Monday, 16 July 2012

... What the *@! ..!!!

yeah! yeah! back online, life back to normal ...

or so I thought ...

whose idea was it to get a Mac after using a PC for years??

well, the stock image above came from some nether region of my new-to-me-Mac Mini, and no I can't use my Word docs, Photoshop is an imagined dream and how the hell do I transfer files from my external hard drive to my new folders without flitting the bastards to my bloody desk top every single time?!

Frustration does not even come close to what I feel. So much to learn, words in English that mean nothing to me, icons that are from some Neolithic period, little knobs and thingys that do nothing when I am brave enough to click them with my mouse...
the days are just filled with excitement and the work is piling up.

Wes is shedding and I am still pulling hair.

... okay, now back to the grind stone!


  1. Oh dear, wish I could help but I only speak PC--the word Mac is usually followed by the word "ptooey!" in my book.

    Mick is also shedding like a fiend; I have been plucking and grooming and those little tufts of hair just reappear.

    Watching men lift humongous weights makes me giggle sometimes, although I hate it when they just drop the weight on the floor after a lift or a set. I love to tell them that if they can't control the weight to set it quietly on the floor, they haven't really done it properly since anyone can drop a weight--and then hide a snicker as their heads threaten to explode. ;)

  2. People are either PCs or macs..... Like you I'm a PC. Hope you find your way around the new computer soon!

  3. yup. mac is for smarty pants. which means you will get it eventually but in the meantime....swear all you want. i wouldnt have the balls to get a mac let alone SWITCH files to it. hang in there.......


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