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Buckeye House Rabbit Society Holiday Raffle 2009

Every year the Buckeye House Rabbit Society has a Holiday Raffle and this year Pey from etsy shops Peylu / FolkArtVision has donated the main prize - 'Charlie The First' - an original watercolour of her rescue rabbit Charlie.

Charlie was rescued from living rough at Pey's local Zoo. He was dumped there with another rabbit by an uncaring owner! The zookeeper said he had been living there since June and Pey first spotted him in October.

Charlie first stayed in the llama pen then he had a stint living with the Highland Cows and finally he settled in with the mouflons.

He sat in a tree enclosure near the fence and munched on hay watching the world go by. The keepers were concerned he would be taken by foxes and were thinking of trapping him and taking him to the Humane Society but Pey said she would take him instead.

They lost sight of him for two weeks in December when the snow was really deep and everyone thought he had gone.

Then one day after Pey and her rottweiler Ted had walked past the pen they saw Charlie bounding down the hill towards Anatol, Pey's husband! Pey fished out the carrot she had had in her pocket saved for such an occasion and gave it to the keeper who waved it infront of Charlie and went into the Peacock house with him.

The next day Pey returned with a travel carrier and took Charlie to the vet first and then on to his safe forever home!

Every time Pey and Ted had gone to the zoo Charlie would always run down to the fence to see them. Ted became very interested in him and looked for him every day. How delightful that a little rabbit would choose a big dog to be his best friend.

Their friendship was cemented!

and Pey and Anatol have a very beautiful rabbit who no longer has to fret about his next meal or keeping warm or having friends or keeping his feet fastidiously clean (which he spends ages doing!)

Charlie has his own room with a view and has adapted well to indoor living. According to Ted he must really enjoy eating!
The rabbits at Buckeye are all looking for forever homes too and the money raised in the raffle will go towards supporting them as they wait for that special person. All the rabbits are spayed and neutered and their personalities and habits are known.

Age is not important in a rabbit as they all have such strong personalities and when they trust you fully they just shine. Many of the rabbits are young adults and some are older but whomever you choose to bring into your life you will be rewarded 100 fold every day by a grateful heart.

If you are not able to give a forever home to a rescue rabbit you could consider sponsoring one of the sanctuary rabbits. These rabbits usually have health issues which prevent them from being rehomed and not everyone has the time to look after a rabbit with health issues. Unless you have experience in dealing with various issues it can be a very scary thing.

I have had two rabbits with serious health issues and I would be grateful to take on a rabbit that needs a little extra attention but as always the staff at Buckeye will assess your individual circumstances and find the most suitable rabbits for you to meet.
Charlie now has a great life with Pey, Anatol and Ted. When he first moved in he would often jump on Ted's back to relax. That must have been all the zoo living with larger animals!

He really is a happy bun!

Pey is a highly accomplished artist and her work is collected worldwide. She exhibits locally in Canada.
I first came across Pey on etsy after seeing one of her beautiful bird paintings of RedWinged Blackbirds! How very special they are. Pey has some amazing works of birds with eggs centered around the theme of nest egg watching. And then I saw this gorgeous rabbit!!
This is one of her paintings called Esme and is a painting on clay. Very unusual and I love the texture, method and colours. Esme has a very gentle expression and look at those white socks! Ofcourse this is my favourite!

Pey has many shadow boxes that her husband sells in their FolkArtVision shop. Hearts are a focal point in these amazing assemblages.

This one is called P.S. I Love You and is a mixed media assemblage. The textures of the wood are amazing and I love the metal heart and it's shape with the furl on the side.
and this one is called Hope with a small bunny called Hope in the centre made with clay and painted in acrylic.

and this one is called Love Me Tender. It also has a raised metal heart in the centre and such a lovely light sea green colour.

I'm very grateful to Pey for donating an original artwork to a cause that we both believe in. Every rabbit in a rescue centre deserves the very best home in a safe and loving environment and it is thru generous donations from supporters that rescues are able to continue their important life-saving work. Every single $1 does make a difference and no $1 is too small to be donated. Especially in the economic times we live at present where giving is even more important.

Pey and Charlie share a very tender moment. Two hearts beating as one.

Charlie is very proud to have his portrait raffled and wants to thank you for your donations and may the best bun, oops! I mean best one, win.

Charlie is off to bed .....

.... or perhaps Guard Duty!

you guess!!


  1. Oh, my, what a nice thing to wake up to !!
    Reading your blog has always been a pleasure and to be featured is an honour indeed. Thank you, my friend. I've emailed everyone I know to read this blog and hopefully buy tickets.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Annette, that portrait is so cute! Thank you for sharing the story about Charlie too, I loved the pictures. I have two adopted buns myself, they are so much fun.

    If you are interested in working on a couple quilt squares, please drop me an email at I'll get with you w/some more specifics. I just wasn't sure the best way to reach you.

    Thanks so much!

  3. What an adorable bunny...I am glad I found your blog and I'm learning so much about rabbits...I've had a pet rabbit once. He was a California Rex and I didn't have him neutered. I don't know why, I just never thought of it since he was the only one...he had the roam of the backyard that was fenced in and he never dug out, but he did give the cats a run for their money. He pinched one right under the belly and that cat jumped about 3 feet straight up in the air and from then on, he always looked both ways to make sure the coast was "bunny" clear. H used to grunt and chase after me too and I ran beause I saw what he can do with those teeth...those were the days!

    I enjoy your blog and reading all your stories. I will consider sponsoring a bunny as soon as I'm able ;-)


  4. Aw, Charlie & Ted are so cute together - who would've thought a rottie & a bunny could be best of friends?! So sweet ;-) Maybe there is hope that someday we'll find a rabbit-friendly greyhound, who knows!!

  5. thank you Pey - I'm delighted to have you and Charlie and Ted on here!

    Hi Layla, I've been in touch with you. Thanks for adopting 2 rescues - would like to hear more about them too.

    That's great news Doris! thank you. I do believe that sponsers may give as they are able as any amount is very welcome. Herta runs Buckeye and she can let you know more.
    Glad you like my ramblings :)

    Jane my first house rabbit in Australia grew up beside my Kelpie/Heeler cross - both Aussie working dog breeds. They were best of friends and Burns my rabbit was the boss!

  6. Pey's art is gorgeous! Beautiful textures! Charlie is beautiful....

  7. What a lovely story! Charlie is a beautiful bunny for sure

  8. Oh I will have to buy some tickets. I would love to have Charlie's picture and tell his story to my buns.

    I love the special needs kids too. I had three until Stewart left for the bridge. They are so sweet. Our hospital where I volunteer is my favorite warren to be in.

  9. thank you Juliet. Pey is very talented and I love her textures as well. Charlie is very beautiful too! I agree!

    thank you Louise, thanks for stopping by!

    Christina - thanks - Herta will be delighted if you get some tickets!
    I'm sorry to hear about Stewart, hoping that Nemo and Haven are getting by okay. Thanks for looking after these very special beings.


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