - that you never see - but that goes on in it's millions and that could easily be prevented by purchasing ethically.
Please be aware that all companies that do not show the BUAV logo of a rabbit jumping over stars, and that are not mentioned in the BUAV's little book of cruelty free actually Do test their makeup on animals. Many of them say they do not (and by this statement, they mean the end product) - but what they don't tell you is that the ingredients for that 'super new long lash mascara' Has been tested on animals in a laboratory. In many cases it is outsourced to third party companies for animal testing.

If you support cruelty free beauty please vote with your wallet :) Because you (and your conscience and the lives of millions of animals) are worth it.
As mentioned before in an earlier post the CO-OP (UK) sells cruelty-free products and their 99p Chamomile hair conditioner is just amazing! So cheap and so effective! So do M&S (UK) but they don't have the logo on all their packaging yet and the Body Shop (worldwide) sell only cruelty-free products. They also don't have the logo on all their packaging - I wonder why not?
Small changes go a long way. All these companies sell very affordable but high quality ethical products. Well worth trying out. (Don't let the cheap price put you off )


  1. oh my gosh I found a new bag to covet!!

  2. wow that is a very interesting bag! Very creative!


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