Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dragon House of Yuen in Box of Delights Exhibition

This is the Japanese Ushigokoro Box - a 30cm x 40cm x 30cm (roughly) box that displays an artists works.

Here is my Ushigokoro box with my two Arabella bags, 3 baby hares and some of my handmade Arabella in Chinese Blossom cards plus a stack of business cards.

My mum (who speaks Japanese) kindly came along to give me a hand. My mum is very artistic and has wonderful taste so it was great to have her input on the layout. Plus we also had a cup of tea and cake afterwards - surely a great reason to come along!

My two Arabella Art-Accessory bags were made specifically for this exhibition. They are both looking rather contented sitting in the box ready to be admired! They received some compliments on the day they arrived.

These 3 baby hares have been made from a Chinese ladies jacket. They are called GumFa, Leng and Sakushi.

Whilst decorating my box I met Marceline of etsy shop Asking For Trouble, one of the organisers, also decorating hers with delightful Japanese fabric buttons featuring rabbits and beautiful fabric flower brooches (above).

and I also met Gini from etsy shop The Curious Swift who makes beautiful purses, textile badges (above) and collars

It is being held in Ricefield, West Graham Street, Glasgow not far from China Town and at the most northern part of the city centre.

This Saturday and Sunday there will be a 10% discount on all purchases. A great opportunity to buy a handmade one of a kind piece of art!

If you can pop in you are sure to be delighted. The boxes look just so enticing with their goodies inside and the whole concept of many artists exhibiting in such a small space with their own contained mini exhibitions is a true visual delight!

The exhibition runs until 23rd December. I will be there this Sunday to say hello.

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  1. I love this idea - very inspiring - and your box is wonderful! I wish I could see this exhibit.

    P.S. I Googled "Ushigokoro Box" and this entry comes up halfway down the first page :)


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