Saturday, 20 November 2010

the tiniest xmas tree

I'm not really a follower of tradition and can't remember the last time I had a Christmas tree up in the house (fake ofcourse as I don't believe in cutting down a perfectly healthy tree for just one day). I wouldn't want Arabella to get tangled amongst the tinsel, nor Wesley lost amongst the lights.

So I propose the perfect solution - Tiny Hare Xmas tree

and unlike all the fir trees, this one is not just for Christmas, it's for all year round.
Actually I forgot to mention that the beautiful pine candlestick above is on display all year round as I love it so much!

and again refusing to follow tradition, I am now scrapping all my old watercolours that I don't want any more and repainting over bits of them. This golf course has been turned upside down and a pony daubed over the cloudy sky. This is another new shadow box of a Norwegian Fjord horse.

As the paper is already used I don't benefit too much from it's translucency as this sky is rather stormy, so I have used my Chinese White for once.
I wrote a bit about my process of this horse on my flicker page and I have a couple more photos on there.

The box is nearly finished. I have removed the shiny gold crown from the right hand corner and changed it to an old scrap piece of metal I found that resembles a horse shoe shape. As it's not a real horse shoe it illustrates perfectly the relationship the North American Indians had with their semi wild horses and their lack of controlled and constrained domesticity.
My Fjord horse turned out more North American Indian, not sure which tribe exactly. But the feathers are there and came from the wild birds I feed daily, Wesley donated some of his snow white fur and Arabella donated some of her soft brown strands.

Even the best intentions for painting can take one by surprise! So I find that with an open mind and being adaptable I more readily accept my 'creations' as they take their own shape and form.

And incase you thought it's too early to get your own tree going, perhaps it's not!
Though these tiny hares are now in my etsy shop, and some are on transatlantic journey as I type!

Only a few weeks left for the 2 rabbit rescue raffles I am. Click on the links on the right to buy your tickets - lots of Great Rabbit prizes to be won!!
..... well, someone has to win them! may aswell be you :)

good luck! paws crossed!


  1. May I suggest adding a partridge in there somewhere for Christmas? After all, it wouldn't be Christmas without "a partridge in a hare tree". ;)

    Your horse is beautiful--reminds me of the "Misty of Chincoteague" stories.

  2. what a beautiful horse and the assemblage is wonderful! I too like the idea of a partridge in a hare tree!

    We don't have a Christmas tree either.....

    Crafty Green Poet

  3. i am most excited by your recycling your own art :) and probably making it this horse is fantastic. :)

  4. Beautiful - both the hare tree & the shadow box! I love decorating the house for Christmas & can hardly wait to start on 1st Dec!

  5. I love the little tree. Its perfect. I do put up a tree but it is artificial. I, like you dont like the idea of chopping down a tree and then trashing it a couple of weeks later.

  6. I love the little "tree" and the shadow box. How nice of Arabella and Wesley to help you with your painting!

  7. Your hare tree idea is beautiful - and love the horse painting and the story around it. You have a very unique style !

  8. Now that's my kind of tree. Beautiful work, always, Annette.

  9. Gorgeous as always! I long ago ran out of complimentary words for your great works. The hare tree, is, or course, genius :)

  10. thank you for all your very kind compliments!


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