Monday, 29 November 2010

the Winter Hares

Outside it has been snowing continually for 3 days now. It's so very beautiful and I have been feeding the birds extra to keep them from starving.
Many hares and rabbits will be eating the bark and leaves if they can't get at the grasses under the snow. Life is hard for the animals.

Just recently as a husk of hares came by for some warmth ....

After they have a feed and a heat they will be going into my etsy shop

Arabella wanted to meet them first though. And she shared some of her ever plenty food with them and made room in her basket for a few who were extra cold. Now that she has a fleece over the top, she is very snug inside.

These are the last of my winter hares! Snowstorm on the left will be off soon for some adventures. In the middle is young Lapteva and on the right is Aphelion.

These are my new hares with ospreys, buffalo and deer. From the left is Vadim, Suki and Colt.
Now that they are in from the cold they are having a good rest!

This little lady is Allegra. Arabella was worried about her because she was so thin, however she has surprised us all with an appetite as big as a horse's!

and this is the very handsome Snowstorm again. He was infact born during a snowstorm! His adventurer mother was descending a mountain and he arrived a couple of weeks early!

and last of the babies is young Olympia! He is a real computer guru and can fix any computer malware problem. We nearly didn't see him out there in the deep, deep snow but his blue glistening eyes caught our attention.

and lastly a couple of mothers to come. Done in some vintage flowery material. I would have no idea which decade this came from but it's rather very pretty!

Arabella goes over to inspect her lunch to see if there is a morsel left for her!
Luckily the local farm store, 10 miles from here in the middle of now-where, has fresh local kale, big tender broccoli leaves, pointed golden cauliflower, tasty brussels and plump broccoli - all exactly what Arabella loves, and yes, there is still a plate full for her!

I cut her carrots into chunks as it's easier for her to eat them that way. After all, nothing is supported firmly in the earth here and the long carrots just wiggled all over the place. Wesley gets his carrots and parsnips cut into long thin strips. His teeth aren't the best so I make it easy for him.

The Winter Hares are now fed and warmed!

Uh - oh! where are they all going??

... surely not? surely Arabella hasn't got them all in there to keep her warm??!

... I think so .....!

16 days left! Have you got your raffle tickets?

Buckeye House Rabbit Society tickets HERE
Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare tickets HERE

- more tickets = more carrots for the buns = more warmth + love = more chances to WIN a prize!
Good Luck!


  1. That Arabella is so sweet and thoughtful, to help all of the wild bunnies and hares!

  2. The hares are so wonderful!! Arabella looks so snug in her fleecy igloo. Stay warm.

  3. she is indeed Lisa! ofcourse they are all welcome to over-winter in here with us!

    thanks Diana :)

  4. They're all so cute! I bet they don't hang around keeping Arabella warm for long ;-)

  5. Arabella, What a happy Bunny.:) and her little hare friends are soo sweet. Linda:)x

  6. oh what lovely hares and Arabella is lucky with that snug little home and all those carrot chunks!

  7. Just found your hares on etsy and think they are wonderful!! Love your blog with all your bunny pics. I had a bunny for 10 years, miss him.


  8. ahh! well, we will see Jane :)

    thank you Linda, she is happy!

    the chunks work out well Juliet, she eats them so much easier now

    thanks for stopping by Tammy! you will have very fond memories of your bun :)


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