Friday, 29 June 2012

i got the blues

Yup! it happened one too many times

I ignored the many, many blue screens to my peril

and then - kaput!

and so I am without the most absolutely essential cannot-do-without accessory for normal day to day living in today's modern world - nope - not lipstick or my credit card but -

my computer!!!!

aaaaagghhhhh!!! (pulling my hair out! Wesley pulling his fur out!)

and so perhaps next time I post I shall be using my beautiful-worth-your-weight-in-gold-new one, and not a borrowed-and-must-be-returned-tomorrow one

*sigh* life without a computer is like a ____(fill in the blank) without a ____(fill in the blank)


  1. Oh dear, that is so not good. Mr. Mick and I will have fingers and paws crossed that your new computer will arrive very quickly. We would be both be gnashing teeth and throwing things if we did not have a computer to use to get all the info on what everyone and everybun is doing out there. We send consolation hugs, nose bonks and bunny kisses to help get you through.

  2. Shoot! We gripe about them but boy we miss them when they are gone. Love to you and Wesley.

  3. Sorry about that, hope you get a new computer soon!

  4. feel it ...your pain...its like having a limb cut off!!!!

  5. hope you get your new computer soon! you know we always miss you. Hi to Wesley <3

  6. Oh no Annette! Just seen this - must be awful for you =( I know how much I depend on my own computer! Until you get something sorted you are more than welcome to come round here (any time!) & use my computer for anything you need - I mean it. As long as you don't mind the dogs & Wesley doesn't mind some 'alone time' whilst you're out ;-) Just text/call/email/message me. Jx

  7. Life without a computer is like a bunny without a cardboard tube to chew!
    Hope you get up and running again soon!


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