Wednesday, 28 October 2009

better late than never 'TockTober

Lagomorph 'tocks are just the dandiest and you will very rarely get to see true 'tock relaxation unless your rabbit trusts you and their environment 100%

Rabbit's hindquaters are their livelihood and will carry them away from danger so it is the lucky bun-mum who gets to caress them.

Arabella has the whitest of pads and a midnight black tail top. She normally doesn't tuck her tootsies under, must've been a chill in the air (or she could sense the camera)!

and Wesley is rather a bit more laid back about the whole 'tock issue.
Here he is flopped ontop of a pile of fleeces with his white tail, top left out of picture, as is his other leg. His right heel shows a pink spot of exposed skin which is a common occurence in carpet living rabbits.
A small price to pay for warmth, filled food bowls and a happy heart.
Celebrating 'tock tober in the rabbit blogosphere.


  1. Hi
    Lovely shots as always from your cute rabbits
    My oldest daughter has yesterday buyed a rabbit (She have two parakeets and there was no place for a cat ...LOL)
    Have a wonderful evening
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  2. i had a rabbit once annette many years ago. a friend gave her to my daughter who was way too young to take care of her. i was a working mom with 2 kids & also going to school. i took care of her for awhile & then found her a new home. i look back now & regret i didn't really get to know or appreciate her. all of your stories & pics are so warm & have made me realize just how much personality bunnies have! ah, regrets, regrets....

  3. My California Rex used to sprawl out with his legs stretched behind him - he knew he ruled the den...he even scared the cats (and me a few times) he, he, he...


    Thanks for your comment Annette :)
    I have send it to my daughter Marjolein
    Its total new for her a rabbit ;)

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  5. Well, I've seen Charlie stretched out but never have a camera handy to capture the moment. Glad you got these great shots to share, thanks so much, enjoyed them !!

  6. Hi Annette,
    Thank you so much for your comment on my mom's page! As a new bunny mommy, I can always use some advise!
    My rabbit is just a baby, 8 weeks old, it's a male bunny, he will get hanging ears when he gets older (not sure what is is called in english. He is getting used to me and his new environment very quickly, and is beginning to love lying on my belly and cuddle! really cute!
    I'm now training him to use the bunny toilet, not very easy but i'm getting there!
    Is it true they are not allowed to have veggies the first half year?
    How many rabbits do you have? They are really cute!!
    Greetz, Leintje (and Brammetje!)

  7. thanks Anya, I have sent a huge list of dos and don'ts to your daughter! Her rabbit is beautiful.
    I also gave her my email so she can get in touch any time she needs.

    Pat it is better to realise now than not at all. Rabbits are indeed in a different world. You have to listen to their silence to appreciate them fully and a trusting rabbit is a privilege indeed! They also have such strong willed characters! Arabella is indeed a very independent lady!

    Hi Doris - yup! I know exactly what you mean :)
    been there...!

    thanks Pey, I bet Charlie looks rather regal when he is relaxing.

    thanks Marjolein and Brammetje, I have left a comment for you.

  8. Loving those 'tocks! we haven't gotten ours up yet, there's not much time left.........

  9. Hi Annette!
    These photos are wonderful! Love those feets!
    I noticed you started following my blog so I had to hop over and check you out. So glad I did! I'm adding you to my blogroll. I love your bunnies and especially love your art!
    Have a great day my new bunny friend.


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