Saturday, 3 April 2010

Wesley asks you to Make It Chocolate

Wesley has a small request this Easter.

He asks that you buy only chocolate or plush rabbits for your Easter basket gifts please.
I told him that I would let everyone know his message ...

Arabella wants to say also that even though baby rabbits look oh-so terribly cute, in 6 months time they will the same size as her and not so cute any more.

Please don't buy animals as gifts, especially at Easter. In our ever so wasteful and wanting society gifts are seen as easy to obtain and disposable after the novelty has worn off.

Rabbits are best suited as indoor only companions. They crave company and attention (on their terms) and prosper in stable environments.

If you are looking for a sweet companion to warm your heart and cannot adopt a rabbit from your local rescue shelter then consider adding one of my soft sculptures to your shelf.

I make baby hares, baby felines, baby rabbits and baby squirrels. They are available from my etsy shop.

Esty artists who love and support animals will have an announcement in their shop title and you can purchase from them knowing that an animal, somewhere, will be benefitting. You can also search 'team efa' on etsy to see art made by these sellers.

I started my etsy shop a few years ago because I was looking to sell my work to a worldwide audience in conjunction with my animal advocacy work.

I have been able to donate money to two rabbit rescues very dear to my heart - The Buckeye House Rabbit Society in Ohio, USA, of which my latest Arabella Bag just raised $382! and to the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby, England. I also donate to the BUAV British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and to WSPA the World Society for the Protection of Animals thru the sale of my art and art donations to raise funds.

Many years ago we welcomed our first rescue rabbit Zai into our lives.
He had come from a pet shop, was bought as a gift for a kid and mistreated. He had a very compromised immune system with a myriad of health problems. Health problems so bad that we could only treat him with mother natures remedies and no chemical concoctions from orthodox vets.
The pet shop obviously bought kittens that were too young to be separated from their mother (because they sell easier being smaller and cuter) and they missed out on the important nutritional benefits of the mother's milk.
And the pet shop sold these tiny babies to make a measly profit of, say, £10. Perhaps they bought the kittens wholesale for 50p each? A small price for a life.
So if you are able to persuade anyone from buying a kitten (baby rabbit) from a pet shop - please do.
Rabbit rescues are always looking for suitable adopters for their buns, and they always have lots. (why? because rabbits are not easy pets).
After all, these rabbits have already had a horrific start to life and they now need someone that they can depend on for the rest of their 14 years of life to provide them with love, food, happiness and security.
... it's not alot to ask ....
. . . . . .
Would you rather have some chocolate instead?


  1. Razzy and Sugie have passed the message along too. Chocolate bunnies for everybun!
    Hugs and friends,

  2. Thanks for the reminder! Arabella is cute!!!

  3. Make mine chocolate. Annette, those squirrels are absoulutely adorable.

  4. Make mine chocolate too, but maybe soon I will be looking around for a bunny to adopt from the rescue centre. Your squirrels are adorable...

  5. Wishing you a Hoppity Easter that is eggs-tra special☺

    We agree a million percent! No live bunnies for Easter!

  6. Excellent advice - and I have directed my blog readers over here. Happy Easter from the other Annette.

  7. All well said. There is a store here that sells just the ears of Chocolate bunnies! I won't, however, tell my bunnies that they are not as absolutely adorable as they were when they were babies....Yes, those new creation are lovely!!!!!!

  8. Thank you, Annette, for getting this very important message out.
    All Animals should come with a big sign that says - I'm yours for life - are you ready for me ?
    Happy Easter to you and your wee easter helpers.

  9. Thumbs up for chocolate bunnies ( or painted ones!)

  10. Nicely put Annette !

    btw- I love the tweed look... very handsome, earthy and Scottish looking, if i may say so :)

    THANKS for all that you do on behalf of buns...

  11. thank you very much Shell, Razzy and Sugie!

    you are welcome Mr Rabbit Guy :)

    Christina you are from the same pea pod :)

    thank you Lynn! plenty of chocolate to share!

    Juliet that sounds so exciting! the little soul mate will be getting ready for you as you write :)

    thank you Kitties!

    thanks Annette! and what sterling work you do for the cats on your blog - super stories!!

    thank you Diana! choc ears?! ... yummm!

    I agree Pey! very true!

    thumbs and paws Danielle! thanks for stopping by :)

    thanks Nicole! and I could not do as half as much without all your support and help!

  12. Arwen and I wholeheartedly agree - plush or chocolate is best! Thank you for all of the hard work and fund raising you do for the real live bunnies - you are their earth angel :)

  13. Arabella & Wesley are both looking beautiful & couldn't be better ambassadors for your message, which I passed on to as many people as possible via Facebook.

    I hope the 3 of you had a lovely Easter & that your message saved at least some little bunnies from abandonment 6 months down the line & perhaps persuades some people to adopt rescue bunnies too.

    The squirrels are super cute by the way - I hope they will be making an appearance in your Etsy shop soon ;-)


  14. thank you very much Jane! I hope so too :)


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