Monday, 12 April 2010

the Powder Room

A clean and presentable powder room is a delight to spend time in ....

Arabella loves to take her time with her ablutions and is always meticulous with every hair.

Whilst pondering the facts of life (as one does in those moments of silence and introspection) she loves to nibble on empty toilet roll cardboard holders.

I always make sure to give her the ones with very little glue marks on them. She eventually eats all of the tube over the course of a week so I don't want her to ingest unnecessary chemicals. There are already far too many unnecessary chemicals in our environments without making our precious friends put up with any more.

Some times the powder room boundary is extended. But that's okay - it's only a piece of carpet.

Arabella prefers the fleece on top of the newspapers (ontop of the polar bear print oil cloth that I have as a 'spill protector' sheet at the base) to her meadow hay filled kitty litter.

The fleeces are from Ikea and incredibly cheap. I buy them for a £1 or £2 and cut them into 4 pieces. They are super at soaking and retaining fluids and wash and dry in a jiffy.

Her plastic cat kitty litter (kitter) has 2 newspapers in the bottom with clean shredded paper on top. The shredded paper is scrap and bills (not soaked in ink or dirty) that I shred with a home shredder.
The shredded paper does a great job and soaks up all the rabbit pee wonderfully.

On top of that is a big fluffy cushion of sweet smelling never ending hay to chew, munch, drag around the floor and toss about as she pleases.

When Arabella is busying herself in her kitter she likes to pull up the shredded paper from the bottom and nibble away. It seems to hold more allure than the hay on top.

Often I will be traipsing around the house with a shred of electricity bill stuck to my sock ....


  1. That's a very posh pad and I like your recycling. I can totally relate to the sock issue though!

    Ps. Those are cute toes!

  2. What a lucky bunny, your Arabella is and so cute too :-)

  3. I use shredded paper in a pinch but Dudley considers that a meal so I have to watch it. We use wood stove pellets for our potty boxes then back into the yard they go when finished. We were using puppy pads for Haven until I figured out they are sprayed with an "attract" chemical to encourage the puppies. Now we buy the ones for people and they are better. Arabella is just lovely and so is her potty area.

  4. i can relate to arabella.... who doesn't like a little soft fleece to make your stay a little more comfy? you crack me up annette!

  5. Arabella is a lucky bunny Annette!

  6. Hey Annette sorry topost and run- Molly has stasis again- major blockage. :(
    I'll convo you on etsy when I get home.

  7. Biff & Sogna (or one or the other, it's hard to tell) can be pretty messy around the litter box. I'm not sure if they kick the hay and doots out, or doot on the floor next to the litter box, but there's always some on the floor. Part of why I use the open pen strategy... keeps the litter mess a bit more contained.

    They love fleece too!!! They have a few store bought ones, and recently I cut all the elastic and the zipper off of a zip up fleece shirt, (purchased for me by an ex boyfriend :-x) and gave that to the buns. Wouldn't you know, it's their favorite one? I've frequently caught Biff licking it, and it has become Sogna colored from all the fur she's shed onto it!

  8. Aw, such a sweet post Annette - it's made me smile! How lovely to see how wee Arabella enjoys such simple comforts that you provide for her ;-)

  9. Very nice! I use a shallow layer of "Eco Straw" litter pellet made out of wheat and cover that with hay, then the whole thing can go out into the garden. I like your method of using paper shred too......

  10. sorry to barge in on the bunny potty chat session. tee hee. but not really. you guys are all sooooo cute.... and that's because i'm a country mama with hares that dont need my help with such things. lol.

    but seriously... what a lovely boudoir you have set up for Arabella ! is this her very own or does she have to share it ? What a fabulous 'how to' for any new bunny mama !

  11. Ah! I have the same Ikea fleeces - they are a bargain aren't they and I like the robins egg blue colour.

  12. What a wonderful powder room - the cats are envious! They love the empty toilet roll holders too. The fleece is a great idea.

  13. thanks you Tamsin! yes, the socks are collectors :)

    thanks Doris! Arabella says thank you :)

    thanks Christina - it's great to be able to put it outside. I don't have that luxury yet. A compost heap would be super! Have you tried fleeces for Haven? Maybe double them over for extra absorbency?

    thanks pat - I agree!

    Eline you are welcome!

    thanks for posting Jen :) been in touch xxx

    Lisa I think a messy litter box is rather nice at times too - it doesn't take long for my two to get the hay everywhere :)
    and they both lick their fleeces, usually when they are lying down about to doze off!
    Infact today I 'caught' Wesley licking his little soft toy dog! heh heh! he Was surprised!

    thank you Jane!

    that sounds good Diana, never heard of that here (yet).

    Nicole it is solely Arabella's, Wesley has his own area of the house as they don't get on.

    They are super indeed Charlotte!

    Katie - what is good for the rabbit will do the cat too :)
    Arabella has many cat toys :)


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